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Contour and shade your face with precision with this natural hair brush. Brush 028 - Blush/Contour brush has a unique, angled shape making it the perfect brush for creating beautiful contours on your face. Define your cheekbones by using this blush/contour brush to apply bronzer or blush in the hollows of your cheeks.


Apply a small amount of blush or bronzer to the brush. Tap off excess and then apply lightly to the hollows of your cheeks to create a contouring effect.

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Peach Glow - Win! - 18-06-2015 by

I have Peach Glow and I'm really pleased with it! It's one of those really easy formulas to work with, a bit like how NARS products are so easy to use, blend and while you can work it up into a really pigmented look if you want, I find it's great for daily use.

This does have some sparse glimmers that do give just a bit of life to the face, they're not too noticeable at all (and they definitely don't read like you're wearing anything shimmery). Just a touch of healthy glow.

If you're got neutral to warm pale skin I'd definitely recommend you get Peach Glow! Would also look lovely on medium skintones as well!

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