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innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam 150ml 150ml

4.6 of 59 reviews


4 instalments of $3.25

Or 4 instalments of $3.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.25

Or 4 instalments of $3.25 with LEARN MORE

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Designed to help you fight stubborn breakouts, Innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam features Bija extracts from the beautiful island of Jeju that supports your skin’s healing processes. Featuring blemish-fighting salicylic acid, this foaming cleanser lathers into a fine, gentle lather for a thorough wash.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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innisfree Bija Trouble Facial Foam 150ml Reviews

4.6 of 59 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Makes Face-washing Fun Again


My last acne-targeting facial cleansing foam was too stripping to the skin, so I was ready to try something different. While the innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser is a lovely experience, this one is also excellent. It helps cleanse natural oils from the skin without being drying or stripping. It foams up nicely, and it's going to last me for ages. Great to see Salicylic Acid at the forefront of the Bija Trouble range, as it's a great ingredient. I have used this along with the Bija Trouble Toner and Lotion over several weeks, and have seen a drastic reduction in oil buildup during the day. No oily shine, thank you! Very happy with this one.


Most Helpful Criticism

Dried my skin out


I had high hopes for this cleanser however my skin felt extremely
Dry as soon as I washed my face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have normal to dry skin.
  1. Makes Face-washing Fun Again


    verified purchaser
    My last acne-targeting facial cleansing foam was too stripping to the skin, so I was ready to try something different. While the innisfree Green Tea Foam Cleanser is a lovely experience, this one is also excellent. It helps cleanse natural oils from the skin without being drying or stripping. It foams up nicely, and it's going to last me for ages. Great to see Salicylic Acid at the forefront of th...
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  2. Go to Cleanser!


    verified purchaser
    Love this cleanser, it is my second tube. Helped to clear my acne prone skin and on my way to that glass-like skin I've always dreamed to have but could never achieve.

    P.s always love ordering through Adorebeauty, comes with Tim Tam!
  3. Love the texture


    verified purchaser
    I have oily/acne prone skin and I bought this facial foam after a few months of trying other products. I wouldn't say it is the only readon my skin is clearing up but it has definitely made a difference. I love the way it foams up and it always leaves me feeling fresh. Beyond that, it was nice to find a product that made me enjoy the process of washing my face again. Worked very well for my oily s...
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  4. So happy with the results


    verified purchaser
    I expected this product to fight my acne and it did one better than that. Not only is my acne more or less gone but this product also nourishes my skin and prevents further breakouts. This is my go to everyday cleanser and it is affordable and worth every cent. Definitely definitely definitely recommend.

    I also LOVED the packaging, it came with a Timtam biscuit and just seeing that m...
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  5. Foamy & Effective


    verified purchaser
    My skin is oily/combination skin and I suffer from adult acne. This cleanser has worked well for me as my first step in a double cleanse at the end of the day, followed by a second cleanser with glycolic acid. You don't need a lot, as a little goes a long way. It is very foamy and you have to really take the time rinse off. If I'm feeling like I'm about to break out or certain times of the month, ...
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  6. Blemish preventing, not for everyone


    verified purchaser
    So my skin is usually more combination, with my cheeks experiencing eczema which is generally more sensitive. And like mentioned in the product description this is not a product for sensitive skin so I avoided these areas on my face, which gave mild irritation if I used this cleanser over my cheeks. It smells pretty good in my opinion and works into a really nice foaming lather to use on the face....
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  7. The best!


    verified purchaser
    I am on my second tube of this cleanser as it just works so well. My skin isn't terrible but I do get hormonal flare ups and congested at times (usually when I slather my face with normal body SPF50.....which i regret the next morning).
    This cleanser just keeps my skin clean and fresh and clear.
    I wont go back to anything else now!
  8. Excellent for combo skin


    verified purchaser
    Love this cleanser, I use it daily alongside the moisturiser from the same range and I've got the clearest skin I've ever had! A true game changer for me, I definitely don't think it's drying and I love it's "clean" fragrance.
  9. Husband loves this


    verified purchaser
    Foams really well, husband loves it!
  10. A god-send!!


    verified purchaser
    Oh, where to begin!

