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MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Barrel Brush 35mm
MOROCCANOIL Ceramic Barrel Brush 35mm

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This product is always on backorder because it is THAT GOOD! For a ceramic round brush that is affordable, this works a treat! I don’t use it every day, only when I wear my hair down. But when I do, woo hoo hoo, does my hair look silky smooth and voluminous! I have long thin strands and a lot of them, and I just love how I can add a little wave by my fringe and on the ends. It brings all my flyawa...
Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial 33MM
Denman Brushes
Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial 33MM

Great brush

My hairdresser uses these exact brushes - I think this specific size on me most recently to help give my short hair more volume around the top. It works well for this purpose! Blowing out your own hair is kind of tricky (at least, I think so), but the grip on these brushes are such that they stay well after you’ve wrapped them into your hair and can use both hands to then grab your dryer without w...
Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial 25mm
Denman Brushes
Denman Head Hugger Ceramic Radial 25mm

Works well

The shape makes it especially easy to get close to the contours of my head, as I have shoulder-length hair. Works well, grips nicely in the hand and feels sturdy. Very happy with this purchase.

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