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Glasshouse Tahaa Candle - Vanilla Caramel 350g 350g

4.9 of 264 reviews


4 instalments of $10.74


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4 instalments of $10.74


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Glasshouse Tahaa Candle - Vanilla Caramel 350g

Glasshouse Tahaa Candle - Vanilla Caramel 350g

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4.9 of 264 reviews

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Most Helpful Positive

Lovely smell
I love Glasshouse Candles, this one is a bit sweet for my liking, so don't use all the time

Most Helpful Criticism

Sickly sweet
I like more of a clean fruity smell. If you don’t like a really rich smell then this isn’t for you. Don’t get me wrong smells beautiful like cookies but just very overpowering.
  1. Lovely smell

    I love Glasshouse Candles, this one is a bit sweet for my liking, so don't use all the time
  2. Best smelling candle

    Love this smell perfect mix of sweet yet deep and caramel.
    Would rate it 10/10 however would prefer if they used wood wicks on their candles.
    High price but great quality product
  3. Only recommend for open spaces

    This smells great but I would only recommend it in big open spaces as it's very sweet. Would not recommend for small rooms as it can get a little overwhelming.
  4. Started my candle addiction!

    I love this candle, is affordable for the aesthetic it provides and the sent is so strong. I got this as a gift ages ago and it is is what set my candle addiction alight
  5. Beautiful smell but a little strong

    Glasshouse is my absolute favorite candle brand. I adore the beautiful scent of this candle, it smells like caramel and vanilla. I find it a little strong though so best used in a larger room so it doesn't get too overpowering.
  6. Awesome

    beautiful smelling candle that is very sweet and fill the roo quite quickly because its so strong! i love it
  7. Delicious

    Delicious smelling candle that creates a beautiful smelling house! Love this
  8. House smells amazing

    I was sceptical on spending this much money on a candle but it is so worth the money. The candle lasts so long, fills the whole house with an amazing smell of cookies and last the day!!
  9. Like fresh baked cookies.

    Smells amazing likenfresh baked cookies. Quite a strong scent and makes you crave something sweet. Perfect scent for winter to warm up the home and create a cosy atmosphere.

    I have four of these in my house and will always buy them. They are by far the best candle ever, smell so amazing and last really well. The smell is strong so that you can take the lid off them and it will make that area of the room smell like Vanilla Caramel.
    If you aren't sure about the candle and want to know what it smells like, it is the smell of Peter Alexander. They use this specific candle.
  11. Amazing

    Glasshouse candles are amazinggg. This one is one of my favourites. Can smell it even when its not lit and it lasts such a long time!
  12. Deliciously Amazing!

    This is my go to glasshouse candle. It brings such a beautiful warmth into the house and fills all spaces. I highly recommend trying!
  13. smells good enough to eat

    I ALWAYS only ever buy glasshouse ,candles.
    this is by far my favourite smell.
    This particular scent smells everytime i light it.
  14. Heavenly!

    100% worth the money. This candle lasts for ages and smells so beautiful in my home. I have one in the living room and a second in the bathroom. 10/10 would buy again!
  15. Smells delish

    This candle not only looks great it smells soooooo good! Absolutely amazing!
  16. so yummy

    Love this candle! smells so good! the only bad thing about this candle is it doesnt last forever
  17. Good enough to eat!

    Glasshouse candles are the best! The scent lasts so long & the vanilla caramel is my all time fav. I would def recommend to any candle lover, i will never cheap out on any other brand. Glasshouse is worth the price tag, the scent lasts right down to the last burn. Will make your whole house smell amazing and even smells amazing when its not burning if you leave the lid off.
  18. So good I could eat it

    I have nothing bad to say about the scent of this candle. It smells like vanilla caramel. It makes any room feel warm and cozy. The scent is quite strong which means that you don't need to have the candle burning for too long to get an amazing smell throughout the room.

    The only cons about this perfume is that it is quite expensive, but because it smells so good, you forget about the price tag! Recommend. :)
  19. Amazing

    Smells sooo good you could eat it. Seems like they burn too fast but definety worth buying
  20. A must have for any candle lover.

    This is a staple candle and is a must have in your candle collection. I have been purchasing Glasshouse candles for many years now and this Tahaa candle is one that I always have to replenish. It is perfect for a gift too as everyone would love this flavour. A beautiful scent that will enhance any room, for any audience.
  21. Sickly sweet

    I like more of a clean fruity smell. If you don’t like a really rich smell then this isn’t for you. Don’t get me wrong smells beautiful like cookies but just very overpowering.
  22. Amazing

    If you love caramel scents then you will love this! Such an amazing candle with such a strong scent!

