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innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml 80ml

4.4 of 47 reviews


4 instalments of $6.25

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4 instalments of $6.25

Or 4 instalments of $6.25 with LEARN MORE

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Infused with natural enzymes to keep the skin feeling soft and supple, Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask hydrates and nourishes overnight without feeling sticky or greasy.

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GREAT - 83% recommend

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innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml Reviews

4.4 of 47 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lightweight and hydrating


This product is super lightweight and I found that even after one use, my skin is smooth and clear. Definitely suitable for dry skin types, and recommended for anyone wanting a hydrating product.

Most Helpful Criticism

Decent but not amazing


I think this product is very much a "get what you pay for"... while it does feel quite calming and makes me look hydrated in the morning, I didn't find that it produced any results worth repurchasing. It is a decent product, but I would definitely look to try other similar products and am not convinced by its efficacy.
  1. Smooth and plump skin.


    verified purchaser
    First used this product 2-3 years ago after travelling to south Korea and this has become my holy grail beauty product. I use this almost every night and find that it's deeply moisturizing for my combination - oily skin. It has a gel/watery consistency which needs to be massaged well into the skin. If not, you'll notice that your face will look wet as it may take a while to be absorbed despite bei...
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  2. Lightweight and hydrating


    This product is super lightweight and I found that even after one use, my skin is smooth and clear. Definitely suitable for dry skin types, and recommended for anyone wanting a hydrating product.
  3. Decent but not amazing


    verified purchaser
    I think this product is very much a "get what you pay for"... while it does feel quite calming and makes me look hydrated in the morning, I didn't find that it produced any results worth repurchasing. It is a decent product, but I would definitely look to try other similar products and am not convinced by its efficacy.
  4. LOVE!!!


    Absolutely love this. So light and refreshing, and feels so moisturising. Doesn’t feel heavy to leave it overnight and when I wake up my skin doesn’t feel oily like a few other sleeping masks I’ve tried. And a little goes a long way! Have already bought this 3 times!
  5. Light for a sleeping mask


    Super hydrating and not heavy like other sleeping masks
  6. Nice


    verified purchaser
    The product is slightly sticky but Most sleeping masks are, I don’t find it a problem. it’s smells absolutely lovely and I wake up in the morning with visibly hydrated skin.
  7. Thick and tacky


    Feels a bit tacky for a bit after putting it on but once I wake up my skin feels soft and healthy
  8. Great sleeping mask


    80ml lasts for a while and my skin has never looked so hydrated
  9. Smooths skin


    This product came as part of a skincare set I purchased and though I liked their green tea seed serum I have to say that this product didn't really do much for my skin. It is an okay product and after washing it off in the morning my skin did feel smooth but I find my skin yearning for something that is more hydrating. Everyone's skin is different though so maybe those with oily skin might like th...
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  10. I Love This


    I have never used an overnight mask before. My goodness. This was great. Very hydrating and you wake up and your skin has this subtle glow. Everyone raves about the serum (which was a bust for me) but this product. This product is what I would spend my money on time and time again. It works and does what it says it does.
  11. SO hydrating


    Dries down to a comfortable matte like finish so it doesn't smear on my pillow and I wake up very moisturised
  12. Moisturising mask


    Calming and soothing mask for use overnight. I wake up with noticeably plump and brighter skin.
  13. Texture makes the product difficult to use


    This product has fantastic ingredients and I could see that after using it in the morning my face was visibly hydrated. However the downfall is that the texture is like aloe vera gel and does not skin into your skin at all. Thus when sleeping the product nearly all rubs off onto your pillow and leaves a sticky mess :(
    i prefer the innisfree hallabong sleeping mask because it actually absorb...
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  14. Smells and feels nice


    I love the green tea smell and it spreads nicely on my skin. As it dries it feels a little bit tacky but doesn't feel bad at all.
  15. Works well


    After initially putting on the mask it feels slightly tacky but that isn't annoying as it is used before bed. When I woke up my skin looked hydrated and healthy.
  16. Overnight plump complexion


    I received this as part of a green tea innisfree set and used it in conjunction with the green tea seed cream and serum. The consistency is gel like and spreads quite far so only a small amount needs to be applied. When it dried down it leaves a very slight tacky feeling so it’s definitely a night mask. It didn’t cause any greasiness on my oily skin and felt great for my mums dry skin so it works ...
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  17. Wake up with plump skin


    Received a sample of this and loved it. Applied it at night and woke up with hydrated and plump skin.
  18. Nice sleeping mask


    I am the type of person that hates sheet mask so I prefer this type of sleeping mask. I like the smell and the sticky feeling after application is tolerable. My skin feel soft and supple in the morning after I wash it. I will continue to use this product.
  19. Good night treatment


    Love the idea of sleeping mask. Yes my second favourite product from Green tea range. Finished yesterday my 30 ml tube. Works well with Green tea serum. Liked very much to apply before night at my skincare ritual. Would love to try orchid sleeping mask.
  20. Great sleeping mask for oily skin


    This is a great option for people with oily skin or people who live in hot humid climates. Absorbs quickly and provides great results.
  21. Pretty good


    Whilst I wouldn't say this mask is a game-changer, it does what it says and its a great midweek pick-me-up. Personally, I find this the least helpful out of the green tea range, however, its definitely worth the price and leaves my skin feeling pretty healthy and rejuvenated.
  22. Locks in everything


    A great addition to my evening skincare routine, not greasy but hydrating and I can feel my skincare is really locked in for the evening
  23. Revitalised


    I had seen this product all over Instagram and wanted to see what the hype was. I can confirm this product is a great overnight mask... I usually use once a week and defs notice a difference in the AM. Also great when you are feeling super tired and just need a bit of self care.
  24. Amazing


    Another amazing product from this brand. Hydrates well and gives my skin a healthy glow in the morning.
  25. hydration


    it is very good skincare mask . gives you fully hydration. and it is antioxidant. which is good for skin
  26. lovely


    received this in the Green Tea Serum Pack. The formula is so lightweight but feels so hydrating as it glides onto your skin. My skin looks so fresh in the morning when I wake up.
  27. Thick texture that thins out on application - okay overnight mask


    The overall price and product quality is good. The product is squeezed from a tube with a quite thick consistency. Upon application to the skin, the consistency is quite thin and slightly sticky.

