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KEVIN.MURPHY Detox Blonde PackKEVIN.MURPHY Detox Blonde Pack
KEVIN.MURPHY Detox Blonde Pack


Not only does this pack smell amazing but is so nourshing to your hair! 100% detox removing all the bad build up! My hair feels so healthy while removing the yellow tone and keeping me a fresh blonde! Very happy :) I would recommend using small amounts as well, too much can sometimes leave your hair a little oily after air drying for me but other than that I really like it!

Super hydrating blonde shampoo

I wanted to love this product more. It’s definitely the most hydrating blonde shampoo I’ve used however it’s not very strong and the size is quite small for the price. The smell is amazing, like pink musk lollies. I want to purchase this again but would love to know how to use it to it’s fullest potential.
ELEVEN Port Gregory Blonde Trio PackELEVEN Port Gregory Blonde Trio Pack
ELEVEN Australia
ELEVEN Port Gregory Blonde Trio Pack

Great value!

These products are fantastic, and buying them in the trio set is great value. As soon as it hits late October, I'm on AdoreBeauty looking for these babies as they sell out so quickly!

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