    I love this candle because it smells beautiful and it’s generous on the scent! After having it lit for only 5 minutes the bedroom smells incredible

    Glasshouse can be a little pricy but it’s definetly worth the cost for a warm sweet smelling candle in the winter!

    Nice to put on when quests come over at night for a wine aswell
  24. Love this

    It smells amazing and lasts ages such a simple gift too. I always take advantage when It goes on sale
  25. Smell's like fresh caramel cookies!

    This is such a delightful candle, smells like fresh caramel cookie batter and the scent travels through the whole house when i light it. Beautiful flame and love the double wicks.

    This candle is my most favourite scented Glasshouse fragrance.
    It’s beautiful.
    I also bought the diffuser in the same scent, from Adore Beauty.
    I think Adore Beauty is a wonderful business, they send your products quickly and well packed and thanks for the Tim Tam.
  27. LOVE

    I love this candle, the scent is amazing! (like caramel candy!) I think the scent distributes through the house really well and sticks around, without being overpowering. Most candles I can't tolerate the smell and they make me sneeze but this one I have no issues with. Burns really well and lasts awhile but I think they're a tad overpriced.
  28. The best

    My favourite candle by Glasshouse, so nice in the colder months because it smells just like a freshly baked cookies. The scent fills the whole house
  29. For a sweet vanilla/caramel fudge scent

    Smells sweet like vanilla/caramel jerseys and even the scent from smallest size fills the entire house.
  30. Smells great

    Smells amazing and goes through the whole house!
  31. makes a great gift

    smells like vanilla and butter cupcakes, so rich and creamy and just amazing, fills the house with a sweet scent
  32. Best all round fragrance from Glasshouse.

    This is a really beautiful candle and is the signature scent that lingers in all Peter Alexander stores and I absolutely love it! Now that Winter is coming, this scent keeps me feeling warm and content with its gorgeous vanilla caramel scent. If I had to choose one Glasshouse candle, it would be this one.

    Love this amazing smelling candle! The smell is amazing & makes your home smell beautiful - a bit expensive but definitely worth it as the smell is not too overwhelming at all

    I couldn’t be happier, I received my delivery so quickly and it was well packaged. Thanks for the Tim Tam.
  35. Scent is to die for

    This candles smells amazing even when not lit. Very perfumed and such a great size for living area or bedrooms.
  36. Best smelling candle

    This is my number 1 candle. As soon as you walk into the house you can smell it already, such a beautiful scent and it also lasts ages!
  37. omg its gorg

    I love love love this scent. This candle lasts forever and fills the room with a gorgeous scent of sweetness
  38. Cooked caramel cake

    This candle reminds me of a caramel cake in the oven. It fills my room so quickly with the nicest scent.
  39. Amazing scent, lasts for ages yet slightly expensive

    I've used this candle for years now and theres no turning back. Visitors always compliment the scent.
  40. Absolutely beautiful

    This candle smells Amazing even when it isn’t burning. Lasts a really long time and looks pretty too
  41. smells amazing

    i love this candle smells like im always at peter alexander!! it is a bit rich so i only leave it on 15 minutes at a time but thats not always a bad thing it means the candle lasts and the smell lingers!
  42. Beautiful

    This candle is absolutely beautiful, it smells like a desert made with caramel and cream!
  43. The most amazing scent!

    I first smelt this whilst walking past Peter Alexander and it instantly drew me in. It’s the most gorgeous scent for winter and colder months (probably a little too heavy for summer) and makes the entire house smell divine!!

    I have repurchased this candle multiple times as I love the sweet scent it leaves!
    It is quite strong and I find the smell lingers long after you have blown the candle out.
    It smell super yummy!!! LOVE!!!
  45. Favourite!

    This candle smells divine. I find that it doesn’t even have to be lit to leave the room smelling lovely. Always get compliments when I have it burning. I always have a backup handy for when it runs out.
  46. Reminds me of PA

    This candle is divine. Love The smell it leaves in the house gets all the senses working and truly is delicious! I love coming home after a hard days work to my pleasant smelling home.
    I discovered it in my local Peter Alexander store but purchased it here through Adore beauty as I love the range and convenience.
    I've gifted this particular candle and have made many others hooked too
  47. Rich and sweet scent

    My all-time favourite candle. I could leave this with the lid off without burning it and you'd still get the scent to fill the room. Definitely worth the price tag.
  48. Very sweet

    I prefer more fresh scents and this is quite heavy and sickly sweet, but does make the room smell amazing. Smells like Vanilla essence
  49. best Glasshouse candle ever

    this is such a nice scent and it goes on for so long. its smells lasts in the house for so long. the smell is like perfume vanilla with caramel very beautifully mixed together
  50. Amazing candle

    Love this candle! Smells Devine and is so luxurious
  51. Favourite Glasshouse scent

    This is my favourite Glasshouse candle.
    It smell fills every room in the house!
    Its a summer and a winter candle.

