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Jbronze Authentic

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JBronze is a self tanning range former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, has designed to cater for her fans and at home self tanning enthusiasts.
"I've always wanted to create my own self tanning range because I love to have a beautiful bronze glow to my skin all year round and like to avoid sun baking. I really believe self tans are the best tanning option and have struggled to find a complete range in the past that offered the variety of products you need for the best results," Hawkins says.
For this reason my focus with Jbronze was to offer a complete range for all types of self tanning. Jbronze includes luxe natural ingredients, like macadamia oil, shea butter and argan oil – the top ingredients to keep skin hydrated. That's one of the reasons why the colour from Jbronze self tanners really lasts - It's all about hydration"


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For a streak-free, stainless tan, Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris recommends wearing a glove and a mitt when applying the product onto your skin. "Vinyl (food prep) gloves work best. Pop a mitt on top (JBronze makes their own) as this will ensure the tan simply glides over your skin. After tanning, let the mitt dry out and wash it after a few uses. If you remove dead skin cells with an exfoliator, body brush, or scrubbing wipe just before bronzing, you should get a good week of wear out of your tan."


The Jbronze range is safe to use if you are pregnant, provided that the process as directed on each product is followed correctly.


All products are vegan-friendly (neither the ingredients used nor the Jbronze items are tested on animals) and all bar the mousses and spray (which contain a small percentage of alcohol) are halal.

Jennifer Hawkins' tips for a perfect fake tan
The most important step in applying fake tan is to exfoliate. That way you're starting with a clean canvas, and any dead skin cells are removed - so you'll be positively glowing!
If you need to shave or wax, make sure to do so a day or two before tanning, as hair removal afterwards will take off your bronze!


To make your tan last, moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Jennifer Hawkins recommends applying a hydrator at least twice a day post-tanning so that skin does not become dry and patchy.


Don't forget to do your face when you're tanning, either (you don't want the bronze ending oddly at your neck!) Jbronze Face Flawless Tan gives a natural-looking glow, with a refreshing fruity fragrance. Apply it before you go to bed at night, because as well as waking up looking nice and tanned, the product has anti-ageing and brightening properties - perfect for this evening period when your skin is at its most active.


And for the perfect finish, spritz on a little Shimmer Instnat Illuminiser. Not only can it be applied over any tan to help it settle, but it gives extra luminosity and radiance!

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