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KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi.Wash 250ml

3.8 of 93 reviews


4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.24

Or 4 instalments of $10.24 with LEARN MORE

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Is this for you?

A deep clarifying shampoo to strip unwanted product residue and excess oil that can build up in your hair.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GOOD - 58% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Fine or limp hair
  • Flaky scalp
  • Oily hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Product buildup
  • Thinning hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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KEVIN.MURPHY Maxi.Wash Reviews

3.8 of 93 reviews

58% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great for oily hair


I have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and love it. I use it as my first wash followed by the Kevin Murphy Balancing shampoo and have really noticed a difference with how oily my roots are. I'm washing my hair less which was my goal. I will say that I don't use this every time I wash only every second wash as per the instructions of my hairdresser. Added bonus it smells amazing!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Wanted to love


I got this in a smaller size as part of a value pack with Angel Rinse. I was super excited about it, but the liquid doesn't lather whatsoever. It's really runny and comes out of the tube (not like the bottle here, granted) so you end up with a heap more than you need. I try to work it in as much as possible but it just didn't soap up to my expectation.
  1. Not for me

    Melissa Fine

    I was hoping this product would be just what my hair needed but it left my hair feeling oiler than before. It left a sticky/tacky residue even after giving my hair a triple rinse. Using this as a body wash now so not to waste it. Pity about the price tag. Might be better for thicker hair, my hair is fine to medium
  2. Disappointing


    Like a previous reviewer, I received this in a gift pack. I had high hopes as Kevin Murphy came highly recommended. It was thin aNd runny and failed to lather to my satisfaction . Unlike other deep cleansing shampoos I have used I didn’t feel that my hair was super Squeaky clean . The tube in,y lasted me a few shampoos.

  3. Wanted to love


    I got this in a smaller size as part of a value pack with Angel Rinse. I was super excited about it, but the liquid doesn't lather whatsoever. It's really runny and comes out of the tube (not like the bottle here, granted) so you end up with a heap more than you need. I try to work it in as much as possible but it just didn't soap up to my expectation.
  4. worst hair shampoo ever


    got it as sample, but it didnt lather up at all, i used so much and theres no bubbles at all which makes it impossible to wash hair..and it smells like medicine.. would not recommend it
  5. Strips hair


    I bought this as I live the Kevin Murphy range but needed something to help with my scalp as it gets very dry and I get a lot of build up. I was very excited to try but after the first wash I was left severely disappointed. It smells like nit treatment and doesn’t lather very well. I had a really hard time trying to wash my hair and just ended up with a matted mess. I had to put a LOT on to get an...
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  6. Above Average


    So far I am quite happy with the results from this shampoo. I get a flaky scalp and oily roots and this has helped to some degree. I don't know if it's the best on the market but it doesn't seem to dry out my hair too much like similar products do.
  7. Great for oily hair


    I have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and love it. I use it as my first wash followed by the Kevin Murphy Balancing shampoo and have really noticed a difference with how oily my roots are. I'm washing my hair less which was my goal. I will say that I don't use this every time I wash only every second wash as per the instructions of my hairdresser. Added bonus it smells amazing!!
  8. Great clarifying shampoo


    Great to use every couple of weeks to remove build up and soothe the scalp. Love that it’s sulphate free and not rough on my hair, while still giving a really great clean. A bottle goes a long way so the price doesn’t worry me too much :-)
  9. Holy Grail Shampoo


    Delivers at detoxing your hair! Hair is left super clean and I can now last longer between washes. Love it
  10. Super impressed.


