How Do I Make My Hair Colour Last Longer?

Love your hair colour? Make it last! If you want to hold on to your hue, keep your locks protected. Here’s how to make your hair colour last longer than ever before.

Getting your hair coloured or doing it yourself is fun, but the aftercare is work. If you treat your tinted hair like virgin hair, your new hue won't last long. With a few quick and easy tricks, you can add incredible staying power to any hair colour. Forget about brassy blondes, faded browns, and runny reds forever!

How Do I Make My Hair Colour Last Longer?

Stay Out of Hot Water

Hot water is terrible for your hair and skin. If you want your salon or at-home hair colour to last, stick with lukewarm water. The hotter the water, the faster the fade. If you're used to extra-hot showers, adjust gradually. Get in and turn the water temperature down just a tiny bit at a time for a tolerable transition.

Stay Safe with SPF

Heading to the beach? It’s not just your body that needs SPF. Protecting your hair from the sun is ultra-important if you want to prevent colour fading. In fact, sun protection is important for your hair on a daily basis.

Rain or shine, the sun’s harmful rays reach your hair 365 days per year, so protect your strands. When it suits you, a hat or scarf provides instant coverage. For an easy, carefree fix, use a daily shampoo and conditioner with SPF. We love the Kérastase Soleil Collection.

How Do I Make My Hair Colour Last Longer?

Avoid Hot Tools

Heat tools damage hair and make your colour fade faster. You probably already know that you should avoid heat styling as much as possible, but sometimes, you just need heat! Heat protectants really do make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your mane, as well as in colour retention.

Get in the habit of protecting your hair every time you blow-dry, curl, or straighten. For a strong thermal protectant that leaves you with touchably soft strands, check out ghd Heat Protect Spray.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

Want a lazy fix? Stop washing your hair! Stretching out the time between washes extends the life of your hair colour. If you have to have your daily shampoo, you might need to change how you go about keeping your hair clean. Stylists are obsessed with Kevin.Murphy Fresh.Hair Dry Shampoo.

To make your dry shampoo ultra-effective, apply a fine layer to strands BEFORE they become greasy. If you know you aren’t going to wash your hair the next day, spritz a fine mist on before bed to prevent oily build-up.


How Do I Make My Hair Colour Last Longer?