Kérastase Homme (Men)

Homme (Men) Authentic

Made specifically for the needs of men's hair, Kérastase Homme has all your haircare concerns covered!

Male hair is quite different to female hair, in that it tends to be thicker, shorter and tougher. So it pays to treat it with its own products.

How Homme works

The collection treats hair fatigue, targetting:

- Oiliness

- Dandruff

- Lack of body/energy

What sort of results may I expect?

You can expect to see:

- A purification and refreshment of the hair

- Stronger, more toned hair

- Extra luminosity

What makes Homme different?

The unique Systeme Taurine works to improve the quality of the hair environment, by stimulating the fibres, reducing sebum production and correcting the hair's formation at the bulb.

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Homme (Men)

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