How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Professional

As indulgent as a trip to the hair salon is, when it comes to colour, you sometimes need to just roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. Thankfully, DIY hair products have come a long way. From rich, nourishing tints to toners that keep things fresh, there’s an at-home hair colour product for you. Your hair doesn’t need to fall flat when you take matters into your own hands.

How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Professional - Young woman in front of light green background. She has with bleached blonde hair with dark roots and is holding out strands of her hair - 1080 x 772How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Professional - Young woman in front of light green background. She has with bleached blonde hair with dark roots and is holding out strands of her hair - 1080 x 772

If you want to make a drastic change, it’s recommended you spend some time with a pro hair colourist. Enriching greys with a specific shampoo, adding purple to your ends, enhancing a nice chestnut brown, and knocking the brass out of your blonde are surprisingly easy to handle on your own. You just need the right product, a bit of patience, and a soft approach.

If you’re wondering how to professionally dye your hair at home, we’ve got the tips and tricks for how to dye hair at home and achieve salon results in your bathroom.

How to Dye Hair?

Preparation is key! Before you start pouring on colour, take the time to do some tests. You need to treat the hair (and scalp) right to achieve the look you want. No one wants an orange-hair mishap!

  • Tip 1: Stock up on product

If you’re looking to cover every strand on your head with colour, always pick up 2 boxes of colour. You don’t want to run out of formula halfway through the job! Even if your hair is short and fine, picking up a couple of boxes will help you avoid disasters.

  • Tip 2: Do the patch test

Although it can be a bore, testing hair colour on your scalp before you apply it to your whole head will serve you well. There are a lot of ingredients in hair dye, and you don’t always know how your skin is going to react. Apply a small amount of the dye to the inside of your wrist and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. If nothing happens, you’re good to go. If your skin reacts in any way (turns red, shows signs of swelling), you need to try a different formula.

  • Tip 3: Do the strand test

A strand test will ensure your hair turns the colour you want it to before you dye your entire head. Pick a few strands of hair from underneath the top layer. Apply your chosen colour and leave for as long as the specific dye recommends. Rinse the formula out and check to see if the colour is as you envisioned.

  • Tip 4: Brush your hair

Any knots in your locks will make dyeing your hair difficult. Use a wide-tooth comb to work through any tangled areas. Then brush gently to further smooth the hair and help it pick up pigment evenly.

  • Tip 5: Section the hair

Get your professional hair-dyeing head on and do like the experts do. Sectioning all your hair into quarters will keep your application even. Make a middle parting and then make another parting horizontally from ear to ear.

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm - Hands holding products bottle and dispensing onto fingertips -  1080 x 771Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm - Hands holding products bottle and dispensing onto fingertips -  1080 x 771

How to Get Hair Dye Off Face?

A massive question when you’re dyeing your hair yourself is How to get rid of hair dye on your face? Again, it’s all about the preparation. Swipe a colourless lip balm, thick moisturiser, or ointment along your hairline or anywhere you don’t want hair dye to stick. This will make it easy to wipe away any stray dye from your skin.

How to Get Hair Dye Off Hands?

The best way to stop hair dye from dyeing your hands is to wear gloves. A lot of box dyes come with their own set, but if you don’t have those to hand, you could always just use (clean) household rubber gloves!

If you do accidentally get hair dye on your skin, avoid scrubbing the skin with abrasive cleansers and instead use simple soap and water. If that doesn’t work, you could try some olive oil. Leave the oil on the dyed skin for up to 8 hours and then gently wipe it all away.

How to Dye Your Hair Blonde at Home?

A bottle-blonde look always carries a dash of nonchalance and a shot of cool. If you’re wondering how to dye dark brown hair blonde, it’s worth doing your research; it’s a big job that requires patience and an excellent at-home hair dye. Luckily, at-home hair dyes are often full of nourishing, kind ingredients that care for your tresses as you mix up your look.

To become a fun-loving blonde, you’ll need to pick up a permanent box dye that you can rely on. We’ve picked out some of our favourites for you to get stuck into!