    Always my go to scent
  52. The best candles going around

    This brand has the best scented candles. I go into a room and smell the scent even when they are not burning . They are amazing
  53. My Favourite Candle

    This vanilla caramel candle is so incredible, it's extremely scented and can fill the house with scent quite quickly. I find even using this candle very regularly it also lasts a long time. Trim your wicks regularly though to stop is 'spitting'!
  54. Candle of the century

    This candle is iconic! It smells so incredibly good, and the scent is so strong it can fill a car or room without the wick even being lit when you first open the lid. As someone who loves vanilla, caramel, warm marshmallowy scents, there is genuinely no better candle.

    I gift it to people all the time because it's something I know that they will 100% use and love.

  55. My favourite scent

    I love this candle, think it's really good value for money for the size, and intensity of fragrance. It's a really yummy caramel flavour, I don't really smell any of the vanilla.
  56. the best of the best

    Wow oh wow !
    I have used many candles but have never loved a candle as much as I love this one.
    You can smell this candle without even burning it! It reminds me of Peter Alexander.it is quite strong which i personally love.
    Glasshouse dont ever get rid of this candle
  57. The best glasshouse candle

    Tahaa is my all time favourite Glasshouse candle, with its heady vanilla caramel with coconut peaking out, its so delicious I could almost eat it. The strength and throw is amazing, you can smell it even with the lid on. This was my first Glasshouse which started the love story.
  58. TAHAA Goodness

    Vanilla Caramel hands down the most delicious candle on the market that makes my whole home smell incredible!
  59. Best candle ever

    I’ve bought this candle a few times and can’t get enough. Even without burning it makes my lounge room smell amazing!! Don’t need to burn for long at times, and makes the whole house smell so good. I’ll be buying this over and over again
  60. Delicious

    Omg this is by far the best smelling candle I have ever smelt. I have 1 in every room of the house. Delicious!
  61. My favourite candle ever

    This candle smells amazing, it lasts ages and fills the whole room with fragrance
  62. smells heavenly

    smells absolutely heavenly, sweet and smells like baked goods
  63. Great scent

    I really like this scent, not too overerpowering and really fills up the space. Worth the money and the jar is nice once done.
  64. Best candle ever

    This is the best candle I've bought, and definitely worth the price! It makes my whole apartment smell amazing even when its not burning.
  65. Best smelling candle

    This candle smells so good you could eat it!
    The scent drifts threw the entire house
  66. Another great candle from glasshouse!

    This candle smells so strongly, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! I've never found a nicer or more strongly scented vanilla based candle fragrance. It is super sticky sweet, but that's what makes me love it!
  67. Smells like baking, caramel and love

    This candle is just out of the world. The scent is strong and lingers but doesn't over power, it scents a room beautifully without even being lit. I always come back around to this candle, even if it does now make me think of shopping for PJs.
  68. Worth the price

    I've been hooked on this scent ever since smelling it at Peter Alexander. The smell is amazing if you love anything sweet/caramel and is strong enough to fill a decent sized room. On the pricier side but worth it.
  69. Caramel/Vanilla

    Beautiful caramel and vanilla scent and always leaves my room smelling lovely!
  70. Perfect gift scent

    The vanilla and caramel scent is perfect and reminds me of peter Alexander, such a sweet smell. Not too overpowering and perfect for a bedroom scent. Awesome present idea and lasts ages.
  71. Delicious!

    This candle is amazing! It lasts ages and smells delicious! And you don't even have to light it, I just leave the lid off and my whole house smells amazing!
  72. Beautiful Scent

    I love these candles! They burn well and are pretty in any room. The scent is so nice and strong! Whenever I take the lid off the smell hits the room and it’s fantastic! Obviously even better once you light it! Highly recommend, great scent
  73. Best scent ever from glasshouse !!!

    I have had this candle a few times now and also bought as a gift for friends it is my go to gift smells amazing and is a scent for everyone
  74. Super yummy and delicious

    Amazing high quality and beautiful candle. It smells absolutely delicious, like decadent caramel and vanilla fudge. I bought this as a gift, but then bought more for me. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. Fills up the house with an inviting and cosy aroma. I think both men and women would love this one.
  75. Like a lolly shop without the guilt!

    Oh my! This really is a decadent, delicious, moreish scent - you'll feel like your senses have been overwhelmed with Jersey Caramels, but your waistline won't be paying for it later! Just having this lit for a short while will fill your space with yumminess, but it will emanate sugary sweetness even unlit. And of course you can use the empty glass jar for bits & bobs afterwards - winning :)

    The best smelling candle i have ever bought in my life!!!!! Makes any room smell like sweet vanilla and rich caramel without the guilt!! Cant recommend highly enough
  77. Only downside is it makes me want dessert. All the time.