    Got rid of my dandruff and made my hair less oily overall.
    I used to have to wash my hair every 2 days but after I started using this, I could wait 4-5 days. So that's always a bonus! I do find I have to use a bit more of the product than a typical store bought shampoo, in order to build up enough of a lather. But that may be due to the more 'natural' ingredients so it doesn't bother me that...
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  11. clean but too clean?

    ashley wild

    I found this to definitely clean my hair but its left my scalp with red spots and very itchy in certain places. The product leaks out of the cap so I have to sit it upside down. I was using it 2x a wk I'm going to try 1x per wk but wouldn't repurchase.
  12. Great product


    I love this shampoo. Great to have handy when you want a really deep clean. It really helps lift that extra oil or product and it smells fresh and not heavily perfumes, almost eucalyptusy but without smelling like floor cleaner. I have purchased this multiple times and would recommend for all hair types
  13. Very cleaning


    I bought this in a pack, and at first absolutely loved it for my oily hair because I can be confident it’s taking out the dry shampoo and any styling residue. I have found if I use it too often though that it really dries out my hair and makes it overproduce oil. Will consider repurchasing to use every now and then but not as my regular shampoo
  14. Great for product residue


    Really surprised to see so many negative reviews for this product, as I absolutely love it. Having fine hair, I tend to use a fair few products to give myself more volume...but that means, over time, my hair can get weighed down and dull. Kevin Murphy's Maxi Wash is the perfect way to reset. I use it every 5-7 washes or so and in conjunction with a shampoo brush and it really gives my roots and sc...
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  15. Good for dirty days


    Really great for the days you have super filthy hair (Like a big sweaty run, or mud obstacle course)! Does feel like it's deep cleaned, but also feels a little drying? Very runny texture too, was not expecting that!
  16. Best Deep Clarifying Shampoo!


    love love love this product ! can’t stop telling everyone about it !
    I use this on my blonde coloured hair & my partner dreadlocks & it’s amazing !
  17. Works


    A nice shampoo for when my hair feels extra dirty. Works fantastic and doesn’t leave hair feeling dry
  18. Watery and drying


    Very watery and slippery product. It leaves roots very clean but ends very dry, you need a deep conditioning mask after using this product, not worth the money. Very disappointed as I love the rest of the Kevin Murphy range.
  19. Cleans too well


    This product drys hair out dramatically but in saying that I think thats what this product is designed to do- maxi clean! I personally wont repurchase as felt like it was damaging my hair when using
  20. The best


    Far out does this deep clean!! I use when I accidentally over tone my hair or when I just want to do a massive cleanse. It really strips the hair ( can be drying so make sure to follow with a great deep condition)
  21. Awful


    I received a free tube with an order - it was an awful experience. Left my scalp very unhappy and wasn’t a good washing experience, was expecting it to leave my hair super clean, instead it was super straw. Never again.
  22. Did I get a dodgy one??


    This shampoo is the worst in my opinion. So much so, I thought I had received a faulty product until I read some of the other reviews. It came out extremely watery which surprised me. Putting it into my hair, it disappeared and you can't tell where on your hair the product has spread to. It doesn't lather, which I wasn't expecting because it has sulphates in it.
    Once I rinsed out, my hair w...
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  23. drying

    perfecting skin

    i received it as a sample but i don't think i will be purchasing it again. it dried my hair and my scalp was itchy after using it. consistency of the shampoo was runny too
  24. Seriously clean


    I have extremely oily hair and this left my hair squeaky clean. Problem was I had to use more conditioner because my hair felt dry. Also, it's a strange consistency as it comes out like water so you end up using way more than you should. I received this as part of the 4 piece gift but I am still on the fence if I would purchase it once my 50ml runs out.
  25. Clean


    i got it as a sample and it gave my hair a good clean. definitely great for clearing out the product build up in the hair.
  26. Good for very oily hair


    My hair gets really oily at the roots and this wash definitely helps. I wouldn't use it more than once a week though, once a week or two does the job.
  27. Too harsh


    Tried the very big travel size from recent goodie bag. Too harsh for my sensitive scalp in one time use.
  28. made my hair dry


    i don't know why but it made my hair really dry. and my scalp became so dry that it feels ichy. my hair is long and dry but this made them all the more dry.
  29. Terrible!!!!


    This product made my scalp ridiculously itchy. Absolutely horrible.


    I got this in a goodie bag and it is horrible. My scalp was so itchy from it.
  31. Sample


    I wanted to like this product but Too harsh for my scalp. Will only recommend this to people who have very oily non sensitive scalp.
  32. It doesnt foam well


    For a high end and expensive brand, this is a bit shocking because it doesnt leather well and make you tend to use a lot more.
  33. So bad


    Received a big sample, unfortunately it made my sclap so itchy, spent a week to change my scalp back to normal
  34. Nice and thorough!


