How To Achieve The Perfect Texurised Bob With Hair Legend Kevin Murphy

If there’s one cut we can’t get enough of this season, it’s the texturised bob.

If there’s one cut we can’t get enough of this season, it’s the texturised bob. Fun and easy-to-manage, this chic ‘do has been popping up all over the runways and red carpets. So who better to give us the low-down than hairdresser to the stars,KEVIN.MURPHY?

Texturised Bob with Kevin Murphy


Which Face Shape Suits a Bob Hairstyle?


This cut suits a lot of different face shapes, as you can just tailor the base length to suit your personal face shape. If your visage is more round, you would have the base line a little longer; if you have quite a long face, you would keep it slightly shorter (above the chin). This works best on hair that is not too thick, because the key is to only have volume and texture through the mid lengths and ends, and not too much volume through the top.

How Do You Style a Texturised Bob?


The best way to style this cut is to use a texture spray, like KEVIN.MURPHY Anti.Gravity, and blast hair dry, creating movement and texture through the mid lengths and ends. When your hair is almost completely dry, use a large round brush to smooth out the top layers. This cut looks best when it is not over-styled, so just finish it with a light spray, like KEVIN.MURPHY Shimmer.Shine. If you need more control, opt for a paste such as KEVIN.MURPHY Un.Dressed, so you can define the ends but still keep the look effortless.


Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray


What Tools and Products Do You Need for a Bob?


Use a hairdryer to set your texturising spray in place, and then use a large KEVIN.MURPHY Roll.Brush to smooth out the top layer.

Does the Fringe Need Any Special Attention?


The best way to dry a fringe is to use your hairdryer to blow the fringe from side to side, and then dry it forward. This allows the fringe to dry in its natural position, so you can sweep it to the side or part it through the middle and still keep it looking uncomplicated.

How Do You Maintain a Texturised Bob?


You need to trim this bob regularly so you keep the base line at the most flattering length for your face and ensure the ends are healthy. A cut about every 6-8 weeks should keep the shape looking fresh!


Kevin Murphy Roll Brush