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Hylamide Pore Control Booster by Hylamide


Hylamide Booster Pore Control is a daily serum to combat visible oil and minimise the look of pores. This fast-acting serum reduces the look of pores, giving your skin a poreless, airbrushed finish. 


Unlike other serums for oily skin, this innovative serum does not leave your skin dehydrated. Hylamide Booster Pore Control targets both congestion and dehydration to help regulate and maintain balanced, healthy skin.


Hylamide Booster Pore Control contains the following technology:

  • Bitter Mushroom Concentrate
    Reduces the look of pores in both number and size with this biotechnology derivative.

  • Marine Ferments
    Polymeric derivatives from marine algae balance out the shiny appearance associated with congested skin types, without drying out the skin.

  • Pistacia Lentiscus Tree Resin
    Encourages both the look and feeling of skin purity for a comfortable surface.

  • Surface Balance Peptides
    Two peptide technologies (chains of amino acids) improve skin texture appearance without the added shine that normally results with alternative skin renewal methods.

  • Zinc PCA and Niacinamide
    An innovative vitamin and mineral complex to balance  

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Reviews (7)
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Potential Game Changer - but start SLOW! - 24-05-2018 by

Be very careful when you start using this product. I thought my skin was so used to acid toning and actives that I would be fine witht his serum, but I was wrong. The day after I tried this serum I had extreme dry patches and my skin looked horribly dehydrated!

A few weeks later though, I started using it in small amounts (intially with a buffer) and weaned myself onto it and now i can drown my face in this bad boy and have no ill effects.

It has made a visible albeit very small difference to the size of my pores, but I haven't been using it every single day, which i think could effect the outcome

Great Product, Great Price! - 17-05-2018 by

After running out of another brand's Niacinamide based serum, I decided to give this one a go and I'm glad I did. At a quarter of the price, I think this product is better! Whilst it's not possible to completely shrink your pores it definitely reduces their appearance and helps keep congestion and oil at bay.

Amazing product - 13-05-2018 by

This is the product I've been waiting for!

I have had infuriating open pores which have gotten worse as I am hurtling towards middle-age. I finally got my blackheads and congestion under control with the use of a skin brush, BHAs and niacinamide/zinc (also thanks to Deciem!), but the open pores remain. I don't like to wear makeup because of the risk of congestion - but need to disguise the pores on my nose and chin somehow.

This stuff is awesome! It controls oil without being too drying; prevents pores being clogged; while also disguising and mininising them at the same time.

I use this in the final step of my morning routine. It is a thin liquid which dries to a matte surface, so it is best not to apply any other serum or cream over the top to distort the effect.

My skin has never looked better! - 13-05-2018 by

This is one of the few skincare products on the market that actually does what it says it does.
There is a blur effect on my pores instantly and it controls oil like a dream.
I swear you could cook chips with the amount of oil I used to have on my tzone, and I used to wear quite a heavy coverage foundation to hide this and after 3 months of use the oil is so under control and my pores are maybe half the size they used to be.

Lives up to the claims - 11-04-2018 by

If your concerned about large pores
I purchased this when I couldn’t get the ordinary niacinamide. It’s more expensive but it does do what it claims. It’s a little more watery than the ordinary and I’ve wasted a bit because of that. Apply a few drops in your hand first to help minimise wastage.

AMAZING! - 20-10-2017 by

I've had a complex about the size of my pores since I was a teenager and have put my skin through a number of experiments and tried what feels like a million different "pore minimizing" products that never seem to work. Cue Hylamide's Pore Control Booster, honestly wow. I've been using it as directed for two weeks now and it works amazingly. I have pretty sensitive skin and haven't noticed any drying out, redness, or irritation using this product - only smaller pores (FINALLY)! Even my boyfriend (who never noticed my pores in the first place) has commented that my skin looks better since I've started using it!
... Long story short: This. Stuff. Works.

Brilliant! - 13-06-2017 by

Does exactly what it says it does. I have used it several times and underneath make up, it works instantly. Blurs pores and reduces shine. Am seeing slight results too after short amount of use without make up, less shiny skin and smaller pores. I have combination skin, oily on my forehead but a dry nose/eye area and this doesn't dry out my skin any further.

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