Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth

Feel like your hair goes on strike when it hits a certain length? You're not alone. Many people struggle with hair that just doesn't seem to grow. Although slow hair growth can be frustrating, not all is lost. There are tons of ways to help increase your hair growth rate and encourage beautiful, lustrous locks, from new lifestyle habits to great products and tools to add to your beauty arsenal.



Ready to dive in? Let's go! We've got hair history, product recommendations, and tons of knowledge to impart to help make your hair dreams a reality. You'll be going straight from Tinkerbell to Rapunzel in no time after checking out our Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth.



Does Hair Stop Growing at a Certain Length?



Long, lustrous locks have been considered a sign of health, femininity, and luxury since ancient times. It’s understandable that gorgeous, long hair is still so desired today. But how do you get your hair to grow longer, healthier, and faster? We’ve got all the info for you here in our Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth.

Hair growth is a process. On average, your hair grows about six inches per year, so about a half-inch per month. Feeling like you’re not even close to that standard? You’re not alone.

Many people struggle with hair that just seems to stop growing at a certain point. The causes can be everything from poor nutrition to an unhealthy scalp. Helping your hair grow longer, faster, isn't an easy task. It starts with identifying the causes of your delayed hair growth and remedying them with a change in health or personal care habits.

Which Products Can Help My Hair Grow Faster?


There are tons of ways to improve hair growth. Hair growth can be aided by changing how often you wash your hair, getting more frequent trims, and supplementing your diet with omega-fatty-acid-rich foods such as fish, grains, and leafy greens. Often, skin and hair issues present because of internal factors, so rule those out before trying crazy new products to stimulate hair growth.


Which Ingredients Will Help My Hair Grow?


Ruled out an internal cause? It's time to try a product to stimulate hair growth. Products that focus on scalp health and conditioning can be extremely helpful. Fortifying treatments strengthen the hair strands to reduce the likelihood of breakage. Breakage can make hair that’s growing normally seem short, thin, and brittle, giving the appearance of less growth due to loss of volume at the ends.


Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?


Overall, we’re here to give you the comfort that you can improve your hair. Many people struggle with hair growth, and our ultimate guide gives you in-depth answers about your hair growth journey. Check out the articles below for all the answers you’re seeking!


Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth