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INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher 4.4g

4.2 of 41 reviews

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      4 instalments of $3.25

      Or 4 instalments of $3.25 with LEARN MORE

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      Who said lip balm had to be boring? INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quenchers is a stylish and cute way to look after your lips. Not just a pretty face, these Jelly Shot lip balms are full of natural oils that both nourish and protect your lips. Ideal for all lip types including very dry and very sensitive, these ultra-restorative balms are perfect to use on their own as a treatment, or underneath a lip balm or gloss for that extra shot of moisture.

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      GREAT - 76% recommend

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      INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher Reviews

      4.2 of 41 reviews

      76% recommend this product

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      Most Helpful Positive

      So cute


      Great lip balm. Looks so cute and unique and got great ingredients. Not too heavy.

      Most Helpful Criticism

      Very cute but not the most effective product


      Despite drinking a ton of water, I have always had extremely dry lips and I found that this product provides a little surface hydration that doesn't last. I'd glide it on and after ten/twenty minutes my lips would start to feel dry again. It would probably be better for someone who experiences just a little dryness, or to use as a lip primer but to be honest, it wasn't for me. Lookswise, it is indeed lovely. The packaging is nice and the little flower in the gel is very cute.
      1. So cute


        verified purchaser
        Great lip balm. Looks so cute and unique and got great ingredients. Not too heavy.
      2. Very cute but not the most effective product


        verified purchaser
        Despite drinking a ton of water, I have always had extremely dry lips and I found that this product provides a little surface hydration that doesn't last. I'd glide it on and after ten/twenty minutes my lips would start to feel dry again. It would probably be better for someone who experiences just a little dryness, or to use as a lip primer but to be honest, it wasn't for me. Lookswise, it is ind...
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      3. lovely on the lips


        This lip jelly shot is lovely on the lips. I love that it is made of oils that make the lips feel so nourished.
      4. Cute and affordable


        This is perfect for my handbag and so moisturising. I definitely intend to buy more because I hate the way lipstick feels and how bright it is, but this gives a small bit of colour while feeling like a balm, so moisturising. Also on special at the moment which is so good!
      5. Unique


        Such a unique product, the green shade turns into a beautiful pink and super hydrating on the lips
      6. Super pretty


        I remember there was a time when these flower embedded lipsticks were the hype but due to the price I decided to skip out on it. After seeing that INC.redible had it at such an affordable price I thought why not give it a try. The lipstick is transparent green in colour and I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that it went on as a pretty pink similar to those Korean tints that react to the pH...
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      7. Very cute


        verified purchaser
        I bought Watch Me Go and the green with purple flower is very sweet and gets a lot of questions when I use it! The pink tint is light and sublte, but still noticeable - and it gets darker the thicker I apply it. It's moisturising, but not super long-lasting. This is a fun product and i want to try the other shades too!
      8. Very cute


        verified purchaser
        I have the green one, and the pink tint is subtle on me but still noticeable. You can use it often and it doesnt Rog
      9. Enjoy it a lot


        This is interesting and super cool! A lot of people ask me about it because it looks so unique. As for the product I really enjoy it and use it all the time!
      10. Great product


        verified purchaser
        I love this product & have re purchased a number of times now. It feels nice on the lips, not sticky like many other lip balms. It doesn’t have any scent or taste which I love & it’s very moisturising! Leaves my lips super soft and smooth. Definitely recommend!
      11. Cute gift


        This lip balm is super cute and would make a great addition to a gift. It does have some moisturising properties to it but not as much as i would hope. However it is still great to have in my handbag as when i pull it out it does become a talking point!! I got the colour 'Ex revenge' and I love that it is clear and just leaves a nice glossed look to my lips. The little glitter bits in the stick ca...
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      12. Tint


        Really fun lip balm for a gift! Love the flower on the inside - the pink tint is flattering on many skin tones
      13. Love this quirky lip balm


        I have purchased this 3 times now and love the fact that it's green yet gives my lips a nice pink tint. I find it super moisturising and it has become an everyday staple. The flower can be a bit of an issue once you get to the bottom however for the price I'm happy to buy another once I get to that point.
      14. Magical


        This product is like magic. Green colour is turning pinkish colour. That’s hydrate my lips only for one hour. It’s good product for present to give.
      15. Looks Gorgeous


        I got this lip balm as I loved how it looked with the flower detail. I was however, incredibly impressed with the moisturising quaility of the balm! I got the colour 'EX Revenge' and i found that it simply gives a shine to the lips much like most lip balms. only downside is that when you get to the glitter flecks it can be a bit scratchy. But besides that, this product looks amazing, is moisturisi...
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      16. Feels great and lasts ages


        i bought this primarily as I liked the look of it (Ex revenge). It goes on really nicely and leaves lips feeling smooth. The only drawback is when you get near the end of the product its a bit spiky going on due to the dried flower coming through. I'm looking forward to trying the others.
      17. So cool!


