What's the Best Hairdryer for Thin, Fine Hair?

One of the best ways to volumise hair is with a great blowout. But some hairdryers are better than others for pumping up slender strands. Here are some features to look for when shopping for a dryer.

One of the best ways to volumise hair is with a great blowout. Whilst thin, fine hair can often fall flat, a skilful blow-dry gives you all-day body without creating as much damage as other heat styling tools can.

Picking a hairdryer that suits your hair type is crucial for creating big, bouncy locks whilst maintaining healthy hair. Look for the following features on a hairdryer for fine hair.


model drying hair with hair dryer


Blow-dryers with low temperature and wattage for thin hair

A common mistake that people make when blow-drying their hair is using very high heat. Hotter air speeds things up but is damaging, particularly on finer, less resilient hair. Lots of hairdryers are marketed on their ability to reach high temperatures, but volcanic heat isn't essential when picking a dryer for fine hair.

If you're in a rush to dry your mane, it's much better to increase the air stream than the heat. However, you don’t need too much power in this department either, as a high wattage can easily lead to tangles.

A hairdryer with adjustable levels of temperature and power works well for fine hair. Try the Silver Bullet Metallic Baby Dryer or the ghd Air Professional Hairdryer.

parlux power light 385 hairdryer


Ceramic hairdryers for fine hair

Ceramic hairdryers are beneficial to nearly all types of hair but are particularly helpful for fine, thin tresses. Ceramic hairdryers regulate their temperature better to make the heat less harsh.

Traditional hairdryers can distribute heat unevenly, over-drying some sections of hair while leaving others damp and prone to frizzing. To dry hair more evenly, consider a ceramic hairdryer.


Extras to look for when selecting a hairdryer for thin, fine hair

Using a nozzle on limp locks is a must. A nozzle concentrates the air stream, so you can focus on lifting the roots. Without a nozzle, air flows unevenly, giving you less control over your finished look. Some hairdryers such as the Parlux 3500 can take an additional narrow nozzle for an even more directional air stream.

The final hairdryer feature to look out for is a cool shot button, which drops the temperature instantaneously. Use the cool shot to set your finished style in place. This prevents flyaways and frizz and maintains volume throughout the day.


What's the best hairdryer for thin, fine hair?