Does Volumising Conditioner Really Make a Difference?

If you have thin or fine hair, a volumising conditioner can keep your hair soft, healthy, and tangle-free without weighing it down.

If you have thin or fine hair, you've probably experienced a least a few conditioner catastrophes. The wrong product can leave your hair limp, unmanageable, and feeling greasier than it did before washing. It may be tempting to cut conditioning out of your haircare routine.

However, conditioner is vital to maintaining healthy hair and preventing damage, so it’s a step that shouldn’t be skipped. Using a volumising conditioner is the best solution for fine, thin hair. Such a product won't cause the heavy feeling that richer conditioners often do.


Does volumising conditioner really make a difference?

What is conditioner, and why do I need to use one?

Conditioner works to nourish the hair and protect it from external elements. When applied, conditioner penetrates the hair cuticle to hydrate strands.

Conditioner also coats the hair strands for protection against heat damage, pollution, and sun exposure. The coating fills in porous hair for a silky-soft finish and helps to tames flyaways.

If you skip conditioner, your hair can become dry, brittle, and unprotected. At minimum, a detangling rinse should be used after every wash to ensure healthy and well-nourished hair.


Does volumising conditioner really make a difference?


What does volumising conditioner do?

Volumising conditioner is different to other conditioners because it's lighter in weight and formulated specifically to improve the texture of fine and thin hair. Whilst some conditioners can weigh hair down, leaving it overly slick, volumising conditioners rehydrate and protect hair with a lighter coating.

Some volumising conditioners also work in a similar way to volumising shampoos, swelling the hair shafts to fatten hair temporarily. evo Bride of Gluttony Conditioner thickens whilst adding shine and hydration.

Other volumising conditioners simply nourish and protect the hair without weighing it down. Great examples include O&M Fine Intellect Conditioner and Pureology Pure Volume Condition.

Alternatively, you can consider a leave-in product such as Wella SP Volumize Leave-In Conditioner. This lightweight formula is spritzed on damp hair after washing.

How can I effectively use a volumising conditioner?

There's more to conditioning than choosing the right product. You should still follow good conditioning practice to reduce the risk of weighed-down hair.

  • Use a small amount. Many people apply too much conditioner. Use less than you think you need. Wring your hair out before applying conditioner, and comb through to ensure even distribution.
  • Only apply conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Avoid the roots at all costs, as this will only lead to an oily and clogged scalp.
  • Consider reverse washing. Reverse-washing your hair can prevent product build-up and is recommended for those with thin or fine hair.

Even those with thin and fine hair should use a conditioner. A product specifically formulated to maintain or boost volume is the best way to ensure healthy and nourished, but light and bouncy, hair.


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