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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer 12ml 12ml

4.6 of 81 reviews


4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.50

Or 4 instalments of $10.50 with LEARN MORE

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A full coverage, long-lasting under-eye concealer.
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GREAT - 88% recommend

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer 12ml Reviews

4.6 of 81 reviews

88% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best full coverage concealer on the market


I have very dark under eyes that are hereditary - this is the only concealer that even comes close to covering them. Compared to Nars Soft Matte Complete, Elf Camo and Pat McGrath Skin Fetish (supposedly the most full coverage on the market) - this is miles ahead. Squeeze a bit onto the tip of your finger and rub your fingers together to warm it up - dab straight onto the undereye and leave it for a minute before blending out with a brush or sponge. Can also dab it all around the face and blend out with a damp sponge for a nice no-makeup look.

Most Helpful Criticism

Was hoping for better...


I got this as a sample, and wasn't very impressed. It was thick and didn't rub in easily, and then sat in my lines. I love Estee Lauder concealers so will stick with that. I really do want to try the IT Cosmetics CC cream though.
  1. Great concealer


    I really like the effect of this, long lasting and looks smooth on my undereyes where most concealers sink into fine lines I never knew I had. Also lasts FOREVER as you only need a tiny tiny bit. Only downside is it's super thick and tacky which means it takes a while to pat in and blend out.
  2. Very Unimpressed


    After reading all the hype & so many positive reviews I felt that this very pricey concealer was worth that big spend - for such a tiny amount. I agree a little goes a long way - for that price it should. I did not find it covered my under eye issues at all, it caked, it got blotchy, it was horrible to work with. Am glad if its really helped others out there, wish I couldve said I was one of them....
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  3. Best full coverage concealer on the market


    I have very dark under eyes that are hereditary - this is the only concealer that even comes close to covering them. Compared to Nars Soft Matte Complete, Elf Camo and Pat McGrath Skin Fetish (supposedly the most full coverage on the market) - this is miles ahead. Squeeze a bit onto the tip of your finger and rub your fingers together to warm it up - dab straight onto the undereye and leave it for...
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  4. Don't rate


    I found this concealer to thick to work into the area under my eyes and it just highlighted my fine lines!
  5. Great


    I don’t like it as much as the illuminating concealer but this is awesome coverage. I have dry skin and as long as you prep your under eye and face for spots, this covers everything and doesn’t sit into fine lines
  6. Best concealer I’ve ever used!


    I have always been on the hunt for a concealer that actually conceals dark under eyes and spots. This does just that! A little goes a long long way so the product is great value for money! It lasts forever and conceals with a tiny amount. I love this concealer and would always recommend to others.
  7. Essential item!


    I received a sample of this product and purchased the full size based on how amazing I found the sample to be. Dark circles disappear and my eyes look brighter and bigger. The formulation is really comfortable (I apply with fingertips) and lasts well. A little goes a long, long way.
  8. Best concealer for dark circles


    I've looked for and tried so many products to disguise under eye circles, although not perfect, this is the best concealer I have found to cover them. It can be a little oily, I have switched to a less oily eye cream which seems to have helped a lot. One tube lasts a long time, good value for money.
  9. not bad


    Good value for the price and does the job but I would prefer investing in better quality concealers for under eye area, this one creases despite diligent skin prep before using.
  10. What a winner


    I bought this after reading all the good reviews and waiting agessss for my shade to be back in stock (Light Natural) - which gave me an idea it must be a good product if it's sold out! A little goes a long way. I'm naturally pale but depending on my level of fake tan can be much more golden, so my makeup shades differ depending on this. Amazingly the shade worked under my eyes no matter what else...
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  11. Best in the biz

    Should have gotten sooner

    So many of my friends have recommended this to me but because it’s “full coverage “ and I have under eye creases I was scared it would sink in.
    never fear! No sinking and the absolute best coverage!
  12. Good thick concealer


    This concealer is good for people with serious dark circles that not much else works for. It's thick and comes in a hygienic tube that's easy to control how much comes out. This is a good product for people with those concerns. Didn't test if it's really waterproof.
  13. Holy grail


    This is definitely the holy grail of undereye concealers. If there is a SINGLE product I use every day, it is this. A little goes a very long way and dark circles are gone.
  14. really nice product


    There are many colors to choose from, which are perfect for covering dark circles. A tube is very durable and only needs a little each time.
  15. Bye bye pigmentation!


