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Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream by Jbronze

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Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream is hydrating luxe bronzing cream, that will provide a smudge-proof tan that will stay on until you want it off.

It is a non-developing tan cream, designed to deliver a streak-free, natural looking tan when you need it. When you don't need it? Simply wash Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream off.

Jbronze Instant Tanning Cream has been specifically formulated with nourishing skin care and hydrating ingredients including Rosehip oil and Vitamins E, C & A.

"I love this! It's a great pick me up product to help you get your instant bronze confidence, straight away." Jen says "The best bit is you can simply wash it off when I've had enough."

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