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Good design just works. On the other hand, truly great design is invisible. A true prodigy, Helmut Lang was a self-taught fashion creator who went on to be an artist and designer. Helmut Lang launched his first men’s fashion collection in the late nineties, combining a utilitarian approach with a unique unconventionality. Harnessing unusual materials such as metallic fabric, feathers and rubber, he pushed at the limits of wardrobe basics to explore form and function.


With brave conviction during a time when runway shows were all about spectacle over fashion’s purpose, Helmut Lang helped return couture to the realms of reality. Lang is also well known for changing the fashionable silhouette of the nineties and early two thousands, relying on crisp lines and a unisex look.

At the height of the minimalist trend, Helmut Lang ventured into fragrance. Working with master perfumers, he created fragrances that explored the abstract and reinvented simplicity. Despite the critical acclaim that Helmut Lang fragrances were launched to, the range was discontinued before demand from collectors sparked a revival of the original formulations. To this day, even after the man himself has left the fashion world and the fragrance world, Helmut Lang perfumes are just as iconic as his revolutionary couture.


Which Helmut Lang fragrance should I try?

  • I’m looking for something minimal and unisex.
    For something unique and sexy, try Helmut Lang Cuiron. This fragrance is an ode to the ways that quality leather enriches one’s life, from the practical to the aesthetic.

  • I’d like something classic yet laid back.
    Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum is the fragrance that started it all. Coveted by fragrance connoisseurs and collectors, there’s something timeless about this complex oriental. Clean without feeling cliched, Helmut Lang is a beautiful signature scent for all genders. Try the Eau De Cologne version for something even more fresh.

  • I’m uncertain.
    The Helmut Lang Trio is an ideal starting point for anyone who would like to discover the best of Helmut Lang’s iconic perfumes.

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