Got Thin, Coloured Hair? Here's How to Mix n Match Products for Better Hair Days

Thin, Coloured HairThin, Coloured Hair

Some things are easy to mix and match. Wine and cheese. Throw cushions. Earrings (it’s a trend, apparently.) 

One that takes a little more consideration? Your haircare regimen.

Hear me out.

Yes, you can certainly just pick one shampoo and conditioner range and give it a go. But most of us have multiple haircare concerns we want to target. Like frizz and split ends. Dandruff and colour protection. Volume and dullness. Or all of the above.

FYI we discuss the difference between professional and supermarket haircare on the Beauty IQ Uncensored podcast below!

For example, say you have fine and coloured hair. You'll be wanting products to keep your colour vibrant AND add volume to flat, lank strands.

But what’s the best shampoo for fine, coloured hair? Or should you be looking for the best conditioner for fine, coloured hair? Or both?

The good news is you 100 per cent do not have to use matching haircare products. Life's too short to just use one brand and range, no?

Figuring out which products to mix and match can be confusing, which is why we picked the brains of two of Australia’s top stylists to help break down how to mix and match the best hair products for fine, coloured hair in Australia.

Best Hair Products for Fine, Coloured Hair.

Forget marketing campaigns that say you have to use matching shampoo and conditioners.

Just like with manicure and pedicure colours, you can mix and match your haircare products to get the best of both worlds.

Heck, keep a mishmash of brands and ranges in your shower the same way you might mix up your skincare to treat different concerns.

But... which products should I mix and match, you ask? Great question.

A good place to start is to talk to the hair expert in your life. No, not Sue next door, but your hairdresser. (Unless Sue is your hairdresser, of course.)

“They will know your hair inside out. With my clients, I know how their hair reacts to chemicals and hot tools which then enables me to prescribe a haircare plan that suits their concerns,” says Martha Kourtidou, owner of Boda Hair Boutique.

They can also make some recommendations, or at least point you in the direction, of which ingredients to look for - or avoid.

Side note, check out our top tips for avoiding hair breakage in our YouTube video below!

Then for those who dye their hair, it's important to understand how colouring affects the hair so you can use the right products. Hint: it might not be in the way you think it does.

“People think colouring damages their hair but that’s not necessarily the case. Over colouring or excessive bleaching can, however, deplete hair of moisture,” says Joey Scandizzo, award-winning hair stylist and co-founder of ELEVEN Australia.

“Going lighter is always more challenging for the hair than going darker. By lightening hair you are removing pigment and opening up the cuticle so you need to use the right products to add in lost moisture and rebalance the pH.”

On that note, here are three brilliant mix and match haircare combos if you want colour protection and volume.

Combo 1: Blonde + Body.

Best shampoo: ELEVEN Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo

Best conditioner: ELEVEN I Want Body Volume Conditioner

Why they're the perfect pair:

Scandizzo says all of ELEVEN Australia’s shampoos and conditioners help protect against colour fade, but to help treat and thicken fine hair, you'll want to use products that have wheat proteins in them.

“A lot of my clients struggle to find the balance between maintaining volume without sacrificing moisture and softness for their dyed blonde hair."

“Wheat proteins and silk aminos are the best for fine hair as these penetrate the hair shaft and don’t just sit on the top. The amino acids and avocado oil in this product combo will keep your hair toned whilst adding that much needed strength and hydration. Most importantly - it won’t weigh your hair down!”

Combo 2: Colour Protection + Thin Hair Repair.

Best shampoo: Color WOW Color Security Shampoo

Best conditioner: KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse

Best hair treatment: KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Mass

Why they're the perfect trio:

If your hair is on the dry and brittle side, look for a protein-filled shampoo or conditioner. This is because colouring hair opens up the cuticle, affecting the hair shaft protein levels.

The Color WOW Color Security Shampoo contains wheat proteins that are great for thinning hair. This product will help maintain your colour vibrancy without weighing down hair or clogging follicles. 

“Another product I’ve used in the past which I’ve found effective is the KEVIN.MURPHY Plumping.Rinse , which also smells absolutely amazing,” says Kourtidou.

She also recommends looking out for products that contain oleanolic acid.

“It’s a key ingredient for combatting thin hair as it helps strengthen the hair and prevents the root from thinning out.”

Find it in the KEVIN.MURPHY Body.Mass, which not only does the above but will also give hair beautiful body and bounce.

Combo 3: Repair + Blonde + Bounce.

Best shampoo: Wella SP Silver Blonde Shampoo

Best conditioner: Wella SP Repair Conditioner

Best hair treatment: Nioxin 3D Density Defend Lightweight Strengthening Foam

Why they're the perfect trio:

“If you have colour treated hair, you MUST use colour-safe shampoos and conditioners because if you are using poor quality products, it will strip the colour molecules from your hair”, says Kourtidou. 

As a salon brand, Wella gets approval for use at home too, working in perfect synergy with your colour.

“You need ingredients that are going to nourish your colour and help repair colour damage. My personal go-to for blondes is the Wella SP Silver Blonde Shampoo because it tones blonde hair really well without being overpowering,” she says.

“Pair it with the Wella SP Repair Conditioner and you’re good to go!”

Want to know how to make thin hair thicker with this combo? Forget looking for the best hair thickening spray and try this foam instead. It's an industry best-seller applied on damp hair after washing.

“The Nioxin 3D Density Defend Lightweight Strengthening Foam by Wella is absolutely amazing and I can speak from experience that I have seen hair transform from thin to thick just by using this product,” says Kourtidou.

Now, all you have to do is pick your new mix and match haircare routine. Because you deserve vibrant colour AND hair commercial bounce.

Feature image: Instagram/@bodahairboutique.

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