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Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner

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Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner

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Australia is the first country in the world to launch the exciting new way to self tan - Jane Iredale's Tantasia Self Tanner.

Imagine a world where the perfect tan is always at your fingertips. A world where you never have to worry about streaks on your skin, or unsightly marks on your towels. A world where sunless technology first senses, then enhances, your skins most flattering shade and with frequent use, builds a deep lasting tan.

With Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner, sun-kissed, seductive colour is available to you at any time of the year in a safe, moisturising formula that suits all skin types and is completely free of after-smell.

Features and Benefits of the Jane Iredale Tantasia Self Tanner:
- Refreshing citrus smell right out of the tube and no after-smell
- Streak-free, even colour builds gradually with daily use
- Tantasia can be applied anywhere on the face or body. No separate products needed, leaving less clutter in your bathroom!
- No extra moisturiser is needed as the wheat protein in Tantasia provides natural hydration for skin.

Smart, sunless technology for a longer-lasting, natural tan:
- Acetyl Tyrosine & Monks Pepper (vitex angus castus): these two ingredients stimulate melanin synthesis, allowing the shade to mimic your natural tanned colour. Acetyl tyrosine accelerates the melanin synthesis reaction, while the beta-endorphin-like effect of Monks Pepper leads to melanin formation, with or without sun exposure. The contribution of both extracts promotes a regular, even and persistent tan while simultaneously enhancing the natural protection factor of the skin against UV radiation.
- Copper Gluconate: an enzymatic bioactivator, is an additional source of tyrosine delivery to increase a more even colour.
- Dihydroxyacetone: bonded to a vegetable natural amino acid compound. Advanced technology using an amino acid that interacts with the skins proteins activates a beautifully natural-appearing, intense colour change. When spread evenly on the skin, the acetylated amino acid is hydrolyzed by the enzymes of the epidermis and then combines with DHA for instant colour, compensating for any shade differences in skin areas.


Apply anywhere on face and body.

Squeeze a small amount in the palm of your hand, and smooth over one section of skin at a time until product is absorbed.

Wash hands thoroughly.

Build tan daily until a golden tan has been achieved. Use frequently to maintain colour.

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Reviews (6)
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Best self tanner - 19-03-2018 by

I have tried a lot of tanning products and this one gives me the best colour. It is easy to use and I don't get any streaks I do still have a bit a trouble getting my feet even but I think I need to moisturize that area first, Everything else is perfect and it has NO horrible tan smell. Definitely a AAA+++ product.

Replaces the sun and solarium - 08-06-2014 by

This is the best tanning lotion on the market.
It doesn't feel sticky. It doesn't create tan lines. It isn't orange. It looks so natural. It makes you feel fresh - I would know, I'm 3 weeks postpartum.
I have used this product as my foundation because of the natural glow it gives your skin.
It is so easy to use that I never fear tan lines or looking like an Oompa Loompa!

Best buy ever.

- 16-12-2010 by

I got a sample of this product and decided to try putting on little on my face after my night time cleansing routine. I was pleasantly surprised by the smell (not the usual strong yucky stench), the fact that it melted so easily into my skin AND that my skin felt quite hydrated! The next morning I woke up is a healthy, glowy looking complexion. I was quite impressed by this and used up the rest of the sample over a couple of weeks, popping it on a couple of nights a week, just to get that nice sunny glow. I would tend to use this product occasinally like that, rather than frequently for a full blown tanned look, as am a bit of a paleskin at the moment! But I was very impressed with the results (and lack of stench), so this will become one of my must have products.

- 23-11-2010 by

I have only tried a small sample sized tube of Jane Iredale's Tantasia but I am already a fan! Not only does Tantasia leave skin with a streak-free and uber natural hazlenut brown glow, Tantasia is also free from that despicable self-tan scent that makes us heedy and sick. Instead, Jane Iredale's Tantasia is a lightweight lotion formula that smells like a citrus dream and blends in to the skin with ease. Sadly I was only able to use it on my arms on one occasion but the tanner matched my current tanner which I used on the rest of my body but appeared less streaky and smelled dreamy in comparison to the other product. Best of all, Jane Iredale only makes natural products and Tantasia contains Acetyl Tyrosine & Monk’s Pepper (vitex angus castus) which help the formula mimic your natural tanned colour while Copper Gluconate helps increase a more even colour. While I would not usually pay $50+ on a self tanner, I would consider making Tantasia a regular in my beauty cabinet provided I am happy with the results all over.

- 08-11-2010 by

The only thing I don't love about this product is the cheesy name (Tantasia). This is without doubt the best fake tan I have used, and I've been tanning with creams/lotions/sprays for 20 years! Subtle colour remains streak-free, no smell, gorgeous natural tan that appears instantly. I just wish it cost a little less so it didnt seem such an indulgence, because this is my new "Must Have" item. Brilliant.

- 17-10-2010 by

This gel/cream looks scary orange/brown when first out of the tube but quickly blends out to deliver a golden tint to my light olive complexion.There is initially a zingy citrus scent which fades after 10mins or so and,as promised,none of that horrible wet biscuit smell as it develops. I used my hands to apply to face,neck and chest and found it absorbed quickly without leaving any greasy or sticky feel.So seems it would be good for combo/oily skin types. Because my skin is light olive to begin with,and because I was working with a small sample I can't say how it would look with subsequent layers,but my one application left me with a nice glow. It does recommend frequent use to maintain colour,and I would agree because it lasted about a day or so on me. Overall a nice product but it wouldn't entice me away from my Clarins Auto Bronzant.

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