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The KEVIN.MURPHY Brushes & Tools range has a variety of products suited to all hair types and needs. No matter if you want to create volume, texture, or smooth and untangled hair, you will find a quality product that is perfect for you.

Brushing your hair is the fastest route to glossy, soft locks. By doing so, you are evenly distributing your locks' natural oils and stimulating circulation- as well as detangling.

I have curly hair that becomes frizzy when brushed dry, what KEVIN.MURPHY brush is best for wet hair?

The hair is more prone to breakage when wet, so it is best to use use a comb or un-knotting brush, like KEVIN.MURPHY TEXTURE.COMB. This comb will gently detangle and smooth your hair, without causing breakage or damage.

What KEVIN.MURPHY brush can I use to style and volumize my straight hair?

To help thin or flat hair, arm yourself with a blowdryer and let KEVIN.MURPHY ROLL.BRUSH create height and body. When used in conjunction with heat, this pure boar bristle round brush (handmade in Spain) curls, smooths and shines, for flouncy, bouncy locks!

I want to create curls or waves, what KEVIN. MURPHY tools would be best to achieve this?

For the ultimate glam look, add movement or ringlets to your hair with the KEVIN.MURPHY WAVE.CLIP, KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.CURLERS or KEVIN.MURPHY PIN.CLIPS, then loosen a little with KEVIN.MURPHY SMOOTHING.BRUSH. These products will give you lasting styles, without the extra and sometimes damaging heat of other heat styling products.

I want to add movement and volume to my hair, what KEVIN.MURPHY should I use?

For a bouncy style, the KEVIN.MURPHY MOTION.LOTION will help to create movement throughout the hair, increase volume and reduce frizz. KEVIN.MURPHY SHIMMER.SHINE will revitalise and add a gorgeous glow to hair. Using this product in conjunction with the Brushes & Tools range will produce eye-catching, healthy looking styles.

Combining KEVIN.MURPHY Brushes & Tools with your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY styling products will ensure your incredible hairstyles will be long-lasting and luminous.

KEVIN.MURPHY Brushes & Tools will style your hair with ease and prove invaluable as part of your haircare toolbox.

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KEVIN.MURPHY Smoothing.BrushKEVIN.MURPHY Smoothing.Brush
KEVIN.MURPHY Smoothing.Brush

love hate relationship

Works great at smoothing but not so much de tangling.
I have fine hair but a fair bit of it and I find I still have to brush with another brush and then use this for styling.
I personally wouldn't repurchase for the price.


I use this comb on dry hair with maybe a spritz of leave in conditioner l find it a lot more gentle than a bush. I have waist length hair and find the comb glides through my hair easier with less fallout and breakage. I would highly recommend also l find l can comb my hair while in a ponytail to make it smooth and it doesn’t ruin the style.

The best detangling comb

I find this comb is super easy to use and gets the worst tangles out of my hair without damaging it. I leave it in the shower and use it once I've put conditioner in my hair.