    I started using this as a teenager who had breakouts every other day- and now, 2 years later, my skin still relies on this amazing cleanser to cleanse after a long and taxing day, as well as providing me with a refreshed face.

    If you're someone who breaks out, has combo-oily skin, this cleanser is a must-have in your routine!
  11. Dries out skin but good product


    I have dry skin so after using this to wash my face it does dry out my skin more. However, it does get rid of redness around the pimples. I recommend using a good moisturiser after this if you have dry skin.

    I also really like the feel of it on the skin during application.
  12. Holy Grail


    I have acne-prone skin, and this cleanser makes my skin feel amazing. Clean, without stripping the skin or breaking me out! I use this with the Bija toner and my face loves me for it- My boyfriend uses it too because it smells so nice #yearofinnisfree
  13. Nice Smell


    The smell pretty nice. The salicylic acid helps reduce the redness of pimples, however it didn't completely get rid of the or reduce further breakouts for me. I have teenage, combination skin (more on the oily side) that is extremely sensitive. It didn't react badly with my skin, however, I get eczema on my neck, and it did react a bit funny there, so I wouldn't recommend putting it anywhere you h...
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  14. Love it!


    Everything about this product is great, the simple packaging, the smell, the texture - big fan! #yearofinnisfree
  15. Great cleanser!


    Light, fresh cleanser which calms down my sensitive skin. I use it twice a day and find it cleanses thoroughly but doesn't dry out my skin. Great value for the price!
  16. Good cleanser but not for me


    I was sent this as a gift from family. I think this is a good second cleanser. It removes whatever is left on my skin, lathers nicely, and smells quite clean. However, this dries my skin out (normal-oily). Not badly, but enough that I won't repurchase it as I prefer other cleansers. In saying that, my partners extremely oily skin has benefited from using this cleanser. It has not miraculously clea...
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  17. Good product

    Regi K.

    Am really such a big fan of innisfree. This is a great product. Keeps the skin hydrated and is not stripping. The scent is so subtle and not too overwhelming.
  18. Love it - actually works.


    This cleanser is the best! It stopped a massive blind pimple in its tracks and my skin feels so clean and fresh - but not in a harsh/ oil stripped way.
  19. Most gentle and effective facewash


    I have been using this facewash from the last 3 months and it has been one of the best so far. Its gentle, its helps control acne without making your skin dry. It doesn't have a very strong smell which I love.
  20. makes my skin feel as perfect as a potato can be


    I like the ingredient list of this product, it has a lot of great chemical exfoliants while also not making your skin feel dry. I would recommend this product to people who have more oily or combination skin
  21. Great for oily skin

    Mal M

    This is a good foaming cleanser. I have oily, acne prone sensitive skin and this is one of the only salicylic acid products which does not cause my skin to peel.

    I used it a few years ago but i started using it again recently after a bad breakout.
  22. Reduced my acne and blackheads!


    I really like this cleanser. It definitely helped clear up my skin but the texture wasn’t my favourite. i think i’d buy the gel cleanser next time instead but i still enjoyed using the product.
  23. Not the best but not terrible?


    A lot of people rave about this product, but I don't think I ever definitively saw any amazing results. I was using a face wash from Neutrogena beforehand, and I think it was definitely better than that, but other than that I don't have much to say about it. I wouldn't mind repurchasing it because it's not bad, but perhaps I'd be better off looking for something else that will suit my skin better....
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  24. great


    great cleanser for oily skin helps with the appearance of breakouts and blemishes
  25. Great budget cleanser!


