Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Eye Cream

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Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Eye Cream by Jurlique


Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Eye Cream is a high-performance, deeply hydrating eye cream. Produced using the most efficacious natural actives, the Jurlique Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Eye Cream restores balance to the skin's natural hydration, while it protects from environmental aggressors.


Delivering essential nutrients for optimal skin benefits, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Eyes appear brighter as dark circles begin to fade and puffiness is reduced. You will notice the difference a fine lines and wrinkles are softened for a smoother eye contour.


Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming Eye Cream has been ophthalmologist-tested.

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Light, fragrant and slightly tightening in all the right ways - 13-11-2017 by

I bought this in the recommendation of a make up blogger I follow on IG. The first thing I noticed was now simply pretty the packaging was. I’ve never used this brand so I was a little surprised by the loveliness of it. I followed the instructions, cleansed and dried as needed. I pushed down on the pump and DAYNE there was a lot of product. I’m an ex-beauty therapist so I know how much I’m supposed to be using for an eye product. I dabbed a bit around my eyes, including up under the brow line, and had plenty to spare. Reached out to Said Beauty Blogger for advice, and she told me that she used the excess on her smile lines. What a great idea! I popped the excess on my significant forehead crevices.
It dried so quickly, which I LOVE. It’s not oily or greasy or heavy (if you only use the needed amount). I have really sensitive and reactive eyes, and this didn’t irritate me at all. I even started to notice some slight tightening in all of the areas I applied it. I’m only using once a day - in the morning before moisturiser and sunscreen, followed by primer and mineral power foundation - and I don’t notice it at all. But I am noticing some decrease in my fine lines. I’m barely making a dent in it, too, because I’m not using a full pump; more like a half pump for my eyes and forehead.
I’m excited to see if, any, significant changes might be on the horizon. It’s for sure a fragrant but not irritating light eye cream that I would recommend.

Hydrating, great for sensitives eye area, user friendly, simply divine! - 14-09-2013 by

Love this eye cream! I am sensitive to numerous eye creams having found other creams irritating, creating uncomfortable tingling, redness and have dried out the skin causing flakiness and tightness around the eyes. The Jurlique eye cream is exceptionally hydrating leaving my skin soft and moisturised. A little goes a long way and the tube makes it easy to use without contamination, mess or waste. Will purchase again definitely!

- 16-03-2011 by

I purchased this eye cream as part of the naturally younger gift pack (really good value) and I love it! I have oily/sensitive skin and often react to products around the eye area. There was a slight tingling and tightning upon application, so it actually felt like it was working, nothing unpleasant and no stinging. I was up half the night with a sick daughter and had terrible bags and dark circles the next day. I put this on and it definitely reduced the bags and made my eyes look brighter.

- 18-11-2009 by

This is a deeply hydrating eye cream, perfect for those of use suffering from crepey fine lines under and around their eye area. At $55 for 15ml, its also pretty darn good value. The tube packaging format means its handy, transportable, and you don't have to dip your fingers into a jar. I've got really sensitive eyes and I get no irriatation what so ever. Not sure if its the most active thing out there, but as far as hydration and a slight tightening action this is your baby. Would also be good to layer and add moisture over other more active eye creams.

- 06-12-2008 by

I have had a few samples of this which have lasted ages - a little goes a very long way. I was surprised but how effective it is - the skin around my eyes is prone to dehydration with crepyness and 'raw' skin at the outer corners. This product really helped to hydrate and smooth. Also completely non-irritating - my eyes can react to products applied near them. Over a reasonable period my skin looks smooth, hydrated and firm though fine lines are still there - but softened in appearence. Would repurchase.

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