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Invisibobble Original- True Black Pack of 3

4.6 of 31 reviews


4 instalments of $2.74

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4 instalments of $2.74

Or 4 instalments of $2.74 with LEARN MORE

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Sick of hair ties that get caught, leave behind tell-tale kinks in your hair, or break exactly when you need them most? Introducing the Invisibobble Original - a unique spiral-shaped hair tie that works for all hair types and textures.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Invisibobble Original- True Black Reviews

4.6 of 31 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best for everyday use


These are my go-to for everyday use. Gentle and easy to bring back to shape when they stretch out. The best part is they don't pull out your hair when you remove them.
  1. Pretty good


    They stretch out quickly but gentle on my damaged hair.
  2. Best for everyday use


    These are my go-to for everyday use. Gentle and easy to bring back to shape when they stretch out. The best part is they don't pull out your hair when you remove them.
  3. Gentle On Hair, Leaves Kinks


    I can certainly say that these are gentle and don't pull on your hair, much better than regular elastics. However, these still leave slight bends in my hair which is quite annoying. I have thick, straight hair, so kinks are especially noticeable. They aren't too bad, and the gentleness on the hair makes up for it a little


    verified purchaser
    This does not tear my hair. Also, I find that a lot of hair ties like this break after a while but it has been 6 months and mine is still the same quality!
  5. No marks or kinks in hair


    Great for when you need to tie your hair up, but you don’t want that dreaded hair tie mark. Highly recommend
  6. No headaches


    Great hair ties- no marks in my hair, no headaches, and my hair stays put. Perfect for long days at work and going to the gym.
  7. Perfect


    For those with darker hair who truly want an invisible invisibobble or those of us with lighter hair who want to find our hairband at the end of the day, these are fantastic. If you stretch them out, just put them in a cup of boiling water and they will shrink right up to their original size.
  8. Love these little hair ties


    Love these hair ties! They are so simply and easy to use! And look great around the wrist as an accessory as well
  9. a must have


    these are my everyday hair ties, keeps my hair up without damage
  10. Expensive!


    verified purchaser
    This feels very comfortable on the hair, doesn't cause me headache. But, I find it expensive.
  11. A great find!


    These are such a great find. They don’t pull my hair out or snap apart! I’ve noticed less breakage since using them too.
  12. Love!


    These feel so great to wear! They don’t pull at or kink my hair, which is a nice change to the regular hair ties I used to wear.
  13. Genius!


    I love how they never tug out my hair, or kink a hairstyle I've put effort into. Also seems to help ease my tension headaches
  14. eliminates headaches and very strong


    I have very thick hair done to my backside and this manages to hold it all up without hurting my head. I recently found that I couldn't find any hair ties that didn't cause pain at the root of the hair and pressure headaches. I highly recommend these!
  15. Good for anti-kink


    Good for anti-kink, however, I don't believe that this product totally prevents breakage... My stylist believes that a silky scrunchie is a better option to prevent breakage.
    Perhaps the scrunchies from this brand are good quality?
  16. The best!


    I highly recommend the Invisibobble! They are such an improvement from using regular hair ties. No more breaking of hair ties while I attempt to loop around my ponytail, no more elastic showing through and causing breakage. The invisibobble never feels too tight or like it is causing damage. Highly recommend!
  17. Best hair tie around


    Best hair tie ever! They last for a life time! And well worth the price! If they get enlarged over time put them in a cup of boiling water and they will shrink back to original size! Need to be cautious though if hair is damp or wet will leave a bit of a kink in the hair
  18. Doesn't leave kinks in your hair

    Monique Verstegen

    I love these invisibobbles as they don't snag or leave kinks in my hair. The black colour is great for darker hair colours.
  19. Love these


    I love using these to tie up a bun as they hold the bun a lot better than a regular hair tie.
  20. Wow what a change


    When I first saw these I thought everyone was going mad. But now I understand how amazing they are. Convert for life. Really helped my hair condition, and breaking. Also keeps my hair kink free
  21. Great ties


    I have been using these for years now although I only wear them to bed. They do leave a very slight kink in my hair but not too bad and they don't damage my hair.
  22. The best!


    I can't live without these! These have made such a difference to my hair quality and keeping my hair kink-free.. I definitely recommend these :)
  23. Great hair ties


    I picked these up for the guy I'm seeing .as he keeps stealing my clear ones.
    Man bun approved!
  24. Snag Free Super Ties!


    These hair ties are great for eliminating snags and are much more comfortable to wear than normal elastics. I do find they can still leave a mark in hair when left in for a long time (overnight for example!) but very happy with this purchase!
  25. No kinks!


    I was unsure as to whether these hair ties would in fact not kink your hair, however I was pleasantly surprised. They are light and do not pull on your hair! I love these little gems as they can be worn around your wrist too and don't look like a hair tie.
  26. Love these little gems!


    I was skeptical but these ties keep my fine, straight hair secure in a top knot or ponytail and prevent creasing and breakage. I'm so happy to have an elastic that doesn't slide off!
  27. Will take over your old hair ties!


    These hair ties are so much lighter than your average hair tie and don't make as much creasing as your standard hair ties either! The black colour is perfect for darker hair colours to hide that your even wearing a hair tie, making it look nude and natural :)
  28. Great but expensive for what it is


    These little guys are great and don't kink hair, they're also super cute. However, for what they are (curly bits of plastic) they're super expensive. Better off buying cheap ones from ebay for that price
  29. Doesn’t kink hair


    Since I hav dead straight hair leaving my hair in a ponytail for a long time can cause it to kink/crease at the back when I untie it. Although it isn’t anything major I think this product does a really good job in solving that problem. For me the only downside to this would be the pricing.
  30. Awesome product


    I have lots of long hair, and the invisbobble is just perfect for me - I can finally do a ponytail that stays put all day with out being too tight or giving me a headache. When I pull my hair out it does still have a pony tail kink, but I really don’t mind because i’ve Yet to find a real way to avoid this.
  31. No more kinks


    I bought these as every hair tie I was using was snagging and leaving marks in my hair. These don't do that at all and the other great thing about them is they don't constantly snap (I have thick hair and would go through so many traditional hairs ties). These have great hold and grip. Wil definitely be buying more!
  32. Way better than a hair tie!


    I have hair that easily kinks with regular hair ties and absolutely love the invisibobble! It doesn't pull or tug on my hair and I can leave it up all day and still have no kinks at the end.
  33. wouldn't use anything else!


    love these, i always have a few in my bag, they work perfectly!
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