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Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF30+ 30ml

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Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF30+ 30ml by Invisible Zinc


Flaunting the protection of Invisible Zinc with a hydrating, antioxidant-filled moisturiser, Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ will change the way you protect your skin. Formerly known as Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF30+ 30ml.


Offering three way skin defence, Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ delivers everything you need in your daily skin care regime: powerful antioxidants, full SPF 30+ UVA and UVB protection and an anti-pollution film that neutralises environmental aggressors. Best of all, it feels nothing like a sunscreen: Its light, silky and very comfortable on the skin.

Each day our skin is bombarded with harmful levels of UV radiation and environmental pollutants, which oxidize skin cells, potentially causing DNA damage and the signs of premature ageing. Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ is a high-performance daily moisturiser that offers your skin a thorough, three-tiered line of defence against these nasties:


  1. As with all Invisible Zinc products, micronized 100% mineral reflectors create a physical, reflective veil on the surface of the skin, delivering a very high level of SPF 30+ UVA + UVB protection. Unlike chemical UV filters (commonly found in skin care and cosmetics, and which absorb and scatter only UVB rays, which then turn into free radicals) Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ uses physical sunscreens, which wont break down or decay and dont require a chemical reaction to work. The minuscule size and shape of these particles reflect light and diminish the look of fine lines, while still offering a smooth texture. (And none of that white, masked business.)
  2. Up to 70% of skin ageing stems form environmental aggressors such as pollution, ultraviolet light, drugs, chemical aggressions, and smoke. Enter Unicontrazon BG-49, a vegetable-based complex boasting the newest technology available in environmental skin defence and unique to Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+. When applied to the skin a film forms acting as a pollution barrier to assist in neutralising environmental pollutants and protecting the skin from environmental aggressors.
  3. Antioxidants neutralise cell damaging free radicals and are imperative post sun exposure, but also critical in protecting the cells before DNA damage can Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ merges strong antioxidants with powerful moisturising properties and an anti-inflammatory action to slow your skins ageing.


Active ingredient: Zinc Oxide


Applied daily alone or under makeup, Invisible Zinc Facial Moisturiser SPF30+ denotes the need for separate skin care and sunscreen, moisturising, and protecting your skin in one easy step. Your skin has never been safer.

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Brilliant product especially for those with sun-sensitive skin - 03-07-2013 by

For several years I have suffered with hives and lumps and bumps when exposed to the sun and last year I developed rosacea which is aggravated by the sun. I can now quite happily go out in the sun without distressing my skin! Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector is perfect as a daily sunscreen with or without make-up.
I have found that If you rub the cream between your fingers prior to applying it, to slightly warm it up, it goes on very easily and just disappears.
My skin no longer comes up in hives and you would not know that I have rosacea. Invisible Zinc really does work. I have another friend with extremely sensitive skin who has been allergic to every suncream she has tried and I insisted she try Invisible Zinc as she has recently been diagnosed with basal skin carcinoma and thankfully she has found she is not allergic to it and loves it too!
Absolutely, brilliant product even if you don't have sensitive skin or allergies you should try it !

Great SPF but still leaves you white and bright... - 20-01-2013 by

I loved that this is such a high SPF, which left my face feeling so protected. The added environmental protection was added peace of mind for me too. I couldn't help wishing though, that the product could leave me a little less white and a bit more moisurized. My face felt a little bit tight and dry, which ultimately enhanced the white appearance. I would like a truly invisible zinc that offers the same level of protection but is just a tiny bit more user friendly. Overall I give this a 4/5 as I would rather have the SPF and look silly, but many wouldn't!

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