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Jurlique Bath & Body Jasmine

It’s important to follow a body care routine that makes you feel pampered AND powerful. Starting the day with fragrances you love is a great way to subtly improve your life. So step into that shower and rock an amazing, powerful, sensual scent with Jurlique Jasmine bath and body care.


Jasmine has been valued for centuries for its potent aromatherapeutic and hydrating properties. This two-in-one power plant helps you step out for the day with soft, supple skin, ready to take on whatever life throws at you.


Though a delicate floral, jasmine is rumoured to be an aphrodisiac. This sensual, mysterious scent makes you feel like you’re ready to run any room you step into. Start your day off right with Jasmine Shower Gel to get soft, clean skin and a sense of inner strength.


Once you’ve showered, you’ve got to moisturise. Jasmine is a humectant ingredient, so Jurlique Jasmine Body Care Lotion locks hydration into your skin all day long. Whereas the skin on the body is generally infrequently exposed, the hands tend to lose moisture quickly to washing and the environment. Take Jasmine Hand Cream with you for a quick aromatherapy boost and deeply hydrated hands.


Let Jurlique Jasmine products help you stay soft and make the most of every day!


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Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream

Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream just soaks into the skin of my hands and makes... read more >>

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