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Make your lips your talking point. INC.redible lip products are designed for both the every day and the fearless, with shades and textures that lead the way for new trends. Designed to let your lips take centre stage, INC.redible offer a range of lip products, from glassy lip glosses that make your lips look plump and juicy, all the way through to matte lipsticks with impeccable colour payoff and longevity.

INC.redible lip products are guaranteed to be trending on your feed right now. Not sure which is the right product for you? That’s ok - we’ve made this easy. Here’s our guide to INC.redible lip products, to help you find the right lip product for your preferences.

Which INC.redible lip makeup product is for me?

  • I want hydrated, healthier lips.
    You’ve got to try the INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quenchers. These beautiful lip balms have all the stylishness of a lipstick bullet, but come complete with a beautiful flower suspended in uber-nourishing jelly. They’re loaded with natural ingredients like Rice Bran Oil and Avocado Oil, to both protect and deeply hydrate your lips.
  • I want something versatile - a pop of colour when I want one, and a sheer finish when I don’t.
    Try the INC.redible Glazin’ Over Long Lasting Intense Colour Gloss - this innovative gloss goes on with a full coverage pop of colour and shine, but can be blotted down to a sheer, thin stain-effect, with just a touch of healthy hydration.
  • I want a matte finish that lasts the distance.
    INC.redible Matte My Day comes in a great range of flattering, trend-driven shades. With a lightweight, comfortable texture, this matte lipstick resists the need for touch ups. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • I want my lips to steal the show!
    INC.redible is the brand for you. Want a metallic finish? INC.redible Foiling Around has a thin texture with a beautiful shine, that works perfectly as a topper for other matte lipsticks. Looking for something iridescent and glassy? INC.redible In A Dream World gives a healthy hydrated loooking finish to your lips, with flecks of holographic glitters that really dazzle. Thinking of something even more show-stopping? INC.redible Listen Hard Girl is a neon lip paint, with a matte effect.

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INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip QuencherINC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher
INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher

Super pretty

I remember there was a time when these flower embedded lipsticks were the hype but due to the price I decided to skip out on it. After seeing that INC.redible had it at such an affordable price I thought why not give it a try. The lipstick is transparent green in colour and I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that it went on as a pretty pink similar to those Korean tints that react to the pH...
INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid LipstickINC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick
INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick

Amazing matte lipstick!

This is my first time using a matte lipstick because I suffer dry lips but this is great!! It has vitamin E as it claims and very light on lips. Cannot recommend it enough!! Get it gurls. Loved to get the metallic version.
INC.redible Listen Hard Girl Liquid Lip PaintINC.redible Listen Hard Girl Liquid Lip Paint
INC.redible Listen Hard Girl Liquid Lip Paint


I’m still unsure, the product went on well and wasn’t cluggy or sticky as I’ve read on other reviews. The only thing is how bright the colour is, I think I’ll be wearing it during the night rather then during the day as it’s waaay too bright.