How Should I Highlight and Contour My Oblong Face?

Applying highlight and contour is a great way to naturally sculpt and tweak your facial structure. Here's how to minimise the imperfections and maximise the beauty of an oblong face.

Highlight and contour can be used to balance an oblong face shape. The characteristics of this face shape are:

  • A generally long and narrow proportion
  • A rounded hairline and jawline
  • Similar width at the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline

An oblong face is very close to an oval shape but is just slightly longer, with less definition. Contouring and highlighting can help narrow the forehead and jawline as well as widen the cheeks and balance the length.


How should I highlight and contour my oblong face?


How should I apply contour on an oblong face?

Focus your contour product on the sides of your forehead. Use a soft, angled brush such as the Sigma F40 for seamless blending. This will create shadows on the edges of your forehead, giving the illusion of narrowness.

Contouring can also be used to reduce the length of the face, which is important for restructuring an oblong face shape. A light contour underneath your chin will give help create this illusion.


How should I highlight and contour my oblong face?


How should I apply highlight on an oblong face?

Highlight can be applied to widen your cheekbones for a more balanced face shape. Focus the highlighter underneath your eyes to stretch the centre of your face for a wider appearance. You can also highlight above your brows to draw more attention to your eye area, but be careful not to go too far up the forehead. 

A light highlight just below the lips will help define your chin. Don't go too far down, as this will only lengthen your face.

Be sure to blend everything carefully, especially on the forehead and jawline. Use a large blending brush such as the Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush for a natural and seamless finish.

It may take some time to perfect contour and highlight, and it’s always best to start off subtly. However, once you master the art, you'll have a more balanced face shape to enhance your natural beauty.


How should I highlight and contour my oblong face?