    My tied favourite with the Montego Bay scent. It's sweet without being sickly and lasts ages. I can smell it even when the candle isn't lit, honestly. Glasshouse is my favourite brand for a scented candle that actually fills the room and lasts. Worth the price tag. If you like vanilla scents this is the one.
  78. The most beautiful candle I’ve ever had

    Is this candle worth $42? HELLA YEAH
    Can not believe how good this is, like this is top of the range candle. It smells every single time you put it on, even when it’s not and the covers off you can smell it. It’s amazing, and if you haven’t smelt it before I reckon buying it as a risk will pay off. Cannot go wrong with it, smells like caramel and vanilla

    The smell of this candle is just out of this world. I received the smaller version as a Christmas present and WOW, the smell went through the whole entire house. Our visitors went out to also purchase the candle. Great quality.
  80. Amazing!

    I am a frequent repurchaser of this candle, it has a beautiful fragrance and I've found that it has a stronger scent compared with other candles. I've also found it does last, so it's well worth the money!
  81. Best

    This is one of my favourite candels it smells amazing so sweet so strong the whole house smells amazing
  82. I love this candle!!

    I love this candle so much. I literally own 5 of these candles and my whole family loves the smell
  83. Very sweet and warm! Love it!

    I have been using glasshouse for a few years now and i thought i would try this Tahaa candle coz its the best rated scent here and yes it is very very nice! The candle smells just like sweet vanilla caramel and it makes my apartment & the hallway smell awesome... i can literally smell it long before i open my apartment door XD, this one also burns very evenly and no weird black smoke like some other glasshouse ones ive bought. Im very impressed!

    It can def be a both summer and winter scent. However i do prefer fresher scents for hot summer days like the Montego Bay (coconut & lime). I also ordered the new Sunsets In Capri Candle. I will post a review once ive tried it :)
  84. Sweet in the background

    if you have sweet tooth, you will like this candle. When lit, it's like someone is baking a cake in the oven. I love it. I burn it for hours and the scent just lingers in the backdrop. I get many compliments when I have this on. People just think I've been baking at home. Love it. It also burns quite evenly, just need to ensure the wicks are not too short the first time you burn it so that it burns evenly and not tunneling.
  85. Always love Glasshouse quality

    I love the dessert smell of this candle and find that Glasshouse candles have the best smell distribution out.
  86. Literally the best candle you’ll ever buy

    Everytime you walk past a peter Alexandra and you smell that caramel scent, it’s this candle. It’s strong and can actually smell it while it’s lit, sometimes even when it’s not which is wonderful. It lasts for ages too. Its pricey for a candle but honestly totally worth it, 100% would keep buying this candle. This brand is just a a beautiful brand
  87. Perfect all rounder

    I’ve been a long time user of this product after discovering it was the same candle they burnt in Peter Alexander stores. The smell is sweet but not overpowering and last for ages! You don’t even have to light the candle to have the scent fill the room. I burn this candle almost every day and it lasts for months. Couldn’t recommend it more
  88. Caramel

    Such a beautiful caramel candle. Has a hint of vanilla too. Packaging is also really classy.
  89. The Best candle on this earth

    So this is the best candle on this earth, I love the smell of it and have for years I will never get sick of it. I am saving up now to buy the same scent in the diffuser. This candle is my favourite candle I have ever bought.
  90. Best of the best

    This is the perfect gift for absolutely anyone. You don't even have to light it for the smell to linger all throughout the house. Have purchased over and over, have not once been disappointed
  91. A Favourite for any Sweet Tooth

    Glasshouse candles in general really hold their scent. Even without burning. This scent is not for everyone but great for any salted caramel lover. Compared to other candle brands I find it last a long time even when burnt daily.
  92. Can’t go wrong!

    This candle is so delicious, makes you wanna eat it!
    Leaves you room smelling so sweet such a lovely cosy and warm smell. Love this one!!!!
  93. My favourite

    As always the packaging of this candle is absolutely stunning. It has a very strong, feminine scent. Definitely for those who love sweet scents, the vanilla is delicious but not too overpowering - great in winter
  94. Tahaa is my most loved candle

    I have bought this candle numerous times both for gifts and for myself. Everyone I have bought this for loves the scent! You don't even need to light this to smell it, you can smell it as soon as the lid is taken off. Tahaa is such a classic candle and you cannot go wrong. The scent is addictive; so warm and sweet.
  95. Favourite Candle Ever

    Don't even bother trying other candles, this one is worth the money and will always be my favourite, so yum! Burn time is awesome, lasts ages. I couldn't even tell you how many times I have re-purchased over and over!
  96. Worth the $$

    I've tried so many candies and always come back to my original! Super sweet
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