Permanent Hair Colour for Home Use

After a pricey trip to the salon, a permanent box dye is the next best way to commit to a new look. Whether you want to boost the shade Mother Nature gave you or mix things up completely, there’s a way for you to do that at home. If you’re wondering how to dye your hair a lighter colour at home, a permanent dye is how you do it.

If you have very dark or almost black hair, it’s probably best you put your blonde ambition in the hands of a professional. If you have light brown hair or hair that’s near to blonde, this ashy shade could be right up your street. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour in Very Light Natural Blonde is a triple-care colour that will lift your hair pigment gently, helping you achieve the blonde you crave. The caring post-colour shampoo will rinse out any residue thoroughly and gently clear debris away from the scalp. The kind formula is gentle to the scalp, and added Keratin helps the hair stay strong.

Going blonde makes a big statement, so it’s worth investing in an at-home dye you know you can rely on. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour - Very Light Natural Blonde 01 is a caring formula that offers total grey coverage and rich, natural-looking colour. Always do a strand test and a patch test before you start colouring your hair, and follow the instructions exactly to get the best results. Follow up your dye and shampoo with the included hair mask to nourish strands, keep your hair feeling silky, and maximise shine.

There’s something sultry about a glossy brunette look. Dark brown strands offer an air of Mediterranean mystery and look gorgeous next to any skin tone. L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour in Dark Brown will give you a dark brown hair look that doesn’t fade. If you’re looking to disguise pesky greys, this permanent colour will keep them covered. Complete with a clarifying shampoo and a nourishing hair mask, this formula coats the hair in gorgeous colour without causing any damage. The rich, natural-looking shade will pull in the compliments, and Keratin helps keep the hair strong.

Wondering how to best dye your hair at home? Using L'Oreal Paris Excellence Permanent Hair Colour - Dark Brown 4.0 is a great place to start. The easy 3-step process offers a shiny finish and a gorgeous, soft feel. If you’re picking between a couple different colours (choosing a shade is always the hardest part), go for the lighter one to start. That way, you can build up to the darker shade. Throw on an old T-shirt and an old towel to catch unwanted colour splashes. Apply the post-colour mask to up your freshly dyed shine.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour for Home Use

If you fancy mixing up your look without making a long-term commitment, a semi-permanent hair dye could be the way forwards. Offering a milder approach than a permanent hair dye, semi-permanent colour is great at giving you a rich, full-bodied look. If you’re wondering how often to dye hair to cover grey hair, know that a semi-perm dye will usually last up to 12 weeks.

Why go for brown, blonde, or black when you can choose a colour that’s a little bit of everything? L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (Ammonia Free) in Plum will boost your locks with a burst of shine, cover your greys completely, and give you the colour you’ve always craved. This punchy plum shade will turn heads and mix up your look, so you can embrace whatever life throws at you with confidence. The easy-to-use, ammonia-free formula will last for up to 28 washes. You’ll love attaining a professional look with minimum effort—not to mention the natural-looking shade and glossy shine this formula produces.

L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (Ammonia Free) in Plum will give your hair a healthy sheen while keeping it in the best condition. Use the Honey-enriched conditioner once you’ve applied the dye to give the hair a soft, manageable look that lasts. This product works best when applied to damp hair, so carefully apply the formula to towel-dried, unwashed hair to make sure you get the best results. Once you’ve applied the colour, leave on for 20 minutes. Follow up with the included conditioner to give your look lasting lustre, and continue to condition coloured hair regularly to maintain your hue.

You don’t always need to make a drastic change to freshen up your look. Sometimes, you just need to enhance what you have naturally. There’s something so gorgeously underrated about light brown hair. Easy to manage and good at giving off the girl-next-door vibe, L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (Ammonia Free) in Light Brown will cover your greys and pep up your look. This ammonia-free, gentle formula works to give your ‘do a natural look without damaging the condition of your hair. The light brown shade will last for up to 28 washes and adds a glossy shine to boot.

