7 Benefits of Jurlique Rosewater

If you love the scent of roses in your grooming routine, you follow a long line of aficionados.

If you love the scent of roses in your grooming routine, you follow a long line of aficionados. It’s said that ancient Greeks and Romans used to bathe in rose petals – and given how beauty-conscious these civilisations were, there’s little doubt they used it because it worked!


Jurlique Rose Benefits


What Does Rose Do For Your Skin?


Rose is a natural toner for your skin – it helps to balance and remove impurities, including make-up.

Rose soothes the skin – the flower’s oils retain moisture in your complexion. The sugars especially work wonders for those with sensitivities.

Rose acts a sunscreen – rich in vitamin C, rose aids in the fight against photo-ageing (just don’t forget you still need an SPF, too!)

Rose fights acne – its anti-bacterial properties soothe irritations and redness. Rose is also known to heal conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Rose prevents dark circles – de-puff your eyes, and stimulate blood flow to the area, the natural way!

Rose has moodlifting properties – the flower has long been known to reduce anxiety and sleeping problems.

Rose nourishes the scalp – with its ability to increase blood flow (to the hair follicles, in this case), rose promotes hair growth and helps cure itches and flakiness.

Sold? So are we. And luckily Jurlique has made incorporating this beauty wonder into your day-to-day life a cinch! Discover our picks and relish in the results – not to mention sensory bliss – of natural rose.


Using Jurlique Rose Hand Cream


3 Bestselling Jurlique Rose Products


1. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream: The top-seller, and with reason! It protects, while softening, the delicate skin on your mitts, and is enriched with essential oils and vitamins. Your hands are often the first area to show signs of ageing and photo-damage, so it pays to look after them. Did we mention this product won InStyle magazine’s best hand cream award?

2. Jurlique Rose Body Oil: My love of moisturising with oil is infinite and this product only serves to deepen my crush. It’s super light-weight, hydrating and is absorbed quickly, meaning you won’t be won’t left any greasiness or residue. A great one for when your body needs a pick-me-up, as the added chamomile and rosemary will invigorate and add radiance!

3. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist: A fresh blend of rose extracts and botanicals, in just one spray, it softens and hydrates the complexion. Due to its size, this spritzer is definitely one to keep on the desk, rather than the handbag, but fear not: as the Adore Beauty HQ staff can attest, there is NOTHING better to cure the 3pm slump than a rosewater mist.


Tips for Jurlique Rosewater Mist


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