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Jurlique began in Australia, and that is where their farms remain today. Set in the Adelaide Hills, this biodynamically farmed range is an Australian success story, beloved the world over - from the east to the west, the north to the south. Embracing natural plant oils and herbal extracts and ranging across skincare, bodycare, haircare and makeup - there are few corners of the beauty world to which Jurlique hasn’t turned it’s hand - and thank goodness for that.


Embrace the luxury, embrace the indulgence - Jurlique Australia is one special brand.


What are the best-selling products from Jurlique?


Jurlique is famous for many of their products, especially those derived from the natural oils of plants and herbs grown on the Jurlique farm in the Adelaide Hills.


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist is an iconic product from Jurlique that is beloved by its users. Suitable as a hydrating toner, a calming spritz or as a desk-side treat for a hydrating pick-me-up, it’s one for the books.


Jurlique Lavender Body Oil is another winner - natural ingredients including Australian-grown lavender to promote a feeling of health and wellbeing - and delightful used as a massage oil or as a moisturising body oil.


And Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream with its citrus notes of tangerine, mandarin and lemon is a refreshing, hydrating and luxurious experience for your mitts that’s perfect for yourself, or given as a gift to some hard-working hands in need of some loving!


How do you pronounce Jurlique?


A tricky one - but important if you’re recommending Jurlique to friends! Jurlique is pronounced “ger” as in Germany “-leek” as in the vegetable! Jur-lique!


Is Jurlique paraben free? Is Jurlique sulfate-free?


Yes, they are! Products from Jurlique are paraben-free, and are usually also sulfate free - although not all products are sulfate free. You can shop sulfate free products specifically via the “Choices” filter on the left hand side of the page if you would like to only see sulfate free products. Rest assured though that yes, Jurlique is paraben free.


What gift sets are available from Jurlique?


Jurlique has a number of gift sets available, depending on the season, who you’re buying for, what your budget is and what fragrances or concerns your intended recipient has a preference for! Our gift set subcategory will absolutely hold what you need to find a Jurlique gift for that special person.



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Jurlique Calendula Cream - 40ml by JurliqueJurlique Calendula Cream - 40ml by Jurlique

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Jurlique Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser 80g
Jurlique Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser 80g


I wanted to love this cleanser so much and have gone back to it several times hoping that I would change my mind. Despite advertised it is not hydrating at all - skin feels squeaky and tight after use. I have loved the Jurlique rose product range however this, unfortunately, is a miss.
Jurlique Softening Rose Hand Lotion 300ml
Jurlique Softening Rose Hand Lotion 300ml

Love this product

Such a great hand lotion, smells amazing and moisturises so well without leaving your hands feeling greasy and gross. Beautiful packaging and just lovely in all.
Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream  - 125ml
Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream - 125ml

Perfect sizing for home

I love Jurlique and this size is perfect to have it before going to bed. It's very moisturising and no sticky residue

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