Kérastase Initialiste (Scalp)

In the skincare world, serums are queen. Providing the most targeted, deep-penetrating treatment available, a serum is the beauty step that does the heavy lifting. So why not apply that same principle to hair treatments? That’s exactly what Kérastase aims to deliver with its groundbreaking Initialiste treatment serum for hair.


Used consistently as the third step of your haircare routine, after cleansing and conditioning, this concentrated formula provides the hair with four key elements: strength, shine, softness, and substance. The potent blend of deeply nourishing ingredients in Initialiste helps strengthen hair from root to tip and maintain your style, preventing breakage and keeping hair looking smooth, strong, and stunning.


Kérastase never skimps on quality, particularly with its formulations. Key ingredient SP94, a blend of molecules naturally found in a healthy hair fibres, conditions and strengthens hair. This quick-absorbing complex reinforces the hair structure, maintaining hair’s health and vitality.


Ceramides, commonly used to reinforce hydration in skincare, reduce hair breakage by strengthening the cells that hold the fibre together. Conditioning agents and green tea extracts round out the fabulous Initialiste serum to complete a treatment-focused product with your hair’s health in mind.


This treatment can be used on damp or dry hair to nourish and protect. Try it before a blow-dry to minimise styling damage or as an overnight treatment the day before washing. Your hair will thank you.

Initialiste (Scalp)

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Kérastase Initialiste Scalp & Hair Concentrate

Love everything about this product. I have fine hair, oily roots due to... read more >>

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