Do Chlorine and Sunlight Affect Hair Colour?

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Answer: your hair! Chlorinated pools and sunny beaches can wreak havoc on your strands. Fortunately, you can protect yourself.

Attention, swimmers: if you hadn’t already noticed, chlorine and sunlight are terrible for your hair. Harsh chemicals, minerals in natural water, heat, and UV rays can ravage your locks. But before you head inside, check this out! You can keep your hair looking gorgeous while enjoying some fun in the sun.

Do Chlorine and Sunlight Affect Hair Colour?

Be Careful After Treatments

Hair that's been colour-treated, straightened, highlighted, or permed is particularly sensitive. If you’ve just had a process at the salon or at home, plan to wait a good week until you get into the ocean or a chlorinated pool.

Of course, unless you live in a hat, you can’t avoid the sun for long. Even on the cloudiest, rainiest day, you're getting a hearty dose of UV rays that can do real damage to your hair. To protect your locks, use a sun-protecting shampoo daily.

Upgrade to UV Shampoo

If you love to spend time outdoors, especially by the water, UV shampoos are essential. We love Green People Sun & Sport Shampoo – UV Defence. This impressive stuff protects your mane from the sun's rays, salt, chlorine, and city pollutants. Use it daily to keep your hair healthy through even the longest days out.

Not ready to part with your fave shampoo? Check out Wella SP After Sun UV Protection Spray. It’s a perfect way to get quick, full coverage against the sun. If you have fine, thin, or light hair, this can be a regular essential to prevent painful scalp sunburn.

Do Chlorine and Sunlight Affect Hair Colour?

Cover Your Hair in the Pool

If you're a regular swimmer, invest in a swim cap. It’ll keep your hair in prime condition and save it from tons of damage.

Hate swim caps? Wet your hair before you get into the pool. Use clean, non-chlorinated water to soak your strands. Once they're saturated, strands won’t be able to absorb any additional chlorinated water.

Once you've soaked your hair, add a protective oil. Pro swimmers love MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment Light. It’ll add an extra layer of protection to prevent damage.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

It’s important to use a good clarifying shampoo like Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo once a week to keep your hair healthy. It’ll wash away salt, chlorine, and product build-up to leave your strands fresh and gorgeous.


Do Chlorine and Sunlight Affect Hair Colour?