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The hands are one of the first areas of the body to show your age, so taking good care of your hands is particularly important to maintaining a youthful appearance. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect hand cream. That perfect balance of deep hydration, delicious fragrance, and high-quality ingredients isn’t always right around the corner.


If you’re tired of searching, no worries: you’re in luck! With Jurlique’s commitment to quality ingredients in body care, you can be sure one of the brand's incredible hand creams will suit you perfectly. Whereas many brands sacrifice quality for scent, Jurlique perfectly marries both. Whether it’s Lavender, Rose, Citrus, or Jasmine, Jurlique has a hand cream in a scent you’ll love.


Each Jurlique hand cream is packed with potent hydrators and free of synthetic chemicals and pesticides. You can slather on your choice confidently without having to worry about potential irritants or disappearing hydration, as Jurlique hand creams provide long-lasting moisture.


Jurlique knows how important it is to maintain clean hands, so the brand provides you with non-drying hand sanitiser options as well. With pleasant scents and formulas that don’t sting the skin, you’ll be able to keep your hands fresh and clean no matter where you are. Pop on a Jurlique hand cream after, and you’re all set!

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Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - 125ml
Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - 125ml

Good texture and smell

It smells really good and my friend also like it very much! Good to use after hands washing.
Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - 40ml
Jurlique Rose Hand Cream - 40ml

Very Good

Always with hand cream, this is the first time I tried this brand. The rose fragrance smells good, very moist, and lookfantastic very favorable prices.

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