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Invisible Zinc Cleanser with 12% Glycolic

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Invisible Zinc Cleanser with 12% Glycolic


The Invisible Zinc Cleanser with 12% Glycolic is the newest product in the Invisible Zinc range. It helps to treat troubled skin, or skin beginning to show the first signs of UV ageing.

With 12% Glycolic Acid, this Cleanser is designed to remove your INVISIBLE ZINC sun protection products, makeup and daily residue without irritation or dehydration, leaving you skin feeling soft and smooth.

The glycolic may also help to diminish the signs of photo-ageing and sun damage. Glycolic, when used in skincare products, also assists in controlling acne and reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Please note, this product does not contain an SPF and should be used in conjunction with daily SPF 30+ physical barrier protection like INVISIBLE ZINC ESP.


Deionised water, glycolic acid (12% active), caprylic/capic triglycerides, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, benzly alcohol, ceteth-20, polysorbate 60, PEG-100 stearate, xanthan gum, dehydroaeceitc acid, disoduim EDTA.


Use morning and night to cleanse the skin. Rinse well and follow with Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector or Tinted Daywear.

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Reviews (8)
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Good glycolic acid (AHA) cleanser - 21-08-2013 by

Best thing about it is that it contains a high glycolic acid (12%) content. For me I find that an AHA cleanser really helps remove dead skin cells, blocked pores, blackheads/whiteheads and exfoliates way better than non-AHA cleansers and manual scrubs. Overall, if an AHA cleanser is what you're after then this one may be worth trying - price was OK too.

Fantastic!! - 18-06-2013 by

Great cleaner to remove sunscreens & makeup. Also great to use as a mask once a week!
Have been using this product for the last 2 years and it has kept my melasma at bay! I have sensitive skin so use sparingly, a little go's a long way! In short a fantastic product which I highly recommend.

Very good product - 12-05-2013 by

It is a very good product to use , it has definite results.

perfect removal of Invisible Zinc sunscreen - 17-03-2013 by

Not only does this product remove the wonderful Invisible Zinc sun screens but with the inclusion of glycolic acid it gives a gentle exfoliation as well. Stops skin getting blocked up by dense (but effective) sunscreens. Gentle enough to use daily. I highly recommend it.

Great product - 14-08-2012 by

Very happy with my products and how quickly they were sent also they surprise of of some samples and a free chocky.

amazing - 10-08-2012 by

I have been using this product for a year now - it is phenomenal.

My skin is glowing and flawless, and receives frequent compliments, with not a pimple in sight - believe me it has not always been this way. This product is so incredible that strangers have approached me in the street to ask what skin care I use. Twice.

I use it once daily, usually before bed. It gives a really thorough clean, I just pat in on in the shower and leave in on for 30 seconds or so then rinse off. I have quite sensitive skin at times and this doesn't cause me any issues. I do notice some sun sensitivity if i use it just before going outside, but i find cleansing in the evening eliminates this issue. Also if you have a graze/small cut it stings a bit - but this is because it WORKS! It is insanely good. And a single container has lasted me 6 months (you only need a small amount!)

Fantastic as cleanser AND treatment - 28-04-2012 by

I have been using this cleanser for the past 4 months. PROS: easy to dispense; non foaming; good value for money (whilst it is quite expensive for a cleanser, it will last you ages); effective (ive had NO pimples since using it); clears ones complexion (recently my cosmetic surgeon, who i hadn't seen in 12 months, told me my skin was flawless - im 35 years old); doesn't leave my skin dry or irritated (however, i have been using glycolic products off and on for 12 years, so my skin is quite used to it); its glycolic content (12%) makes it perfect to use weekly as a treatment mask; no strong smell. CONS: packaging too big (200ml) to carry on international flights; opaque packaging makes it difficult knowing how much product is left before you run out.

- 26-01-2010 by

Wow; what a fab cleanser. A little goes a long way and I love that it is a rare non-foaming option for a glycolic cleanser. A nice milky texture which smells like sweet, citrussy fruits. It is strong so depending on your skin you may need to use sparingly or not at every cleanse. Removes oil and makeup well though at night I do use an oil cleanser beforehand - not because the IZ does not remove all makeup but because I just prefer to use an oil first.

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