Do Shampoos For Coloured Hair Really Work?

Plenty of shampoos on the market claim to protect your hair colour, but do they work? Happily, they sure do. Investigate some options and learn about the ingredients these shampoos use to protect your colour.

If you colour your hair, upkeep is important. You can extend the life of your hue by using the right shampoo. Plenty of shampoos on the market claim to protect your hair colour, and happily, they work.

All of the products we discuss are absolutely free of sulphates. These ingredients, while not bad for all hair types, are particularly bad for coloured hair.

Sulphates accelerate the damage already done by the chemical process of hair dyeing. Using sulphates on coloured hair causes fading, frizz, and flyaways, and should be avoided across the board for colour-treated hair.


Do shampoos for coloured hair really work?

Our Top Three Shampoos for Colour-Treated Hair

Let’s get into the products! Each shampoo we're highlighting here utilises different ingredients to keep your colour-treated hair free from damage. It should be noted, however, that regardless of what shampoo you use, you should wash your hair as little as possible.

Shampoo is meant to cleanse, and any kind of detergent—even alongside protective agents—eventually causes fading and a decrease in hair strength. We have plenty of dry shampoos to get you through the week with no washes if you want to start keeping your colour on point longer.

Aesop Colour Protection Shampoo

Aesop includes hydrolysed oats in its Colour Protection Shampoo to nourish, strengthen, and hydrate processed strands. This is great product for you if you prefer a natural, botanical formula as opposed to a high-tech product.

Oats have been used for years as a means of soothing and repairing skin, hair, and scalp. This means that Aesop Colour Protection Shampoo benefits scalp health as well.


Do shampoos for coloured hair really work?


Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo


Pureology puts the focus on strength in this fantastic formula for brittle, broken hair. Strength Cure Shampoo utilises a number of patented complexes, including AntiFadeComplex, to retain your colour.

With additional ingredients such as Keravis, ceramides, and arginine, this shampoo puts the focus on potent strengthening proteins to support the hair’s structure. Strength Cure is the perfect choice for anyone who has seriously damaged, colour-treated hair.

L’Occitane Repair Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair

L’Occitane is known for its incredibly nourishing products. The brand's most popular products are based on a hero ingredient: multitasking powerhouse shea butter, and Repair Shampoo is no exception.

L'Occitane Repair Shampoo also hydrates and strengthens with a blend of five essential oils: angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang, and patchouli. These reparative ingredients benefit not only the hair but also the scalp, which is where healthy hair starts.

So go forth and rock whatever colour you want! We’ve got everything you need to keep it looking gorgeous. 


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