If you love the natural-hair look but hate the greys that poke through, L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (Ammonia Free) in Light Brown is the at-home hair dye for you. Easy to use and low on commitment, this colour will wake up a tired look and breathe new life into your locks. Once you’ve applied the formula to your sectioned hair, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Follow up with the Honey-enriched conditioner to keep your look super-shiny and healthy-looking. If you’ve previously dyed your hair, apply the formula to the roots first and leave for 15 minutes before adding to the rest of your hair.

At-Home Toners to Extend Your Hair Colour

When you’re applying hair colour at home, it’s a good idea to stock up on some toner. A good toner will pep up hair that’s lost its lustre and bring your colour back to bold. Though typically used to knock out brassy shades from bleach blonde strands, a toner can also help give brunettes back their shine. A good toner can last up to 6 weeks, so it’s worth investing in one you can rely on to bring your colour back to life.

There’s no doubt about it: bleach-blonde hair can be hard to keep up with! While the colour makes a bold statement, icy white and platinum looks can quickly turn brassy and yellow if they aren’t looked after. Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in White Platinum is here to help. Offering colour, care, and shine, this magically fresh toner will keep your look on lock for as long as you need it to stay. Great for a between-appointment freshen-up, the innovative 3-in-1 formula invigorates, rejuvenates, and repairs your hair. Helping your tresses stay soft and healthy, this is an intensely pigmented hair treatment that will add cool colour to your hair.

Frequent shampooing can cause your colour to fade and lose its lustre. You only need to leave the Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in 1002 White Platinum on your hair for 3 minutes to see results. This creamy, nutritious formula contains Provitamin B5 and Grapeseed Oil for rich, nourishing effects. The Ionic Pigments in the formula reduce static, and the formula leaves a touchable softness. Apply to freshly washed, towel-dried hair and leave on for 3 or more minutes. Rinse until the water runs clear and enjoy your clean-looking blonde locks! Alternate with a conditioner for blonde hair to keep your ‘do bubbly blonde and silky-smooth.

The best way to revive grey, blonde, and highlighted hair is to use a purple shampoo or toner. Balmain Paris Ash Toner is a unique, spray-on, leave-in formula that features the same ingredients you might find in a nourishing conditioner. Enriched with violet pigments to tone and keep blonde hair bright, this potent spray will give your hair a new lease of life. Brightening hair and giving it a cool tone, this formula works beautifully and gives hair a super-soft feel.

If your blonde hair needs neutralising, Balmain Paris Ash Toner could be just what you need to add to your haircare collection. You’ll enjoy a permanent brightening effect when you use this leave-in formula. The deep violet tones knock out any unwanted warm tones, and the lightweight formula won’t drag your look down. Silk Proteins and Argan Oil help protect and strengthen the hair. Spray onto towel-dried or dry hair, and don’t rinse out after use. Repeat the treatment until you achieve the colour you crave.

Just because you’re a brunette, it doesn’t mean you should be skipping the toner. To maintain a healthy shine and a rich, full-bodied look, it could be time to try IGK MIXED FEELINGS Leave-In Toning Drops. Making it easy for you to maintain depth of colour, these toning drops neutralise any orange undertones and give your brown hair the boost it needs. Helping to prevent colour fade, the lightweight formula will keep the hair hydrated and nourished. Safe to use on chemically treated locks, this vegan and cruelty-free colour toner is perfect for straight, curly, coiled, or wavy hair.

IGK MIXED FEELINGS Leave-In Toning Drops Brunette are truly unique. Blueberry and Artichoke keep the hair nourished with Vitamins A, B5, C, and E while keeping your colour safe. If you’re stuck at home or between salon visits, this unique droplet formula will keep your colour looking fresh—even when it starts to fade. To use, add the desired number of drops to your shampoo, conditioner, or leave-in product and mix. To work out how many drops you need, check the instructions. Use as often as you need to top up your look.

