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Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil 50ml

4.6 of 53 reviews


4 instalments of $17.25

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4 instalments of $17.25

Or 4 instalments of $17.25 with LEARN MORE

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A lightweight, moisturising face oil that softens, protects and nurtures skin.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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4.6 of 53 reviews

95% recommend this product

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This i a very well blended oil, sensorial experience makes you put more than our skin actually needs! Great for all skin types, but for oily skin, I would mix a few drops in to one of their serums. You can use a thin layer of it under clay and mud masks. It's great as a body oil as well.

Most Helpful Criticism

love this to be used with face mask


I love this face oil. I apply a few drops on the face mask and give my skin extra moisture. It smells so divine and makes you feel relaxed. I have used various face oil but this one is probably very versatile one.
  1. calm skin and hydrate


    It has very fresh scent and calms my skin very well. Does the job and does not have stingy feeling.
  2. great


    This i a very well blended oil, sensorial experience makes you put more than our skin actually needs! Great for all skin types, but for oily skin, I would mix a few drops in to one of their serums. You can use a thin layer of it under clay and mud masks. It's great as a body oil as well.
  3. Wonderful for hormonal skin!

    Elle H

    I received a huge sample of this as part of a GWP. It’s just divine and doesn’t break out my currently hormonal skin, instead leaving it glowing and hydrated!
  4. Hubby loves it


    My hubby uses this all over his face and especially in his beard. He says it makes everything feel super smooth and moistured. It also has helped any facial dandruff and has also helped his beard grow out quicker Ha!
  5. Very nice


    Lovely oil and smells really amazing. Great for moisture
  6. A very hydrating face oil


    A very hydrating face oil. I wear this one overnight and when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks and feel incredible.
  7. like it


    reached the age to love using oil on my skin routine, and this one smells good and does its job.
  8. Smells good but a bit heavy


    This oil feels nice to apply and has a gorgeous scent. However, it leaves a bit of an uncomfortable residue on the skin.
  9. Nice


    This is a really nice oil for combination skin. It is not greasy and sticky. I use it before bed. Recommend.
  10. Thick!


    this face oil is pretty thick! leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated. You do only need to use the smallest amount
  11. great facial oil for general maintenance


    great price in Adore beauty, using point and pormo code!
    use it as night care before cream.
  12. Great!


    Love it! The smell is so heavenly and calming. Best face oil I've ever bought!
  13. Really enjoyed this oil


    I really love this oil. Smells lovely!
  14. I like this oil, very nourishing for dry skin


    I like using this oil in winter when my skin is extra dry. I received a sample to use and loved it straight away. It is on the heavier side though so I only use at night, or when staying home, as i feel it may be too 'oily' for during the day.
  15. Great serum


    My go to whenever my skin needs fixing because its been dried out from other treatment creams and serums - esp retinol. It ALWAYS rehydrates my skin. I apply at night (lather it on!!) and in the morning my skin feels soft and beautiful. It does feel like your applying cooking oil when you put it on, and it feels like you have oil on your face, but trust me, when you wake up, your skin is NOT oily ...
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  16. Nice but expensive


    This is a nice oil for your skin, but I do find it expensive for a rose hip oil.
  17. So so good


    Sinks in so well and keeps my skin looking incredible! fantastic to say the least
  18. love this to be used with face mask


    I love this face oil. I apply a few drops on the face mask and give my skin extra moisture. It smells so divine and makes you feel relaxed. I have used various face oil but this one is probably very versatile one.
  19. Beautiful face oil


    This is a beautiful face oil that is non-greasy so great for combination/oily skin types. What I love most is the luxurious scent, it's divine!
  20. facial oil! feels dewy!


    i love the feeling of facial oil! put on at night and your face is still hydrated in the morning!
  21. Love


    I've loved using the oil, it works like a great for my skin. I love using this with the lotion and it works a treat
  22. Amazing


    This is an incredibly nourishing face oil that I use during the winter months. Definitely prevents my skin from getting flaky or dry
  23. Obsessed


    Amazing product to use post intense facial treatment (peel/laser) it soaks up the dryness with a nourishing oil that sinks in and doesn't stay on top like other oils. I've repurchased many times.
  24. Great with my sensitive skin!


    Love the brand, love this product. Easy to apply, doesn’t feel sticky or too heavy. Has a lovely, subtle scent and truly works wonders for my skin.
  25. smells divine, feels great


    I had been recommended this by a friend ages ago ans decided to finally give it a go. I wasn't sure it would work with my skin as I used the go-to facial oil and whilst that feels like you're at a spa when you put it on- I think it dried my skin out. So far Jurlique feels great and isn't drying. Nice large bottle and 3 drops goes a long way.
  26. Smells and feels lovely


    Great scent, not too overpowering. Oil soaks in nicely. Doesn’t feel greasy.
  27. Beautiful


    Beautiful oil! Makes skin super healthy and hydrated. Smells lovely and feels really luxurious on the skin
  28. Well worth it!


    I first came across this product during a Jurlique anti aging facial and as soon as the therapist applied it I knew that I had to have it as part of my ongoing skincare regime.
    It glides on and melts away into the skin, it feels devine! The scent is amazing, fresh and floral.
    I use it every night and morning around my crows feet area for extra moisture and have noticed a definite soft...
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  29. Luxurious and smells devine


    This oil is light but nourishing and absorbs well, and even wears well under makeup. It smells absolutely devine, I always look forward to this step in my routine. Fairly pricey but a little goes a long way, I will definitely repurchase.
  30. Lovely, but pretty expensive!


