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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack - 6 Sheets 6 Sheets

4.4 of 49 reviews


4 instalments of $1.26

Or 4 instalments of $1.26 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $1.26

Or 4 instalments of $1.26 with LEARN MORE

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Peel-off nose strip with the extraordinary absorbing powers of Jeju Volcanic Cluster. Package of 6.

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack - 6 Sheets Reviews

4.4 of 49 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

so worth it


it is so economical and so practical you cannot go wrong. i have found myself purchasing it over and over again just a staple in my skincare. removes all kinds of dirt and blackheads from my nose

Most Helpful Criticism



bought these on a whim, they're not too great only pulls out some blackheads. its cheaper and more effective to use my biore ones
  1. worth it


    work well to clean the blackheads
  2. it is good


    Excitedly, this is my new favorite blackheads care.
  3. great


    When I had itchy nose, I only apply this and it reduce my itchy and remove blackhead.Before applied, wet your nose first then put it on wet area.
  4. so worth it


    verified purchaser
    it is so economical and so practical you cannot go wrong. i have found myself purchasing it over and over again just a staple in my skincare. removes all kinds of dirt and blackheads from my nose
  5. Fantastic


    verified purchaser
    Love these, they work beautifully and don't even hurt as much as other pore strips
  6. Blackheads Be Gone!


    Works well to remove blackheads and impurities and good value for money with the 6 packs individually wrapped for the price. Will be repurchasing #yearofinnisfree
  7. Detox for your skin


    Second time I have purchased these sheets because they are great value and work really well to remove impurities and blackheads #yearofinnisfree
  8. okay


    verified purchaser
    bought these on a whim, they're not too great only pulls out some blackheads. its cheaper and more effective to use my biore ones
  9. Great for blackheads


    verified purchaser
    These nose packs work really well to pull blackheads out of the nose. Each pack is within its own sachet, and there is no distinct scent to the product. The strips are a bit smaller than other brands that I have tried but I prefer this, as it fits around the tip of the nose better. It’s always satisfying to see the gunk that is pulled out of the pores! #yearofinnisfree
  10. Works like a charm


    verified purchaser
    Ive got lots and lots of blackheads on my nose and everytime i put this on it magically takes them all away. Totally recommended
  11. Happy to try again....


    I’m one of those weirdos who has a strange love of all things a bit gross... pimple popping/ blackhead extracting/ ingrown hair removal videos are my idea of an awesome night in...!! So I was very keen to try these. Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. The nose strips didn’t stick well and I found myself patting them down throughout the drying time. When I removed it there was a sticky goo left...
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  12. Nose Pick


    Brilliantly picks out the blackheads from the skin on the nose in an efficient and effective manner, without feeling any pain or pull!
  13. Nose Pick


    This product brilliantly picks out the blackheads from the nose skin efficiently and effectively, leaving the nose clear of those dirty black spots! #yearofinnisfree
  14. Quick results


    Used these pore strips for the first time and they removed a lot of impurities, however not all. Effective and would purchase again #yearofinnisfree
  15. Easy to use

    Gina N

    Unlike other nose strips, I found this to remove a lot easier and less painful than other nose strips. I think this is the case because it doesn't dry as hard as others do, where it feels like its completely glued to your face never to come off.
    It did the job well, got the blackheads from my problem spots on my nose.
  16. 3 Step is better


    These strips are good, but the Innisfree 3 step back head removal kit is more effective and more satisfying because the removal strips are black
  17. Satisfying


    Very satisfying to use pore strips to see the immediate results on the strips and also on my nose. I try not to use this too often though.
  18. Meh


    Satisfying to use, but definitely doesn't last long. For the price its good, but I don't think I'd repurchase.
  19. Didn't achieve my nostalgia dreams


    I purchased these on a whim, trying to hark back to my days of sleepovers, reading dolly magazine and squawking over biore pore strips.
    These didn't live up to the task. They're quite small and I find they don't give much coverage, the size also means that they bubble around the nose and don't get full skin contact. I also found that half of the product was left on my skin so I had to wash i...
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  20. A strip that works!


    I've gone through a lot of pore strips and some that take you on a long multi-step hour long trip. This one definitely helps remove black gunk efficiently! So satisfying to slap one on and see rapid results. I would recommend putting on your favourite cream afterwards just to ease irritation on your nose! #yearofinnisfree
  21. Works okay, but very temporary.


    I feel like this works okay - after using there was still quite a lot of blackheads it didn’t get. I also feel like the blackheads return so fast that you’d need to use this every day to be truly effective.
  22. Satisfying!