    Love this for eliminating oily roots and keeping colour fresh. My new favourite

  35. Squeaky clean


    I have found that I need to shampoo my hair and then use this product - or double maxi wash my hair as my hair can get pretty oily. I love that this product deeps cleans your hair without it being fluffy when dry like others. I noticed a difference in my hair style, longevity and cleans away build up really well.
  36. Leaves hair clean


    I purchased this as the other Kevin Murphy shampoos don't seem to get all of the oil and product out of my hair. This wash gets everything out and definitely leaves my scalp feeling clean. The tea tree oil has a nice cooling feel on my scalp which I love.
  37. Great for blondes


    This is great for blondes if you over tone your hair it removes excess toner and evens it the surface. I lovvvvve the smell too. Always feels so clean after
  38. Love it


    This is the best maxi wash, makes my hair feel completely new, gets all those left over hair products and oil out.
    Would highly recommend.
  39. Good deep wash

    Adele 123

    This wash doesn’t foam up or make your hair feel nice after washing and is very tangling but it’s a deep wash as described and only for use once a week
  40. Average


    I love their angel wash shampoo but I found there was not enough lather with this maxi shampoo. Although i expected a really intense clean, I used more product to feel as though my hair was clean.
  41. Decent clarifying shampoo


    I like this shampoo for clarifying my hair once or twice a week after using silicone styling products and to help with itchiness and dryness on the scalp, but I've definitely found better products that do the same job more effectively. It leaves the hair feeling slightly dry and almost squeaky clean. Smells divine. Would recommend if you don't really use many styling products in your hair and just...
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  42. wow


    This shampoo is amazing for oily haired people like me who also have a bit of dandruff! Ive noticed this wash helps so much more than normal dandruff or oily hair shampoos!
  43. Another good Kevin Murphy product


    I decided to branch out from my usual Kevin Murphy shampoo and try this one. It has a lovely fragrance and works well on my naturally wavy, colour treated hair.
  44. Great clarifying shampoo but leaves my hair a bit dry


    My hairdresser recommended this to me and I bought from Adore, It's a lovely, natural shampoo but I worry it makes my hair dry and I probably won't repurchase.
  45. Strange consistency


    I bought this product wanting something that cleanses my hair of all the build up, the packaging is absolutely perfect for use in the shower, but I was shocked when I put it in my hair, be warned this product doesn't "lather" up at all, it goes into your roots and feels very stiff and drying. It definitely removes all the build up, but my bleached blonde hair felt stripped even after following it ...
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  46. Detoxed and tangled


    I found this definitely removes build up. I use a lot of dry shampoo and hairspray on my fine, extremely oily hair and this shampoo really gets it squeaky clean, but I need to wash and rinse twice. The only problem I had is that it left my hair very tangled and knotty, which I never experience with such oily hair! Have had to use way more conditioner than I normally would!
  47. Removes Toner Build-up


    This is the first clarifying shampoo I've found that doesn't make my hair feel like straw. I have very light blonde hair, and sometimes over-tone or get build up making my hair look dull. This is the perfect way to remove the excess toner and leaves my hair looking much brighter. It also smells amazing (in true Kevin fashion).
  48. Maxi super good


    I’ve used the samples received with my order and really like this product. It gives a clean feel and softness in the hair.

    The conditioner of this brand is also super good.

    It worked for me.
  49. Great for cleansing hair


    This product was recommended to me by my hairdresser for cleansing my hair before having it professionally coloured. Once rinsed out my hair feels kind of like straw, but this feeling soon disappears after a conditioner is applied, and my hair does feel lovely and clean afterwards. Great for ridding hair of built up product.
  50. Not a fan


    I use alot of Kevin Murphy products, but just not sure what this one was meant to do. It just felt like a normal shampoo. I also found that I had to use heaps of product because it didnt foam up. And it smells average. So it's a no from me.
  51. Removed product!