REVLON PROFESSIONAL NUTRI COLOR CREME - Brown_Violet_Platinum Blonde_ 1200X800REVLON PROFESSIONAL NUTRI COLOR CREME - Brown_Violet_Platinum Blonde_ 1200X800

Intensifiers for Your DIY Hair Colour

If you want to know how to maintain black hair dye and keep your colour looking box-fresh, you should jump on the intensifier train. From pepping up your look with a shot of unexpected colour to maintaining the vibe you already have, an intensifier will keep you feeling fresh and new, even when you’re shut indoors. The perfect product for when you can’t get to the salon, there are plenty of shades and styles for you to choose from.

Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Flawless
Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Flawless

If you need to pump some colour, care, and shine back into your locks, Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in Pink will help. Pick the playful Pink or peruse the abundance of other shades Revlon Professional has on offer. The unique 3-in-1 treatment will nourish tired locks and boost your hair when you’re between salon visits. Made to reinvigorate limp, lank-looking hair, the Ionic Pigments work immediately to reduce static and help retain moisture. AHA Fruit Acids untangle, soften, nourish, and hydrate your hair but won’t weigh it down or reduce any volume.

If you wash your hair frequently, you might see your colour fade faster. Revlon Professional Nutri Color Crème in Pink will help bring things back to life. In under 3 minutes, the rich, nutritious cream will intensify your hair colour and make strands feel soft. Provitamin B5 and Grapeseed Oil add shine and softness, leaving your hair hydrated and nourished after every use. If you want to add a new tone to your existing colour, pick a colour from the wide range on offer.

For a Rich, Honey-Blonde Look

There’s something so sexy about honey-blonde hair that looks like it’s been kissed by the sun. Working to add a golden tone to blonde hair, Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm in Golden Blonde restores your hair’s vibrancy and refreshes your look. A post-shampoo treatment, this formula neutralises any brassiness and brings dull hair back to life. You’ll be able to enjoy that just-coloured look for longer when you add this toning treatment into your haircare routine. Perfect also for adding strength and shine to tired hair, you don’t need to use a lot to see results.

For a Rich, Honey-Blonde Look

Shu Uemura Color Lustre Reviving Balm - Golden Blonde is ideal for normal and colour-treated hair. It will maintain your shade when you’re between salon visits or home-colour sessions. Color Lustre Reviving Balm is suitable for use every second and third shampoo. Expect shiny, glossy-looking hair that’s easy to manage and easy on the eye. The silicone-free formula deeply nourishes the hair with a blend of natural oils and extracts, so your locks stay looking healthy and shiny for longer. Apply after shampoo and conditioner and let it sit on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes before you rinse thoroughly.

Bring Out the Best in Your Brown Hair
Bring Out the Best in Your Brown Hair

It’s not just blonde hair that benefits from a little toner. Intensify your brunette look with a blue tone shampoo. Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo is a sulphate free formula that gently cleanses hair as it adds a blue pigment. The blue works to fight any unwanted brassy, orange tones that might be creeping through. If you like your brown hair to look bright, cool, and healthy, wash with this formula 2 to 3 times per week to see results. Perfect for natural and colour-treated hair, this shampoo gets your brown hair looking its best quickly.

This anti-brass shampoo for brunettes is a truly unique formula. Gentle, nourishing, and super-effective, Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo cleanses the hair and scalp and brings out the best in your hair. A rich, cool brunette look starts with great aftercare. This shampoo will give you the shade you crave and rid your hair of any impurities. Follow up with a super-nourishing conditioner for a silky-soft, shiny finish. Use on the first wash after you’ve dyed your hair to keep the colour the way you want it.

Root Touch-Up

If you can’t get to the salon and don’t want to dye your hair yourself, a root touch up system will see you right. Great at covering up greys at a moment’s notice, a root touch-up is the perfect cheat to make your hair colour last. If you’re wondering how long to keep dye in hair, well, it’ll last just that little bit longer when you can touch up your roots yourself.