    Does a great job of removing dirt and impurities in the skin. Clears the pores and reduces red spots and pimples. I gave this to my partner to use and instantly saw a reduction in the size of his pores and the number of blackheads he has on his nose.
  26. Good for sensitive skin


    This is a good cleanser for sensitive skin. It leaves your skin with a really smooth feeling after you patted it dry with a towel. However, it's a bit drying because it's a foaming formula. I highly recommend that you follow it with toner and moisturiser.
  27. It does what it says!


    I usually used the volcanic foam cleanser, but I switched to this after my skin was flaring up this year. It has been a huge help and has really soothed redness. I couldn't recommend this more! I have very sensitive skin and this is exactly what I needed.
  28. Great clearing face wash


    I love that this has salicylic acid and is foaming annddd affordable! I have oily/combination skin and am prone to breakouts and congestion so I need a really purifying face wash that gives my skin a good clean. This does the trick!
  29. Impressed, great for the price


    Super impressed with this cleanser for the price! Loved using this and it lasted FOREVER!!
    Beautiful consistency & super luxe feel for a cheaper cleanser. Will definitely switch back to it (have changed to a la roche posay cleanser to try and tackle some tough hormornal breakouts for the moment).
  30. natural facial foam


    First of all, it smells really nice, does not give you a strong smell like perfume. Just add a little bit pea size on your palm with a spash of water then voila... there you go...you will get a nice fresh and clean face.
    I also notice that it does not strip off your natural moisturiser from your skin, but still it gives you a smooth result. Happy with the purchase.
  31. minty sensation a bit too drying


    i love this since it dries up a lot of my hormonal acne but you might want to only use it on problem areas instead of washing the whole face with it since it can make the skin tense up and uncomfortable or you could leave it on for under five minutes to calm inflamed blemishes!!
    remember to moisturise and dont use it more than twice a day
  32. Amazing!


    This product is amazing! Makes my face so smooth and soft after washing and ready to tone!
  33. Dried my skin out


    I had high hopes for this cleanser however my skin felt extremely
    Dry as soon as I washed my face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have normal to dry skin.
  34. Smells good


    Got a mini of this and it seems good for breakouts. It comes out like a balm and then lathers up into a foam, the only thing I don’t like it that it leaves skin feeling a little stripped and dry.
  35. Smoooooth as


    I love this. First time using this brand and it’s beautiful. Great price point, cute simple packaging. Nice scent of product and little goes a long way.
    Skin felt amazingly clean and smooth after first use.
    I switch between this and a glycolic cleanser but it definitely gets used more often.
  36. Simple and effective


    This cleanser is a really great cleanser for people with oily acne prone skin. I use it twice a day and it keeps my skin super fresh. I will say it’s pretty good for taking off light makeup, but use a cleansing oil for heavier makeup and sunscreen.
  37. Loving this Brand!


    This product is both soft and strong! I am really into this Brand at the moment and am happy I took the leap to try it out. Cleanses my face leaving it feeling fresh and ready for my nightly serums. I'm so happy with it + the cost!
  38. A little goes a long way!


    A very generous amount and a little goes a long way. It’s a lovely heavy duty cleanser that doesn’t make my skin break out. I’ve found it’s very strong so best not for AM. The reason is not for 5 stars is there is a menthol scent that is a bit strong- other than that it’s great for a 2nd step cleanse in the PM on heavy makeup days!
  39. An newly-found essential


    I have oily and acne-prone skin and this cleanser has helped my skin recover from severe breakouts impressively. Only a week after using and my breakouts stopped completely. It's been more than a month now of using this and my skin has only been improving ever since.
  40. good


    I love this cleanser. I have acne-prone skin and this always helps to calm my skin
  41. good


    This product really helps to cleanse my skin after a day of wearing makeup. Makes my face feel very clean and fresh
  42. Trouble-Free

    Michelle S.