    This Shampoo removed the months of styling product build up I had! Such a life saver! My hair looks much shiner and my roots had a lot more bounce! Yippee!
  52. Good deep cleanse


    Great if your hair needs a good wash! Great deep cleanse for the first shampoo
  53. Not sure


    I bought this to use a clarifying wash once a week to get rid of all the build up but found this to cause my hair to feel really corse and dry. I love KM products but this one isn’t for me. My partner on the other hand loved it for his hair!
  54. Deep Clean


    If you hair/scalp needs a good clean this wash will do it. It made my hair feel squeaky clean without feeling dry or stripped which can be hard to find. It lathered really well and I found it to be quite gentle on my scalp. I also liked the smell.
  55. Not great


    I'm a big fan of KM products, but this one was a waste of money. It smells horrid and does nothing special. It's runny and you can easily use too much because it doesn't lather like the usual wash products. My hair feel stripped, dry and brittle after using this.
  56. Greasy hair


    I have used this as a clarifying shampoo once a week.
    I have dry ends and oily roots.
    This is a very runny liquid, it will run straight out of your hand if you're not careful.
    I massage it into my hair and wash it off and my hair immediately feels stripped, rough and dry.
    I have to always use a hair mask with this product.
    Afterwards my hair feels clean and nice.
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  57. Divine Wash


    This wash has allowed me to only wash my hair once a week - my hair and scalp feel so clean but not dry after use. I do use a hydrating conditioner on my ends after every wash. I haven’t used any brand other than Kevin Murphy for over 5 years now.
  58. Not a fan


    Love KM products but loathe this one! I have an oily scalp and bleached hair so it's difficult to find a shampoo that cleans the scalp without drying the ends. This one sounded good and as suggested, I paired it with a hydrating conditioner. I find that the non foaming consistency makes it feel like I can't really scrub my scalp. It makes my hair feel instantly heavy and dry and it's hard to work....
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  59. don't love it


    This is the only KM shampoo I haven't loved, it doesn't do much for volume for me and leaves my hair feeling a bit gritty and dirty, also makes my hair knotty far quicker than usual. Not a fan.
  60. I'm liking it, but...


    I've used detox style shampoos before and they are great for a 2 step cleanse. I find this Kevin Murphy one good, but you can easily be heavy handed with it. It doesn't soap up like other shampoos which you'd expect but just be careful for reaching for more. I find using too much of it it doesn't wash out properly and you're left with an oily scalp! But use it as directed and it's a nice addition ...
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  61. Ok


    Received a sample of this but I feel like I needed a lot more product than the sample I received because it doesn’t really lather like other shampoos. Whilst it doesn’t good job of cleansing the hair, especially since I have super oily roots, I did find it a bit stripping.
  62. Made my hair very dry


    I received a free sample of this and was excited to try it, but was disappointed. I had to use more product than I would with my normal shampoo, and it left my hair feeling extremely dry. It does smell nice, but I wouldn't use it again.
  63. Good detox shampoo


    I got this as a sample it is good to clarify your hair once a week to get rid of product build up this does a good job but it's very runny almost like water but does work
  64. A Shampoo that doesnt foam or make my hair feel clean


    I received a sample sachet to try. I followed the instructions, but found the shampoo hardly lathered up and didnt feel that my scalp was completely washed despite giving a longer time to massage through my scalp. After conditioning and drying my hair, my scalp still felt a bit greasy despite the extra time I spent. I have normal, long blonde hair and do not generally have issues with shampooing m...
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  65. Good detox shampoo


    I received a 100ml bottle of maxi.wash and was excited to try it. I loved the lemony scent, but first time using it found it difficult to lather and it didn’t do much for my hair. The second time I used it, I used twice as much and got a nice lather and felt that it really cleaned my hair. I used it after swimming and my hair felt squeaky clean and fresh. The texture is quite runny so it’s hard to...
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  66. Removes build up for fresh feeling hair!


