How Often Should I Wash Colour-Treated Hair?

Found your dream colour? Give it the VIP treatment! Here’s everything you need to know about washing and maintaining colour-treated hair.

The best way to make your hair colour last is to leave it alone. The less you mess with your hair, the longer your hue will last. From washing to heat styling, everything you do to your hair encourages the colour to fade. Ultimately, how often you should wash colour-treated hair depends on your hair type.

How Often Should I Wash Colour-Treated Hair?

Figuring Out Your Hair Type

Your hair type determines how often you need to wash your strands. Generally speaking, the thicker your hair is, the less often it needs a shampoo. Of course, each case is different, but that's a fairly reliable rule.

Women with fine hair tend to have more hair follicles (which means more oil!), so they need to lather up more often. Ladies with lush locks usually have coarser strands that produce less oil.

If you have processed hair, you might find that it needs extra conditioning between shampoos. If that’s the case, use a good spray-in treatment. We love Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner.


How Often Should I Wash Colour-Treated Hair?

How to Stretch the Time Between Washes

If you want to wash your hair less often, dry shampoo is your best friend. In fact, dry shampoo is quite a versatile product and not just for oily strands. If you have fine, thin hair, you could use a spritz every single day to give your mane a crazy amount of much-needed body.

When you're using dry shampoo to combat oil, try to use it proactively. Think of it as a deodorant for your hair. You wouldn’t normally put on deodorant after you're sticky and smelly. You’d do it before things have progressed to that point, of course! Use your dry shampoo the same way to keep oil at bay.

If you know you aren’t going to shower the next day, use your dry shampoo the night before to prevent oily build-up. Just spritz a bit on your roots before bed, and then leave it there to work its magic. For a seriously impressive dry shampoo, check out evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo.

Use Colour-Depositing Shampoo

Colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners are a must-have for every woman with highlighted, bleached, or tinted hair. Colour-enhancing products keep red hair vibrant, blondes free of brass, and browns looking multi-dimensional.


How Often Should I Wash Colour-Treated Hair?