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Don't leave your natural skincare regimen behind when you travel. Take your next trip with an all-inclusive travel set from Green People. These travel sets contain conveniently sized versions (100 ml or less) of the brand's full-sized products, so it's easy to pack everything you need in any bag.

The Green People Carry-on Travel Pack contains everything you'll need for a tropical holiday. This set contains Moisturising Shower Gel, Scent Free Sun Lotion (SPF 30), and Hydrating After Sun lotion.

The Green People Starter Pack is a great general-purpose kit. This set includes three skincare products, a shampoo, and a moisturising shower gel.

You can also put together your own travel bag by choosing from Green People's wide variety of individual sample-sized products, from skin-toning spritz to toothpaste.

Since 1997, Green People has been a pioneer in establishing standards for natural and organic cosmetics. This entrepreneurial spirit fed the company's drive to develop its line of 100% certified organic health and beauty products that are free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances, and colourants.
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