    This is the best concealer I’ve ever used. It covers up my pigmentation SO well. I do however think it doesn’t last all day. I have had to reapply by the afternoon, but this is no issue for me. Bonus with this product is that you barely need to use any - only a teeny bit will do so the bottle lasts months and months!
  16. A little goes a long way!


    The tiniest amount of this is enough to cover even the darkest of under eye circles! Perfect for additional coverage under the CC cream.
  17. Best Concealer!


    I received a sample of this and have now just purchased the full size. This concealers coverage is brilliant, a little goes a very long way and it doesn’t cake. It has excellent staying power too.
  18. Average concealer


    A little bit runs a long way. Good for under eye, but will disappear in the afternoon.
  19. I really wanted to love this...


    I'm a big fan of the CC cream and have previously been completely obsessed with the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. I was hoping this one would at least measure up. But it doesn't. This formula is quite drying and settles quickly into creases. It made my under-eye area look crepey and much older than I am.
  20. Incredible!


    Full coverage and a very natural finish, completely eliminates very dark circles without looking like you've caked it on. This stuff will last you ages.
  21. Bye bye everything!


    I received this as a sample and was surprised at how thick it was. It's definitely high coverage, but maybe a little too heavy for me.. It felt a little drying and I thought it sank into the fine lines under my eyes. In saying that, I ended up using most of the sample as a blemish concealer and am considering repurchasing for that purpose instead!
  22. impressed


    I'm in my forties and I was pleasantly surprised at how well this works. It doesn't crepe in wrinkles and doesn't look caked on. Coverage is great to hide dark circles and a little goes a long way. Doesn't flare up my sensitive eyes either.
  23. Dot on the magic


    This stuff lasts forever because you only need the tiniest bit!! It has made my eyes look more aware, less creased, not dull or tired. I only have a small bit of darkness under my eyes and it’s gone with this stuff.
    I tap it on lightly under my eyes and blend with my cc cream around it, then lightly seal with translucent powder
  24. Covers my dark eye bags!


    This product is so worth it. So far, it is the only concealer that has effectively covered my dark eye circles. I feel like I look like a different person when I wear this because my eye bags are gone. A little bit goes a long way so this product is definitely worth it for me.
  25. Worth every cent


    A little goes a long way, thick but very full coverage. Does exactly what it says.
  26. Lovely!

    Laura W

    I got this as a tester and i love it so much, will be purchasing! My dark circles have vanished!
  27. Hydrating with coverage


    I love the consistency of this concealer - it's thick and provides great coverage without being cakey, and I find it lasts really well, without settling into creases at all during the day. Definitely a winner.
  28. Love it!


    I recently started getting dark circles under my eyes due to lack of sleep. Bye bye under eye conceals the darkness without creasing and cracking during the day. I also apply on red patches or blemishes when I need and it gives great coverage. Just make sure you read the instructions on how to apply. A little goes a long way.
  29. The HOLY GRAIL of concealers


    This magical concealer is the greatest thing you’ll ever own. When they say “Bye Bye Under Eye” - they really mean it. If you’re not sure about this concealer, think no further - GET IT (you won’t regret it) and love it as much as I do
  30. It's AM-AZ-ING


    Best concealer I have ever used. I have hideous dark circles, and this is the only product that has ever hidden them. Doesn't creap into fine lines either.... soooo good!
  31. Besr concealer ive tried


    Got this as a sample and repurchased. I have dark circles under my eyes. This is the first concealer to cover them yet not get stuck in creases. Love it!
  32. GOAT


    I use this under eye product as more of a highlight in the corners of my eyes than a concealer. I find concealer, even creamy, dry my under eyes out, so I have given up on that technique. I received a sample conveniently a lighter shade than my skin and it makes a subtle difference to my eye area by brightening the area, less is more! I am usually dead against full-coverage products (personal pref...
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  33. The BEST Concealer EVER!!


    This is the BEST concealer i have EVER used... I have used so many, including the cult fave 'Shape Tape'. And this BY FAR takes the cake!! Cannot recommend this highly enough! Absolute game changer! And you get SO SO much product too. Lasts ages!
  34. Long-lasting full coverage

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This concealer is amazing - it's super thick in the tube but somehow never looks cakey or heavy under the eyes.

