Start Your Day With a Wellness and Hair Care Routine From Apotecari’s CEO and Founder

Apotecari as a brand is a slice of myself: it's eco-conscious, ethical, uses the best quality ingredients, and understands that people are busy. 

It fits into a holistic regimen as an easy daily addition, and delivers on experience, be it the product or the results.

This daily hair care routine for hair growth helps to tame my long, frizzy hair and includes Apotecari hair vitamins, and Pre-Wash, Wash and Post Wash techniques for health and longevity.

Plus, it’s perfect for busy individuals looking for a healthy start to the day, who might need a moment of tranquility before walking out the door. 

Step 1: Wake up and sip with supplements

I always start my day with herbal tea. This infusion of plant-based ingredients serves to detoxify, aid digestion, feed my skin and create a clear mental space. Knowing that the health of our hair and skin is driven by internal processes, I supplement with the ingredients that feed my skin and hair. For me, that's the entire Apotecari hair range, starting with the Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply and the Apotecari Crowning Glory 1 month Supply.

Why I love them: As a naturopath, the benefits of using natural, whole-food ingredients to harness and enhance the body's processes is something I gravitate towards.

How I use them: Each morning, I brew my tea, take my Apotecari Mane Event 3 Month Supply and Apotecari Crowning Glory 1 month Supply capsules, and head to the courtyard where I have a deck and a pond; a moment with nature before the day starts.

Step 2: Pretreat and indulge

Before jumping in the shower, I use the Christophe Robin Regenerating serum with prickly pear oil for my pre-treatment. The idea is to infuse and inject this hydration into the hair and scalp. Hydration is necessary to help stop frizz, and does wonders for my long, thick hair.

Why I love it: I love this product - it smells divine and it really hydrates the hair. It's a total sensory overload and a beautiful way to start the day - from the scalp massage to the uplifting fragrance of prickly pear - it's amazing.

How I use it: I spray the serum all over and massage it through with my fingers before grabbing the Apotecari scalp brush from the Apotecari The Crown Kit. Using the scalp brush, I gently massage the scalp in circular motions which helps that serum to get right down to the root of the hair. The brush helps to exfoliate the scalp and stimulates circulation. I leave it in for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Scalp scrub

My first shampoo has to be the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub.

Why I love it: Again, it smells incredible and really lifts the pollution, oil, and product build up from the previous few days. What I'm left with is a really clean feeling - the scalp feels fresh. 

How I use it: Into the shower after 10 minutes of treatment, I rinse my hair with warm water and I work through the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub. I apply it with my fingers and again use the scalp brush to enhance the experience; this is really good for the follicles.

Step 4: A gentle second cleanse 

I then do a second, very gentle shampoo using the hydrating Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera. 

Why I love it: The reason this extra hydration is so important is because my hair is naturally quite curly and frizzy - it just sucks up moisture. It's important to infuse all this moisture into my hair so it looks and feels healthy and protected.

How I use it: I use this shampoo as a second cleanse, massaging it into the scalp for 60 seconds before rinsing. 

Step 5: A boost of hydration

To intensify moisture and in preparation for the blow-dry, I then use the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask.

Why I love it: I love using the Christophe Robin range because they use natural ingredients, there's a lot of purity in terms of using essential oils and using plant-extracts. They smell and feel incredible, and what you see on the pack is what you get.

How I use it: This hydrating mask goes on for about 10 minutes, with a really good massage, then rinse.

Step 6: Blonde care

My final in-shower step is the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask Pocket - Baby Blonde toning mask, because I do have some lightening through my hair. 

Why I love it: While my daily supplements are really what's building healthy, strong hair in the first place; external products like the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask Pocket - Baby Blonde help to keep my hair looking beautiful along the way.

How I use it: I leave this toning mask in for 5-10 minutes depending on the results I’m after before rinsing. 

Step 7: Blow dry prep

Before I start blow drying my hair I allow my hair to air dry to about 60% before putting in some of the Christophe Robin Anti-frizz Rescue Milk, followed by the Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream.

Why I love them: Because my hair is so curly, it will frizz up if it doesn't have enough hydration. These products keep my hair nice and smooth. The Christophe Robin Anti-frizz Rescue Milk is also a heat protectant, which is important if you are using any heat tools. 

How I use them: I use a couple of pumps of the Christophe Robin Anti-frizz Rescue Milk, which goes onto the palms and into the mid-lengths and ends. I then follow it with a small amount of the Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream, which is essentially a leave-in conditioner, again taking it through the mid lengths and ends.

Step 8: Perfect a professional blowout

There are some great tools and technology out there these days, but I like to stick with my Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. To complete the perfect blowout I part my hair into eights and take small sections, blow-dry on warm (not hot) with a round soft bristle brush.

Why I love it: I really love big bouncy blow-dries and lots of volume because they give me a lot of confidence for the week ahead. A blow-dry for me is a bit of an indulgence, it helps me look and feel my best and gives me some time-out.

How I do it: I start at the back bottom and work from left to right, always  keeping the blow-dryer blowing down the strand. I like movement in my blow-dry so will twist the brush and hair to achieve this. Once I get to the crown, I blow dry my hair forward for extra volume at the root. I continue to the front.

HOT TIP: If you’re prone to frizz and for a smoother finish, keep the blow-dryer flat against the brush. Oh, and always finish your blowout with a finishing lotion for extra shine. 

Step 9: The daily finishing touch 

Before I leave the house, I always make a shake - I’ve had my tea, I’ve had my supplements, but something to fill my stomach and give me energy is my Apotecari Hair Food 1 Month Supply shake.

Why I love it: It's really great to keep the hair healthy by building really strong hair structures and enriching the follicles for healthy hair, from within. With natural berry and pomegranate flavouring, it's reminiscent of a strawberry milkshake.

How I use it: I add 2 teaspoons of Apotecari Hair Food 1 Month Supply to Bonsoy, but you could opt for coconut water. Sometimes I blend it with a banana or avocado for added hair loving ingredients, energy and thickness.

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