    AAaaa! I have never been this excited about facial foam before. This is some good stuff. It smells absolutely amazing, and my face always feels so clean after double cleansing with this one! Recommended.
  43. great cleanser


    good cleanser for those with oily or acne prone skin, not completely drying, wouldn't use everyday though.
  44. Great cleanser


    This has been a really good cleanser for me, I'm a bit prone to getting breakouts, so am always on the look out for a good BHA cleanser. I've tried other cleansers for acne prone skin in the past, but they have always left my skin feeling tight afterwards, but this cleanser doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at all. It's got a really nice consistency, foams up a little, but doesn't strip the skin...
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  45. Great value for money, smells great, works well!


    Been using the whole Innisfree range for a while now. and this is by far one of my favorites. I have an oily t zone, dry patches, congested skin and acne, and this face wash really helps with my oil and acne! You use a tiny amount (like a toothpaste amount, MAX) and it foams up so nicely! It lasts for MONTHS, because you only need a tiny amount, and smells incredible. As someone whose skin is pret...
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  46. Perfect cleanser for me


    A little goes a long way. Feels clean without drying. New HG cleanser
  47. great cleanser


    I love all the innis free range and this cleanser doesn't disappoint
    great value for money
    gentle on my skin
    prone to acne and has improved my skin
  48. amazing cleanser for my skin


    Only require a very small amount on face- love this cleanser.. I use morning and night and leaves skin feeling soft and cleansed without out feeling too tight and stripped.
  49. Clean without Drying


    Finally a facial wash that cleans my skin without drying it out. Definitely worth the try! And I am happy that I can now purchase it from Adore. My asian skin definitely needs asian skincare, but it's just really hard trying to find one in the place where I live.
  50. Incredible


    This cleans the skin well and leaves it soft and supple without drying it.
  51. Finally! I can buy this in country!


    I've been using this particular Innisfree product in and off for several years now. I usually buy it from overseas when I can find it as an affordable price as it's become quite popular!

    It's a lovely, gentle, super foamy cleanser that I find really effective for my oily/combination skin. My face and neck/decolletage feels so clean and refreshed afterwards.

    When using my...
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  52. Lovely cleanser!


    This cleanser is super gentle and refreshing. A tiny bit goes a huge way as it lathers up really nicely, so one bottle will last a very long time, making it even better value for money.

    The scent is refreshing and clean, and it leaves my face feeling happy and not overly stripped.
  53. Great cleanser


    Innisfree is by far my favourite korean beauty brand.

    I've purchased this cleanser 3 times...! It lathers into a foam and only a small amount is needed, I find it gives a deep clean and doesnt strip my skin. Also kept my skin from breakouts (yay!)

    I love the natural ingredients that the brand uses and my skin has always responded great with the brand.
  54. Innisfree's best


    I love using a tiny bit of this on a facial brush. Foams up a whole lot and the salicylic acid really helps keep acne under control. So affordable I can hardly believe it
  55. Great value for money


    I love all the Innisfree products I have tried and this is no exception. GREAT VALUE for money, a tiny bead of product on my clarisonic brush goes a long way. Foamed up nicely and left my skin feeling clean. Tingled a little while I was using it but didn't appear to leave my face red.

    Think this will become a regular in my bathroom.
  56. Leaves you feeling fresh & clean


    I break out during hormonal changes & never feel satisfied with any cleansers dealing with blemishes. This wash however leaves me thinking that all the impurities have been dealt with! Very gentle & does not irritate and lathers beautifully. Only downside is that there is a slight scent that I can't put my finger on.
  57. Great value for the price!


    Does such an amazing job for such an inexpensive product. I've definitely noticed a difference in the few weeks I've been using this! My skin feels smoother, fresher and is noticeably clear.
  58. Nice


    Very nice foaming cleanser that doesnt strip your skin or leave it feeling dry. Works well on my oily skin.
  59. Facial wash


    Thus is a great facial wash, lathers great and isn't harsh on my skin at all. My skin always feels fresh after I use This.
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