        I love this product!! It’s really nice and moisturising but it looks so awesome and is whenever I pull it out everyone asks what it is. I will definitely continue to purchase it!
      18. Just terrible


        Cool idea, looks great and smells sweet but I might as well not use anything for all the impact it has. There’s no moisture at all! And no matter how many times you apply it my lips feel sticky and drier than they were before. If you want hydrated lips opt for something that genuinely targets dryness.
      19. not very moisturising


        I have this in the shade 'It was only a kiss'. I bought it for my sister as a gift, and I think it's a fun gift, if a little gimmicky. The colour adjusts to a sheer cool pink shade on pretty much everyone. The moisturising properties are average and it isn't the most hydrating balm I've tried.
      20. A bit disappointing


        These look lovely and have a little moisturising effect, but not as much as some other specialist hydrating lip products like LanoLips, that last longer. This one just ends up feeling sticky. Was disappointed when mine snapped in half along the inserted flower area, which creates a weak point in the shaft - this is a flaw in the product, even though it looks nice.
      21. ??


        Ive always been curious to try these and have done so recently, i'm still unsure if I would repurchase as they made my lips feel wayyyyyy overly moisturised (I know is there such a thing? well yes there is!)

        Price isnt too bad to test for yourself anyway
      22. Leaves a gorgeous sheen but unsure of its moisturising power.


        I really like the sheen this leaves on my lips, however I haven’t found this to be very hydrating for me. The packaging is very cute though!
      23. Underwhelming


        I bought this in the Watch me go shade and was underwhelmed. I don’t feel like it is very moisturizing and the tint was very very subtle - needs to be applied multiple times to build up some noticeable colour. I probably wouldn’t buy again.
      24. Something special


        Like а moisturizer just average, nothing special. But looks so beautiful. Also leaves on my lips hint of red colour and this is looks so pretty. Definitely will buy again.
      25. Pretty


        These are so so pretty! Not the most nourishing but they look so nice I love them anyways.
      26. Unique


        Super pretty, these make amazing gifts! Not the most nourishing lip balm I’ve used however.
      27. So fun


        Such a fun lip balm and makes a great gift - very moisturising. Would recommend to those wanting a hydrating balm but also something a bit special!
      28. Exactly what I was looking for


        As it’s so cold at the moment & im often finding my lips have become dry & cracked. I tried so many lip balms but what I really wanted was a moisturising lip gloss so I could wear it on a night out not just during the day.
        I’m so glad I came around Jelly Shots. They are cute & funky & they work. I’m addicted & will be buying another 1.
      29. The perfect everyday balm!


        I've been searching for an everyday lip balm with a hint of colour and this is it! The more you apply the more the pinky tinge comes through but it's never too much. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your lips and isn't too shiny, it's just the perfect amount of moisturizing. Love it!
      30. What a cool Lip Balm!

        Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

        I love this, It's the prettiest jelly balm I've ever used.
        I love how it appears blue, but when applied to the lips changes the Ph- levels to reveal and gorgeous natural enhanced lip color.
        It feels so super hydrating on the lips and I love to prime my lips with this prior to using any matte lippys.
      31. Not that good.


        Bought this in hopes that it would be very hydrating but I was wrong. Seems to wear off quickly and my lips are left dry. Also leaves a funny taste in my mouth. Really pretty though.
      32. Does what it says


        Goes on clear and makes your lips a nice tinge of pink but wouldn’t recommend as an everyday lip balm as not hydrating enough
      33. Nice enough


        I got the green one and it's nice enough. The shine needs constant top up so carry it with you if your going out won't last lunch. It does smell please and visually is cute so in that respect hits the nail on the head. If we are looking at hydration and or cracked lip repair better more specialized products
        Surprise though either this on if your and old style lipstick on than powder on top ...
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      34. stays on your lips and coats them

        Lin Lee

        I bought this product after reading that it was super moisturizing and good under matte lipsticks as I've recently embraced them and found it hard to find a good lip balm. I got the dark pink one and it's super pretty. It doesn't leave any colour though, which is worth noting and also doesn't go on particularly glossy. Seems to be hydrating (my lips actually feel softer) - was hoping it might lea...
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      35. amazing!


        Received this as a present from a friend and im in love! very hydrating and gives a slight tint
      36. Pretty good


        A nice lipgloss with a lovely tint that gives you a flush of colour.The packaging is so cute and I love whipping it out in public
      37. Amazing


        I absolutely adore this product. Gos I love science, I just received my green one and it glides on pink like magic. I love it!
      38. Love it. The perfect moisturiser & lip tint!


        My new favourite lip balm. Exactly as described, Watch me Glow goes on clear and turns a subtle pink colour. Feels great and provides long lasting moisture. I love that it’s green & so cute with the tiny flower.
      39. so prettyyy


        Not only is the product super pretty, but it looks so nice one as well! also really hydrating and moisturising!
      40. These make all my other lip balms seem so boring!

        Alex (Adore Beauty Staff)

        These are super cute and hydrating to wear without being too thick. My top pick is Watch Me Go - it's green in the tube but goes on clear and adjusts to a slight pink tint as you wear it.
      41. The perfect 'no-makeup' lip colour.

        Elle (Adore Beauty Staff)

        So first up, it's green. GREEN! And so I'm sitting here thinking, is this really going to work, or is this just someone's idea of a good gag? But, it works! It applies clear and then all of a sudden my lips a hit with a tint of pink, accentuating my natural lip pigment. The colour and sheen are subtle, making it the perfect no-makeup makeup lip colour.
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