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Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Waterproof Sunscreen SPF30+ - 100ml Airless Pump

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Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Waterproof Sunscreen SPF30+ - 100ml Airless Pump


*Winner of Best Body Sunscreen in the 2009 Australian Beauty Awards!*

The sun doesnt stop attacking you simply because youre in the water. Uh-uh. In fact water intensifies and reflects the suns rays, making the chance of your skin burning even higher.

Cue Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Waterproof Sunscreen SPF30+, offering the same high performance sun protection as the original award-winning Invisible Zinc, but with 4 hours water resistance. With a non-greasy formula and transparent finish, its perfect for outdoor training, the beach or a day out on the boat.

The difference is in the micronized 100% mineral reflectors, which create an invisible waterproof shield that delivers extremely high UVA + UVB protection for the skin, keeping both skin cancer and premature ageing at bay. And with no titanium dioxide, minimal skin penetration and surface layer protection, even sensitive skin and children can use Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Waterproof Sunscreen SPF30+.

As is now well known, Invisible Zinc offers a level of sun protection (and cosmetic satisfaction) that remains unrivalled on the Australian, and in fact, global market. (IZ was Voted Worlds Best New Beauty Product 2006, Wallpaper* Awards, London).

The physical sunscreen barrier in Invisible Zinc offers far superior sun protection over other sunscreens on the market which rely solely on chemical UV blockers and SPF protection, meaning you only receive protection against UVB, not UVA, (even though aside from being responsible for up to 70% of ageing, UVA exposure is known to be a major cause of skin cancer.) Invisible Zinc, on the other hand, is a high-performance broad spectrum, shielding skin from UVB, UVA and even UVC rays.

The key ingredient is of course Invisible Zincs world-patented Zinc Oxide, which not only boasts the same anti-inflammatory and soothing properties found in mineral makeup, but has been milled-down to the point it is no longer visible to the naked eye, making it light and soft on the skin, and is as the name suggests, completely invisible.

Invisible Zinc 4 Hour Waterproof Sunscreen SPF30+ offers complete protection from damaging UV rays and prevents the cell damage behind premature ageing, whether youre wet or dry. And under the Australian sun, you cant afford to settle for anything less.

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Sunscreen with Benifits - 30-01-2013 by

Invisible Zinc has it all!
The product itself to the package is so user-friendly glides on beautifully its thicker than some of the sun protection products but absorbs into the skin leaving your skin well hydrated but not clogging your skin while given you protection, no nasties and its Australian made for our climate
Recommend Highly

Brilliant product! - 28-01-2013 by

Our whole family (husband, wife & 2 little girls) use this but my husband was the first to try it. He's a builder & he and a bunch of guys on site use this sunscreen everyday. He has quite sensitive skin on his forehead but no problems since using this. We also use the junior invisible zinc on the little ones. Would definitely recommend it!!

Brilliant product! - 27-01-2013 by

My husband is a builder & he and his other work mates use this product everyday! My husband is prone to bad skin on his forehead due to a build up of sweat, dirt & wearing a hat but using this product has made the issue disappear. It's very popular amongst the tradies ;)

Excellent! - 14-11-2012 by

Love this sunscreen! Was after one specifically for my face as I break out with normal sunscreens and this does nothing whatsoever except protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays! It has a thick consistency as it is zinc which is far better for your skin than other suncreen products (trust me ive done lots of research before coming to this product) and im extremely happy! Might be a little pricey for some at the start but it spreads quite easily and you dont use much in one application. Highly Highly recommend. :)

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