If you’ve dyed your hair blonde, chances are your roots are already starting to show through. That dark-rooted look can look grungy-cool for a while, but sometimes, you want that clean, fresh blonde finish. Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel in Golden Blonde will help you achieve that. Immediately covering greys and blending with the natural tones of your hair, this gentle formula is perfect for touching up your hairline and roots. The results last for up to 7 washes, and the temporary solution doesn’t require any mixing. Plus, it’s ammonia-free and super-easy to use.

This cruelty-free formula is suitable for sensitive scalps and has been designed to cover noticeable greys. Not suitable for bleached hair or hair that’s 2 shades lighter than its natural colour, Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel - Golden Blonde is suitable for all hair types. Made with 92% natural-origin ingredients, the gel nourishes the hair as it deposits colour. Oat Extract protects and soothes the scalp while Inula Flower Extract brightens the colour and regenerates the hair fibre. Apply to clean, damp hair and leave on for 40 minutes for a natural result.

When a trip to the salon is still a few weeks away but your roots are starting to peek through, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. ColorWOW Root Cover Up covers greys instantly and gives you a natural finish with no gritty texture. Designed to disguise your greys and blend into your hair, this densely pigmented mineral powder works quickly to hide grown-out roots. Perfect for a pre-Facetime touch-up, you can also use Root Cover Up to extend your highlights and fill in your hairline. Apply the powder formula with the double-ended brush and check out your efforts in the compact mirror.

ColorWOW Root Cover Up won’t give you that just-been-to-the-salon feeling, but it will freshen up your look in a flash. Available in many shades, this mineral powder formula is easy for all to use. Start with dry hair and load up the smaller brush end with powder. With one hand, hold your hair taut against your scalp. With the other hand, apply the product using a short, pressing motion. Gently brush away any excess powder using the larger end of the brush, and you’re good to go! Wash your hair as usual after use.

If your colour is fading fast and your roots are looking greyer than a rainy day, KEVIN.MURPHY RETOUCH.ME could be your good hair-day saviour. Super-discreet, the touch-up spray is like makeup for your hair—it covers all the bits you’d rather hide. Offering a dry-touch finish, Retouch Me won’t make your hair feel sticky or clog your scalp. With a satiny finish, this silky formula helps prolong the look of your colour when you can’t get to the salon. Available in common shades, the spray uses microfine pigments to give your hair a tonal finish.

Designed to cover regrowth and greys, the lightweight, super-fine mist gently covers the hair and leaves it feeling fresh. Easy to blend and easy to use, KEVIN.MURPHY RETOUCH.ME gives your hair a filter-perfect finish. The light-reflective pigments make the effect unnoticeable. Blending your existing colour with your emerging colour, you achieve a natural-looking finish. Citrus Extract gives the hair shine, and the spray application gives you complete control. Vitamin E keeps the colour true, in and out of the can, and Cationic Polymer helps the colour stay in place. Mist the formula over dry hair, concentrating on the roots. Allow it to set before touching the area.

How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin?

If you’ve dyed your hair at home recently, give yourself a massive pat on the back. That’s a real self-care achievement! Of course, dyeing your hair can be a messy job; you might spot specks of dye across your hairline, chest, neck, and hands for days! If olive oil or soap and water doesn’t fully remove the dye from your skin, you could always try toothpaste. Apply a small amount of non-gel toothpaste to the dyed area and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently rub the solution in and remove with a warm washcloth.

How to Get Dye Off Walls?

If you’ve finished dyeing your hair but your bathroom resembles a bad horror movie, you might need to move quickly to prevent long-term damage. Wiping away splashes as you go will certainly help you in the long run. But if you’ve missed a spot (or two), get your hands on some nail varnish remover or alcohol. Test the solution on the area before going full-throttle with it, and use a damp towel after the dye has been removed. Disaster averted!

If you’re stuck indoors and missing your usual beauty regime, you need not despair. You can still get that salon-fresh look from the comfort of your home! From permanent solutions to quick touch-up formulas, you can keep your look en pointe in times of strife.

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