    This product is great for my sensitive skin and really leaves me feeling hydrated and moisturised. It's so smooth and definitely a new favourite, only a shame it’s so expensive.
  31. Incredible hydrating and balancing face oil


    I was skeptical how can face oil be beneficial to my already oily skin. Boy how wrong was I! Glad I gave this oil a chance. Apply at night and I wake up the next day with baby bottom soft skin. Great smell. Prefer to use oil in cooler months. Make sure you use it all up in one season as the oil can go rancid and produce unpleasant smell if opened and kept it unused for too long.
  32. Hero face oil


    I love love love this face oil. Especially during the colder months of the year! Anytime I start getting a dry patch on my face I’ll warm some of this oil up in my hands and press all over my face. Dry patches instantly gone!
  33. A great oil


    I really like this face oil, it's thick but not heavy and nice and hydrating. I put this over the top of my moisturiser at night and it clears up any dry patches but doesn't make me oily.
  34. Worth the money


    My skin was really dry and had a terrible texture from multiple anesthetics, 2 weeks of using it and the texture and moisture levels improving. My skin is plumper and my wrinkles have softened.
    This oil sinks right in and is not greasy at all. I love it!!
  35. Beautifully moisturising


    Very moisturising and I like to use this at night over the top of a more active serum as I have dry skin and it provides that extra bit of nourishment.
  36. Worth every cent


    I brought this oil based off product reviews and I’m glad I did.
    It’s not to thick for an oil and absorbs quite quickly.
    My skin feels amazing, I use this every night.
    Worth buying, I will definitely buy a second bottle!!
  37. Beautiful blend


    A really nice blend of facial oils, slightly thicker consistency but soaks right into the skin especially when massaged in. Slightly expensive but worth it for quality and natural ingredients
  38. Light Facial Oil


    I really love this product, I use it 3-4 nights a week after my normal cleansing routine and before moisturiser. it's also great after a mask. the bottle has lasted me over 2 years!!
  39. Favourite oil


    I have sensitive skin and this is my favourite face oil from Jurlique. It's not too greasy and makes my skin feel smoother
  40. A good alternative to a moisturiser


    I bought this on recommendation and was slightly skeptical. After using it for a few nights i was hooked. The smell is lovely and subtle, the oil is easily absorbed and doesnt leave skin looking or feeling oily. I use mine at night time and apply before going to bed - there isnt any transfer to my pillow. Im not sure how it would go under foundation - i havent tried this yet?
  41. It's an oil, but you don't feel oily afterwards!


    This face oil surprises me a lot! It absorbs quickly into my skin and leaves a soft and comfortable feeling. It suits perfect with my dry and sensitive skin in autumn and winter. It also has a nice smell. I really love it!!!
  42. Lovely face oil


    I wake to beautiful, soft and supple skin. I’ve used this on and off for 10 years. Great for all skin types. I had quite young hormonal skin when I began with it. My skin now is normal/combination. Always has made my skin lovely.
    Beautiful, lovely! Highly recommend
  43. Gorgeous


    A beautiful oil that’s quick absorbing. I use this as part of my morning routine after I exfoliate and on my beauty blender as a primer (works wonders under thick/matte/quick dry foundations eg nars luminous)
    My skin never gets dry patches anymore and my skin tone remains consistently even. I find it truly does what the bottle claims!
  44. Amazing hydrating perfect to rebalance oily skin


    I have used this product for 10+ years and believe it is a miracle product to rebalnce oily skin and for extra hydration for all skin types. It smells divine and a little goes a long way. It is beautiful used as a extra treat for massaging into your skin before using one of the glorious masks. I cannot rave enough about all of the Jurlique range. Every product is ethical, biodynamic and smells div...
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  45. A lovely night oil use 1 or 2 drops


    I keep going back to this lovely night oil. Use only 1 or 2 drops pat on face & neck
    Its very natural and doesn't try to do anti aging etc which I find too strong
    but its very nurturing to the skin and does seem to help moisturize and balance
  46. LOVED


    This oil is lovely! It smells beautiful and soaks right in with no stickiness. I have dry/oily combo skin and this treated all areas of my face. I noticed my skin was brighter and more hydrated (but be patient because it takes a few weeks to notice a difference I feel). The smell is so calming so perfect at night.
  47. skin balancing oils


    What a wonderful light weight, non greasy luxirious blend of oils for winter or anytime . It calmed my reddish blotchy face and gave it a lovely glow and skin. So wonderful I also use it on my body and great for dry scaly skin! Love it!!
  48. restorative


    As a mature, long-time breastfeeding mum, I found that my face was lacklustre and dry no matter how much moisturiser i slathered on. but ohhhh this Jurlique product has nurtured my skin to an exquisite suppleness and healthy glow. In its delicacy it absorbs leaving your face feeling fresh and well contained in the arms of hydration.
  49. Delicate


    Another beautiful product from Jurlique,fine oil absorbs to leave silky smooth clear skin
  50. Great Product


    I have oily skin and I find that my cleansers leave my skin feeling dry. This product works great for me. It restores moisture to my skin without making it oily and I find it stays like that all day.
  51. Lovely light oil


    Really liked this oil. I thought it would be too oily to put on my face but I was wrong. It really helps rebalance dehydrated skin.
    Tried Aesop one but this is much much better absorbed.Only problem is its not instock and I need it :-(
  52. Anonymous

    I recently bought this product from adorebeauty.com and I have been using is daily,. I can't get enough of it and I think it is a wonderful product. Definitely economical too as I only need a few drops. It makes my skincare routine a pleasure & something I look forward too. My skin had been feeling tight since winter started. Once I used the oil, my skin wasn't oily as I was a afraid it might be. ...
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  53. Anonymous

    Excellent product! It does what it says it does and you only need a couple of drops so economical too.
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