Kevin Murphy Gritty Business: Reviews and Tips

From everyone’s favourite Australian hairstylist, comes KEVIN.MURPHY Gritty.Business.

From everyone’s favourite Australian hairstylist, comes KEVIN.MURPHY Gritty.Business. Designed for short to medium lengths, this textured styling product suits all hair types and is ideal for creating rough but defined ‘dos.

Kevin Murphy Hair Paste for Long-lasting Control


Kevin Murphy Gritty Business Benefits


  • It’s easy to use and gives instant, long-lasting control
  • It contains natural ingredients like bentonite clay, Kukui nut oil and beeswax, to add softness and nourishment
  • Its dry, graininess adds a sensory element to your hairstyle
  • It can be used on both wet or dry strands


How to Use Kevin Murphy Gritty Business


  1. Dollop a small amount of the wax into your palms and rub to warm it up.
  2. Massage the product into your hair and style as desired.

Kevin Murphy Gritty Business


Kevin Murphy Gritty Business Reviews


“I have tried every styling product on the market and Gritty.Business is the only product I will use now! I have super thick hair which can become difficult to manage when styling but not for Gritty.Business! It’s easy to use, hold lasts all day without hairspray, and it smells great! AWESOME PRODUCT!” – The Don Juan

“This is absolutely THE best product for styling short to medium length hair. I’ve tried literally hundreds of products that promise strong hold styles that never live up to their promise. Gritty Business really does work, and it smells lovely and fresh. Finally a product that delivers what it promises.” – Lynne


Expert's Tip: This Hair Paste is Unisex


I love that Kevin Murphy’s products are all unisex. Gritty.Business works well on both male and female hair and is not overly scented, so it’s a great one to keep in the bathroom and share around!



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