    You really do have to warm it up to get a nice finish though - I apply the tiniest bit I possibly can to the back of my hand and then apply it with a brush.

    It lasts for ages, covers my dark circles easily and doesn't settle into fine lines - it's a winner!
  35. Amazing!


    Received this as a sample in one of my Adore Beauty orders and I'm now obsessed! This is such a good full-coverage concealer that lasts all day and comes in a range of colours. Would definitely recommend.
  36. Game changer


    I am eternally looking for the ultimate full coverage foundation to cover dark pigmentation, and have never consistently used concealer due to it highlighting wrinkles, looking cakey etc
    Well then I discovered this gem. Covers amazingly, easy to set with loose powder, no settling in fine lines. Plus, it gives a slight sheen which looks amazing (tiny amount of glow on my otherwise matte prod...
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  37. Surprised


    I got a sample card of 4 colours of this product.

    First test- Tested under eye with very light dusting of powder. Slightly creased not long after first application but didn’t crease any further throughout the day.

    Second test- one eye with tarte shape tape, one eye with this- fell asleep- woke up, this won hands down! No creating- all in place.

    Third test...
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  38. Love


    It’s amazing how it covers all my dark circle and lasts all day. It is quite thick so you only need to use a tiny amount.
  39. Best Concealer


    This concealer is absolutely incredible, it hides all blemishes and dark eyes!! I've never had a concealer this good!
  40. It is as good as they say!


    I have been searching for a concealer that not only does the job but that also doesn't make my mascara bleed. I've gone through more concealers than I dare to admit but although the coverage was good, I looked like a panda after an hour or two. This gem however does not only offer perfect full coverage but it stays on all day and so does my mascara! The search is over!
  41. Unexpected Delight


    I received a generous sample of this concealer....and I am surprised. I thought I wasn't going to like it given its thick consistency. Most concealers crease under my eye area - even concealers a lot more expensive than the IT Cosmetics. I'm also impressed with the value for money....$40 for 12 mls which is ~1.5-2x the quantity of other premium concealers. You only need the smallest amount and it ...
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  42. If you like the feeling of clay on your face...


    I'm not a fan of this. I received a tester in an Adore Beauty order and was impressed with the range of shades and intrigued by the list of apparent benefits of this product... However, upon applying, I realised this concealer is more akin to paint. It smells weird, the consistency is like clay and it's impossible to blend in. Really did not enjoy the feeling of it on my face either. Ugh.
  43. Amazing!!!!


    The best concealer I’ve ever used! Literally lasts me all day. First concealer I’ve found that doesn’t crease under the eyes and definitely helps to hide the dark circles under my eyes. A little goes a long way so don’t feel like you need to apply heaps. 1000/10 would recommend!
  44. Fabulous

    Theresa Green

    I am always looking for Concealers that you can use instead of wearing foundation all the time and after reading reviews of this I was more than happy when I purchased! This would have to be one of the best I have used for looking so natural easily blending in to your own skin. Shows no line or discolouration anywhere on face . Just apply anywhere on the face -only minimal amount needed for a...
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  45. Worth the hype


    Guys, the hype about this concealer is real. I've used the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, the Fenty Matte Match Stix concealer, Maybelline Instant Rewind and a bunch more, but I find this one to have such beautiful and heavy coverage that blends so nicely. If you struggle with dark under-eye circles like me you might find this helpful! Thank you Adore for gifting me this sample, I will be purchasi...
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  46. Actually works


    This is hands down the best under eye concealer I've used. You don't need much, a little goes a long way. It is a bit thick and hard so spread, but once it's on it looks really natural and does such a good job of covering up dark circles.
  47. A little goes a long way


    I bought this to help try and conceal my dark circles (genetic unfortunately). A little bit goes a long way and I find it helps to warm it up between my fingers before I apply. This tube is going to last forever. I probably bought a shade or 2 too light for my skin, however I find if I blend it in well it just gives a nice and bright impression, which is what I wanted. I find it does settle a litt...
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  48. One of the best


    Seriously the best concealer,

    Hydrating, full coverage without looking heavy, blends perfectly.