    Such a great product, so satisfying to see black heads go! Have repurchased these numerous times!
  23. Quite good


    In general I’ve felt that nose strips do a mediocre job at extracting blackheads. This is probably one of the better ones I’ve had - it’s also quite satisfying and fun (there’s 6 sheets so it’s quite fun to do with family or friends) but I wouldn’t say it’s a necessary skin care step.
  24. Lifts impurities gently from the skin


    Honestly, when I first purchased these nose strips it was on a 'oh well, I may as well try them' basis. Like many people, I have an issue with tough blackheads on my nose. When I first tried these, I was really surprised at how well they worked! They're relatively gentle, but some tips before you try - Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise before use! I found that by using an exfoliant it worked much ...
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  25. Not bad


    not the best pore strips i have tried however there were still some blackheads that came out. I have seen better from other brands. Would still use if desperate
  26. Not great


    Cute packaging - travel friendly but not great coverage nor great blackhead removal, other brands have provided better results.
  27. So fun to use


    I love how satisfying these stops are and they truely do lift blackheads and imperfections so well! Best I’ve tried
  28. So. Satisfying.


    Isn't too harsh, doesn't irritate the skin, and reaallly sucks out all the gunk from your nose. So damn satisfying. I had to make my partner let me put one on him!
  29. new habit


    I have not used a pore strip in about 13 years and i thought i would give the innesfree strips a go since they are so affordable. Omg I absolutely love them! so quick, gentle and effective. Im addicted.
  30. Good, not great.


    I definitely found this product worked but I didn't see a huge difference. Having said that, i dont have overly problematic skin when it comes to blackheads.
  31. nose pack


    effective at removing blackheads, makes my skin look much clearer.
  32. nose pack


    very affordable, typical charcoal nose sheets. I think they were effective in drawing out blackheads
  33. 'Reliable' nose strips


    I've tried a few nose strips but they were not that effective as they either made my nose so red or only minimal portion of Black heads was removed. This Innisfree nose strips are gentle on skin and seem more effective. Personally I would go for clay mask, particularly the Jeju super volcanic clay mask as I find it much more effective for my stubborn black heads and giant pores on my face.
  34. Sooo satisfying


    I don't use nose strips often since I know it can sometimes be harsh on the skin but I love using them when I can see a lot of buildup of blackheads and gunk. A downside is that for the strips to adhere properly on the nose, you need to wet the area evenly for it to work. I use a mini spray bottle and fill it with some water to do this. The strip really removes a whole lot of gunk so it can be qui...
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  35. Best pore strips on the market


    Best. Pore. Strips. Perfect shape and so easy to use, and of course, get alllllll the good stuff out. And super affordable as well!
  36. nose be clear


    this really has helped reduce my pore size and blackheads. Love using these
  37. Pulling the gunk is super satisfying


    I absolutely love how affordable this product is and how well it works. It is so satisfying to see the results. Would recommend
  38. Removes dirt and blackheads


    They are perfect for drawing out dirt within your pores and if you have big pores like I do then this inexpensive treatment is perfect for you. It removes all my blackheads. So loving this product.
  39. easy , quick and effective


    i have aged skin with large pores on my nose and this has been so effective. it removes all kinds of whiteheads and black heads out of your pores and i am loving it. definitely buy again.
  40. works very well


    this is the best nose strips I've tried to date. Very happy with this
  41. Works but wasteful


    Love this product, works well at clearing my pores. Is a great price too. The only downside is that it's so wasteful- would love a product in a tub, rather than something that's single-use
  42. Best pore strips


    I bought these for my boyfriend who has used another brand for years. It stuck far better to his nose, he had to be very careful peeling it off! It seemed to remove more gunk than the other ones.
    Excellent value for money. I’d recommend to anyone that uses pore strips!
  43. Love these


    Great quality, easy to use pore strips. Comfortable to use and really do leave my nose and pores feeling super clean. Good value for money too. Definitely recommend.
  44. Literally strips off the gunk


    Literally strips off gunk in pores! Although after an exfoliation when my skin becomes sensitive, i feel like it also ripped off my skin's upper layer (but thats a stupid thing to do anyway!) Highly recommend
  45. Super easy to use and works!


    The nose strips are good value for money that will take around 15 min to apply! The initial feeling is slightly tingly especially for those with sensitive skin but worked for me in removing some black heads.

    Would recommend using it once a week!
  46. efficient

    Perfecting Skin

    it does what it says and has a great price. it make my nose smooth in the 1st go and i love it.
  47. Great Value Great Product


    This is a great easy to use nose strip. After one use my nose was really smooth and a lot less blackheads
  48. Easy to use


    This is a great pore strip. Some others get sticky and rock hard. This is comfortable on the nose, it really gets the blackheads out of the nose and doesn't leave a sticky residue on my face.
  49. love


  50. So good!!


    These are amazing! Really clears pores around the nose leaving skin so clear and bright
  51. Not the most effective


    Not the most effective but does the job! affordable set
  52. Detoxes


    These nose strips are pretty good at drawing out dirt within your pores if you have a ‘strawberry nose’ for a clearer complexion
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