    I used the product after the green tea seed cream and it adds to the sticky feeling. But my skin does feel hydrated.

    Overall, good value for the price but would not recommend if...
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  28. Good value for money


    This is a really soothing and hydrating mask which will be great for in winter, I definitely feel like my skin looks plumper when I wake up in the morning. The product is also absorbed by the skin well and doesn't leave a sticky film like some other moisturizer's do!
  29. Lovely mask


    It’s a really lovely mask. Very hydrating and easily absorbs into true skin. You don’t need to use much (if you got a proper skincare regime). And it settles down into the skin nicely, without leaving a sticky residue
  30. It's ok


    I was hoping this would be a good substitute for the origins overnight mask. It's very light, too light for me. It might be good if you're very oily and need a bit of hydration, but definitely not the moisture kick I was hoping for.
  31. Natural and Effective product


    I've been using it for 3 years and it works well for me to make my face supple, and it doesn't trigger any allergenic reaction for me, so it's good enough for me.
  32. Nice feel


    My skin does not need this very often but I think it will be great over winter. A really nice light feel and great scent.
  33. Lovely!


    I wouldn't use this every night (as far as my skincare regime goes) but when I do I really see a difference! I love Innisfree and this product is no exception.
    When I wake up after leaving this on overnight my skin is dewy and supple. I can't tell you anything mote than you need this nutritious, hydrating mask!
    I have never had an issue with breakouts, but most likely due to how spari...
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  34. Good product at great price point


    Love the smell and love how soothing it feels going one, but I wouldnt give this top marks for moisturizing. Next-morning results are not as impressive as some other overnight masks I've used. However, it is perfect for when I've overdone it with a clay mask as it is so soothing. I will keep using but not sure if I will repurchase - I might try a different one next.
  35. Does the Job


    A great hydrating sleeping mask that does the job! A little goes a long way. I love that it doesnt leave a heavy feeling on my skin, my skin literally drinks up this sleeping mask.
  36. Gentle & Effective


    I have really complicated skin that gets too dry and too oily randomly, and I have redness/hormonal acne on my cheeks and using this mask every night has changed my skin within days - it's clear hydrated, even textured! The product is moisturising but it sinks in to the skin nicely, and I find the smell light and pleasant. For such a good price, if you're on the fence about trying this mask out, ...
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  37. Skin pick me up!


    For my eczematic skin, my skin condition changes significantly according to the weather. I find that although this sleeping mask may not be moisturising enough for the winter seasons, it works super well during the warmer seasons when my skin isn't flaky but does feel quite dry. The mask itself absorbs well into the skin without being greasy and is a great alternative to a sheet mask since it come...
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  38. Overnight treatment


    The morning after I use this I wake up with fresh hydrated skin
  39. Skin care


    Feels amazing. Use everyday, makes my skin feel fresh and prevents breakouts
  40. Great for ridding blemishes overnight!


    My cousin has acne-prone skin and she swears by this product. She wears it overnight and it leaves no residue on her pillow. She just wakes up and washes it off to find that her skin has calmed from any night-before irritation and that blemishes that were emerging have gone right down!
  41. Great!


    I love this product and the entire Green Tea range from Innisfree! It does exactly what it says it does and leaves my skin hydrated and bright the next day. I use this product every other day before I go to sleep.
  42. Great


    Whenever my skin feels rough, i put this on at night and i wake up with soft skin. Will buy again. Would prefer fragrance-free
  43. Like Laneige


    It’s like a less expensive version of the Laneige Sleeping Mask. Love waking up with hydrated skin, and I like that the ingredient list is quite “clean” too. Light texture, smells fresh and not too sweet. Would buy this again for myself and as a gift for skincare-loving friends.
  44. Nice and natural


    Lovely, hydrating mask for dry skin. I use it twice a week and my skin is soft and dewy in the morning.

    TIP: If your skin is super dry, use a good hyaluronic serum as your first step and lock it in with the mask. x
  45. Good for normal skin


    Having heard great things about this product I decided to try this out for myself, however I have to say that this didn't really live up to its hype. Although I did find that this made my skin very smooth in the morning, my skin also felt super dry when I woke up. I think this is a great mask for those with normal or oily skin though since it is not at all sticky or tacky but those that require a ...
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  46. Does the job!


    I love Innisfree sleeping masks! I have tried many sleeping masks from Innisfree and not a single one disappoints! The Green Tea sleeping mask is especially hydrating. I use after my entire skincare routine, including moisturiser and it makes my skin extra soft and dewy in the morning. If you've never tried a sleeping pack before, I highly recommend starting with an Innisfree one for an affordable...
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  47. Surprisingly good


    This sleep mask is surprisingly good, amazing value for price and I wake up with beautiful glowing and soft skin.
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