    I often wear this on its own when i go to work, to have a natural look, and i love it, no need to set.
  49. I was wrong


    I wrote a review about this a while ago and absolutely trashed. It was thick, didn’t blend and was incredibly unflattering. I received a free sample of it about three weeks ago and decided to give it another go. I was blown away. I had been using it wrong. You literally need a dot, the smallest amount. If you use it properly it is the absolute best. Full coverage but so natural. Does not crease. I...
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    I received a sample of this with one of my orders and wow! This has such great coverage and feels so light weight. Highly recommend.
  51. FULL Coverage


    Love this concealer! I've gone through a few concealers trying to find a fuller coverage. I've tried tarte shape tape and too faced born this way concealer and a friend gave me a sample of it cosmetics bye bye undereye concealer and I purchased it straight away! I also bought the it cosmetics bye bye pores pressed powder, pairs with it perfectley!
  52. Good


    It has good coverage and it blends easily but can make the under eye area a little dry but doesn't go patchy. I received this as a free gift.
  53. Not bad


    I received a sample of this and it has good coverage, blends well but does settle into the fine lines.
  54. Very good


    already use IT Cosmetics CC + and tried the concealer and loved it. The coverage is very good and lasts a long time. It accumulates a little on the lines, but it allows you to tidy up throughout the day.
  55. Not bad


    I received a sample of this and tried few colors. It has good coverage and blends nicely but it is a bit on the dry side for my skin other than that it is a good concealer.
  56. Okay


    I received a sample of this and honestly it was just okay. It has good coverage but isn't blendable and looks patchy even after setting with powder.
  57. Bye Bye Under Eye

    Catee L

    I received this product as a sample. I always wear concealor everyday as I have dark circles under my eyes.
    I am 52 and have tried loads of different products to either fade or conceal my dark circles. This product is amazing. It covers my dark circles well and what I love the most is I do not need to put powder over the top to set it which often left my concealors cakey. This concealor st...
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  58. Hello sleep


    I received a sample of this and I'm impressed. In fact I've since researched more about IT Cosmetics, and I'm super keen to try their CC cream. I love that they combine skincare with makeup - my kind of product! I'm late 30s and have some fine lines under my eyes. I wear light makeup most days and like to brighten my undereyes with concealer to make it look like I've had a full night's sleep (Mum ...
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  59. creamy


    firstly tried on the tester and found out the colour that suits me so I purchased full size straight away. It is very rich and cream texture, gives hydration and enough coverage.
  60. yes i am going to buy this FANASTIC

    Miss t

    i have never had any luck with concealer - especially under the eyes - where it always makes my eyes look crepey and old not this this is fantastic. I got a delux sample of several shades and so many of them work - honestly the best under eye - smooth, stays put doesnt look cakey and not ageging i cant beleive it
  61. Love this!


    Love this concealer, lasts all day - doesn't crease!
  62. The best concealer


    This is the only under eye concealer I’ll use. The coverage is incredible and beats all others in the market. You only need the tiniest bit as it’s really thick (make sure you pay between your fingers to warm it up). It’s hydrating and hardly creases under my eyes. If I do get a crease, I just quickly pat it and it looks perfect again.

    Don’t waste time with other concealers - buy thi...
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  63. Was hoping for better...


    I got this as a sample, and wasn't very impressed. It was thick and didn't rub in easily, and then sat in my lines. I love Estee Lauder concealers so will stick with that. I really do want to try the IT Cosmetics CC cream though.
  64. This surprised me...


    Received this as a sample, which included a very generous 4 shade choice. You only need the smallest amount and it covers everything. It stayed on most of the night at work, and worked well with my foundation. What I liked the most was how it covered my dark circles, which are dreadful at the moment. I didn't expect to like this as much as I did but I'm sure I will be purchasing my own when these ...
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  65. Magic!


    I was genuinely stunned when I used this product. My purple tear troughs were completely covered... and most amazingly it looks like I haven’t got anything on my face. Please purchase if you are sick of purple bags!!! AMAZING!
  66. Amazing!


    I loved this product so much, it met all my expectations and more! It completely covers the dark circles under my eyes courtesy of my baby. I also had to use the colour match tool to pick my shade and it was spot on, was really impressed with that too. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and again
  67. Full coverage!!!


