Kérastase Cristalliste

Cristalliste Authentic

If your tresses are long and you're not prone to dyeing or heat-styling them, Kérastase's Cristalliste range is for you.

Ideal for those suffering from a lack of shine, dehydrated ends or flat, dull roots, Cristalliste uses a unique formulation to give the hair a true renaissance!

How does Cristalliste work?

This collection assists long hair by:

- Adding radiance

- Nourishing the ends

- Helping de-tangle

- Purifying and deeply cleansing the roots


What makes Cristalliste different?

Cristalliste contains a Liquid Light Complex, which locks in moisture and shine while still being weightless on the hair. It purifies the cuticle and helps to repair the root, leaving long hair looking and feeling healthy and full of body!

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