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This Blonde Haircare Routine Legit Saved My Brassy Platinum Blonde Hair

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R+Co Television Bundle Pack
R+Co Television Bundle Pack

My Hair Saviours!

This kit is great value and has totally saved my hair!
I have severely damaged, wavy thick, dyed blonde hair and I have tried so many different shampoo’s and conditioners and nothing worked better than these products. It’s lightweight, my hair never feels greasy, it leaves it feeling silky smooth, soft and bouncy. I am so happy! I’m thrilled that these especially the mask don’t live a thick ...
KEVIN.MURPHY Killer.Angels Pack
KEVIN.MURPHY Killer.Angels Pack

Can't beat it?

I work for a hair supplier and honestly even though i try so many different types of shampoo and conditioner through them, i honestly cant beat kevin murphy angel wash, makes me feel so happy and like mi in my own pink wonderland or something haha.
Mr. Smith Hydrating Tote Pack
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith Hydrating Tote Pack


Bought this product for myself after some recommendations from friends. Love the way it leaves my hair feeling and the price for the bundle is great. Sleek packaging just adds to its appeal!