    I received a test palette of this concealer with 4 different shades. I cannot get over the level of coverage of this concealer. It is super dense but not difficult to blend. This would last forever. I have already used my sample several times and I haven’t made a dint in it. I’ll seriously be looking at buying this when I finish my current concealer.
  68. Dark circle eraser


    I was excited to get a sample of this the other day, and it certainly didn't disappoint. It's a fabulous product and miraculously removes all traces of under-eye circles without settling into creases. You only need to use a tiny amount to do the job, and the pigment is natural looking and blends in perfectly with your skin. It's a lot easier to apply if you've moisturised your under-eye area be...
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  69. I wasn't expecting to be surprised


    I am 60 and a combination skin, the skin around my eyes pretty dry so I want expecting much of this (that I received as a sample in medium) but its totally awesome and I haven't had another concealer cover this well without making my skin super dry or for the concealer to look painted on. I'd definitely buy this and will keep in my makeup must have box.
  70. My new holy grail


    This is hands down the best concealer I've ever used. It's gives full coverage, is easy to work with and doesn't crease or seperate. Needs to be used sparingly and had the most success when I presses it in with a beauty blender.
  71. ok


    This concealer is ok, but it still settles into lines on me. The colour range is fab though. I like Bobbi Brown Corrector better.
  72. Thick


    Got a sample of this and was surprised at how radiant my under eye area looked! It’s very thick for an under eye concealer- almost like the consistency you expect to cover blemishes but a little goes a long way and it does work
  73. Superb


    Look I really, really like this concealer, the only thing that I think needs improving is the tube it comes it but I am so used to the Doe-Foot Applicator that maybe that says more about my skill level than the tube It Cosmetics have chosen. First off this concealer is THICK, most people wont have worked with a product like this, the key is to go easy, you dont need to squeeze much out, a little ...
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  74. One of the very best concealers!


    I absolutely love this concealer! It has a great shade range and the consistency is brilliant- its extremely thick but it melts when warmed on your skin and sinks in beautifully rather than sitting as layer on top like a lot of products do. It has great staying power and covers dark circles and redness really well. I use this product on other spots too, not just under the eyes, as I love it so muc...
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  75. Amazing


    I’m not surprised this product is now sold out after the free sample with orders offer because it’s amazing! It’s very full coverage yet hydrating and is also wonderful to highlight with as it’s so so radiant
  76. AMAZING!!!! THE BEST!!!


    This is the best under eye concealer that i have ever used in my life. I love it! And a little goes a long way. It stays all day long on my oily skin!
  77. Excellent coverage


    This tube will last seriously forever because a tiny dab goes a long long way. Thickier than other concealers I've used but spreads surprisingly easily and gives good coverage
  78. The only thing that covers my dark under eyes


    I have really dark under eyes and lots of purple veins around my eyes - this is the only product I found to cover them well for when I'm doing a glam look.
  79. Really good concealer


    You seriously need only the smallest amount to work just under the corner of the eye and dab it outward with your finger tips. Blends well once warm and conceals nicely.
  80. Best concealer I’ve used


    This concealer offers high coverage and the smallest amount can cover my whole face. Love it’s availability to cover dark circles under the eyes
  81. Really happy with it!

    Emma Loves Makeup

    I received a sample of this a while ago and was really pleased with the results so decided to buy a full size tube. Really happy I did! It does what it says, effectively covers up my dark under-eye circles and doesn’t crease or look caked. And it’s so quick. I warm it up with my fingers and apply it before I put on my foundation.

    For reference I love my coverage to be full, and I am ...
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  82. Full coverage


    Very high coverage and sticky but sets nicely with loose HD powder (elf does a really good under eye setting powder that works well with this.

    it isn't the easiest to use but is well worth it for more full coverage under eye concealment.
  83. The best


    This is the best under eye concealer it covers my dark circles. It’s very pigmented and the consistency of this concealer is thick so you have to apply it by tapping it on not rubbing
  84. Great product


    Amazing coverage And great at concealing darkness
  85. Dark circles BE GONE


    Ok waterproof sweatproof this undereye concealer does it ALL! I love it, but use sparingly and build up coverage. You can use on blemishes as well as under eyes but man oh man this stuff seriously works! A+
  86. Really brightening!


    This is a fantastic under eye cream but there is one big tip, use really sparingly, start small and build it up if you need. It is so thick you only need a little, warm it up on your fingers and then dab only inner eye darkness. Soooo many shades, can get a bit overwhelming but I think the shades are pretty forgiving.
  87. Best concealer for dark areas under and in corner of eyes


    I use this product under my eye and pat the lest over of the product over my face, I use this after foundation and it leaves me with a great shade. I've never found a makeup product that covers my dark circles so well.
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