How Often Do I Need to Change My Conditioner?

One of the biggest hair myths is that you need to change your conditioner brand regularly. Nothing suggests that your hair 'gets used to' certain products, but external factors can affect how a product works. 

One of the biggest hair myths is that you need to switch up your conditioner brand on a regular basis. Some people believe that hair adjusts to a conditioner because they don't see the same benefits after using one product for a while.

However, the truth is that nothing suggests that your hair 'gets used to' a certain product. In fact, external factors affect the way your conditioner works.

Switching conditioner brands is far less important than finding a conditioner that's tailored to your hair type and lifestyle. Knowing when to adjust your haircare routine is important to ensure well-nourished, good-looking locks all year round.


How often do I need to change my conditioner?


Seasonal changes

A change in season can affect how your conditioner works. Humidity and temperature changes, not to mention climate control, can make a huge difference in your hair's needs.

When the temperature is cooler outside and the heating is on, your hair can be left feeling dry and brittle. It's important, then, to use a more moisturising conditioner. We recommend using Wella SP Hydrate Conditioner plus a mask on a more regular basis.

When humidity is high, your hair can be prone to frizz and flyaways. Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner works to tame frizz and strengthen the hair. High humidity can also make fine hair feel limp, so a volumising conditioner, such as Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Conditioner, is recommended.


How often do I need to change my conditioner?

Changes in hair colour or routine

Your haircare routine needs to address chemical treatments. Chemicals weaken hair's cuticle, meaning hair is more likely to split and break. Conditioner remoisturises and strengthens hair and can also prevent colour from fading.

Shu Uemura Colour Lustre Conditioner preserves colour and gives your hair a glossy finish. A mask such as Apivita Mask for Coloured Hair hydrates and nourishes the hair and reduces split ends.


As you get older, you'll need to adjust your haircare routine. Your hair may become coarser and duller. A repairing conditioner such as Evo Ritual Salvation Conditioner rejuvenates the hair for brighter, shinier locks.

Alternatively, your hair may become thinner, softer, and hard to style. Use a volumising conditioner to help give your hair texture and bounce. We recommend Moroccanoil Extra Volume Conditioner.

Whilst it isn't necessary to change up your conditioner brand, it IS important to pay attention to your hair's ever-changing needs and the environment so you can tailor your conditioning routine appropriately.


How often do I need to change my conditioner?

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