    I really put this scalp shampoo to the test. I’m embarrassingly talking about over a weeks worth of dry shampoo kind of test! I popped this shampoo on after reading up about it, so I wasn’t surprised by its non lather and let it sit on my scalp for a while after msssaging it in. I rinsed and followed with my usual hydrating shampoo and conditioner and voila! A hair makeover. My scalp had not been ...
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  67. Fantastic cleanse


    Received this shampoo as a mini gift and love it. I suffer from oily hair and feel this shampoo really cleans my hair well. I will definitely buy the full size version.
  68. A must have!


    I use this every week or so to cleanse my hair and scalp of product build up and since using this in addition to other products from Kevin Murphy, my scalp has become a lot less irritated and itchy, no matter how many products I have used. This is a definite must have and will be purchasing again for sure!
  69. I love this wash.


    This wash has allowed me to only wash my hair once a week - my hair and scalp feel so clean but not dry after use. I do use a hydrating conditioner on my ends after every wash. I haven’t used any brand other than Kevin Murphy for over 5 years now.
  70. Squeaky clean


    My hair is fine and I use a lot of different products - if I don't clarify once in a while, my hair gets dull and flat. This is a brilliant product to use for a clarifying shampoo once every week or two; I use it in conjunction with Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub for a squeaky clean finish and a clean slate. While I always follow with a treatment conditioner, this product doesn't overl...
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  71. so so

    perfecting skin

    i like it because it made my color treated hair smooth after the wash but could not see other benefits of it very clearly. maybe because i just tried one of its sample. but it does gives a nice body to the hair and cleanse it from all the product build up in the hair.
  72. Works when you’re careful


    I have long hair, almost hip length. The ends are somewhat fine and prone to dryness but my roots get very oily. I work out every day but can’t wash my hair more than 2-3 times a week so I live off Oribe’s dry texturising spray which is very hard to get out.

    I used the KM detox on my roots and WOW. I let it sit and it didn’t lather when I washed it out, then I used my hair growth moi...
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  73. Love love love!


    I absolutely love this clarifying/cleansing shampoo for my oily and dark hair to ensure it remains clean and shiny and there isn’t excessive product build up. , However if your hair is coloured dark, I wouldn’t recommend using it in the first couple of washes after a colour.
  74. Gentle yet effective cleanse


    This shampoo almost ran through my fingers but it did the job of deep cleansing without stripping the hair so that right through to the ends of my hair it looked both clean and condiitoned
  75. Cleansing but a little harsh


    Received two samples of this (with two orders) and I felt it was a little harsh on my hair. Could maybe even say it felt like it stripped it a little of moisture. It didn't foam up like most shampoos and I had to use both samples to cover my hair because of that. On a positive note it was really cleansing and I can say after I washed it out and conditioned my scalp felt really cleansed and no oil ...
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  76. Perfect for someone with oily hair


    I received this as a sample with an order - It would be perfect for someone with oily hair. It cleansed really well and removed any bit of oil on my scalp. Definitely makes your scalp feel really cleansed. I didn't like how much product I had to use though - The sample was quite big and it barely covered my hair and I dont have thick hair. Didn't get soapy/foamy like most shampoos either. It was s...
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  77. Great deep cleansing but gentle shampoo


    I got this on recommendation from my hairdresser a while ago and really found it to be great. It helps to gently but very effectively cleanse off any build up from your scalp and hair. A must have, I think, for those of us who use a lot of leave on styling products - dry shampoo, oils, mousse etc.

    A little goes a long way too so this will last you quite a while. I do have medium fine...
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  78. Get your hair into rehab with MAXI.WASH


    We all put lots of products into our hair to make it feel/look nice, and over time that will build up to congest your scalp and make you hair a bit dull and lifeless. Consider Maxi.Wash to be the beginning of a new hair story, when you need a rehab from all that product! I love to give my hair a Maxi.Wash and then treatment masque, it really helps to clarify my scalp and hair and get it ready to g...
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  79. best so far


    Ive been looking for a cleansing shampoo for hair that has a lot of oily buildup ,after trying numerous products this is the best ive come across so far ,a little expensive and u do need a bit to get a lather but Kevin Murphy products do what they say .
  80. Would not repurchase


    Nice shampoo overall, I still needed quite a lot of product to wash my hair thoroughly. Love the brand but I wouldn't buy this again, I have oily hair.
  81. Too harsh for curls


    I wanted this to remove buildup on the scalp and for after a swim. It does do very well in removing build up and cleaning the hair, but it is very, very clean, my hair feels stripped almost. I have a very good moisturising conditioner and it almost restored my hair. A few more washes and a hair masque later, my hair was back to normal (I have fine curly hair). But for me, the clean wasn't worth th...
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  82. Ok though exy


    Smells quite nice and citrusy, thought not overpowering. Scalp feels clean but doesn't dry my hair. However, very expensive for what it is. Won't be repurchasing.
  83. Cleanser for your hair!


    I love this product! I use it about once a week followed by a treatment and it leaves your hair free from any product/pollution build up and squeaky clean without being too drying or causing frizz!!
  84. Such a good clean!


    I bought this to give my scalp a break from my regular anti-dandruff shampoo (Redken, so good) and have been really happy with the results. It cleans my scalp really thoroughly without stripping moisture from my hair. It’s made my hair super bouncy, and my roots don’t get oily for 3 days. Love it, will buy again.
  85. Love it!


    I use this along with the Hydrate Me rinse, and another colour shampoo & conditioner occasionally as my hair is lightened. It smells BEAUTIFUL, and does what it says. Doesn't leave my hair feeling oily at the roots (which are darker). It leaves a bit of a dry feeling after just washing it when still wet, but once the rinse goes over, its the perfect combo for silky smooth hair. Would re-purchase.
  86. Squeaky Clean Hair


    I struggle with hella oily roots and dry ends - this shampoo was a lifesaver. I use it as a prewash once a week, and leave it in for a few minutes before I wash and condition my hair as normal.
    I have frizzy, curly hair so am always careful not to use products that will take moisture away. This doesn't dry out my ends like a lot of other super strong cleansing/clarifying shampoos do, and lea...
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  87. Rehab For Your Hair


    I initially tried the Maxi Wash at my local salon, and loved the idea of a shampoo that gives your hair the kind of rehab it really needs. The kind you wish you could use to curve your eating addiction.

    It wasn't until I purchased, and used it several times as a shampoo, that I ventured onto the Kevin Murphy website to get the most out of my products. What I learned, is that this is a...
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  88. deep cleaning shampoo


    This really cleans my hair and is perfect when used with the kevin murphy restore conditioner. My hair is left clean and soft
  89. Finally got my hands on this beauty!


    I've been eyeing this off for months, my poor hair gets covered with product all week. On a Sunday when I use this, my hair loves me. I use a LUSH conditioner bar on the ends of my hair after I'm finished, but that's just because the wash takes away all the nasties, it does leave your hair feeling a bit coarse.
    It smells like tea tree oil, and your head feels so clean! Like that feeling aft...
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  90. Great for removing product, but not a regular shampoo


    I have fine hair and so this is good for removing product build-up at the roots. However, it can't be used as a regular shampoo which I thought you could as it would be too harsh (well, for my fine hair). I would recommend once a week, then use your normal shampoo the rest of the time.
  91. Wow


    I have used this ONCE and I have already noticed a huge difference. I have an irritated and congested scalp, which gets flakes and sore. After washing my hair with this, a couple of stubborn patches of irritation have come away. My hair feels lighter and less ' gritty' too.
    I used this on long fine highlighted hair with tape extensions which are dry and coarser than my natural hair. I also r...
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  92. Best For Short Hair


    It does take away all the build up of product in your hair but if you don't have an extremely moisturising conditioner to use afterwards you will be in trouble. Your hair feels so dry after using and a lot of product only goes a little way. Probably best suited to short hair or mens hair.
  93. Anonymous

    My husband has just discovered this and with his oily scalp it keeps his hair clean and non greasy all day. He now loves this more that his favourite daily shampoo by American Crew.
  94. Anonymous

    Great for removing product build up. Leaves hair lovely and clean but not stripped. Smells great too.
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