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Glasshouse Rio De Janeiro Candle - Passionfruit & Lime 350g 350g

4.7 of 73 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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Glasshouse Rio De Janeiro Candle - Passionfruit & Lime is full of zest and simply sublime! Think flamboyant street parades, wild music and celebrations late into the night. Glasshouse Rio De Janeiro Candle - Passionfruit & Lime captures the spirit of Brasil, with its exotic scents of ripe Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange. This fragrance gives your senses an instant lift.


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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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4.7 of 73 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smells amazing!


This candle is my number 1 go to! It smells amazing and fills the whole house with a beautiful, fresh, summery scent! It freshens the air and makes living so much better! 1000% recommend

Most Helpful Criticism

Sweet but bitter.


I have such a strong sense of smell and this is the ONLY glasshouse candle I do not like. It is extremely strong (great for airing out a bad smell) but I find it overpowering and overwhelming. It’s not a bad scent but it’s a strange scent. I would suggest Beverly Hills if you are looking for a sweet glasshouse candle.
  1. My summer candle


    This candle is perfect for warmer months as it's very bright and fruity. I love burning this during summer to keep my home smelling amazing.
  2. Smells amazing!


    This candle is my number 1 go to! It smells amazing and fills the whole house with a beautiful, fresh, summery scent! It freshens the air and makes living so much better! 1000% recommend
  3. Beautiful candle


    Passionfruit and lime is a great combination. It has a very strong scent but I like it. It reminds me of summer days
  4. Fresh


    Very Fresh/Fruity smelling, but not citrusy or too strong!
  5. Tropical summer


    Love this candle, honestly smells like Hawaii. Smells like a tropical summer.
  6. Favourite scent!


    This is my all time favourite Glasshouse fragrance! It's super fruity and tropical and smells like summer. I love it and would recommend
  7. Passionfruit and lime is amazing


    This candle is too die for - I am a big fan of passionfruit scents and this one does not let down at all - plus the lime adds a nice zest to it. If you're looking to try something different but fruity - this one is the best!
  8. Strong smell


    The scent fills the entire room really quick. Very fruity, strong and refreshing.
  9. Amazing smell


    This scent is in my top 3 for Glasshouse, so sweet and long lasting!
  10. Sweet but bitter.


    I have such a strong sense of smell and this is the ONLY glasshouse candle I do not like. It is extremely strong (great for airing out a bad smell) but I find it overpowering and overwhelming. It’s not a bad scent but it’s a strange scent. I would suggest Beverly Hills if you are looking for a sweet glasshouse candle.
  11. Smells great!


    This scent smells amazing - almost like a tropical holiday. The smell really travels around the house and the candle itself lasts a reasonably long time. Only downside is the price but definitely worth it if you want to splurge!
  12. Great


    I absolutely adore Glasshouse candles. The scent is really strong and can fill an entire house quickly. Their burn times are so long as well. Even using one each night for a few hours - it will still last months. I love the Rio scent too, my favourite. Highly recommended.
  13. One of the best Glasshouse Candles


    Love the fruity scent of this candle. The smell is perfect - not too strong and not weak. Perfect for yourself to brighten up the bedroom or house and great as a gift! Everyone would love it.
  14. Sweetest scent


    This scent is super sweet and reminds me of summer all year round!
    This scent is the best cross between citrus and tropical fruits!
    The glass house range is very luxurious and the jars are beautiful!
    The only only problem is that in a small contained room this candle can make your head hurt as the scent is strong!
    This is by far the best scent that glasshouse has!
  15. My favourite


    My hands down favourite candle ever! Beautiful fruity smell! Love giving as a gift as well and everyone has always loved when I have had it burning. Packaging is gorgeous too.
  16. best glasshouse candle


    Hands own, my favourite glasshouse candle scent.. I've tried a lot of them.
    Its' not very over powering, like some of their other ones.
    Long lasting, but I would recommend buying the larger size candles, not the mini ones. As they're more value for money.
  17. Beautiful, fresh and summery


    Tahaa is still my favourite Glasshouse scent but I really love the Rio De Janeiro scent also. It is fresh and fruity and reminds me of summer. I tend to alternate between the two depending on season and I find them both to be really nice and not too overpowering. Great gift idea.
  18. Perfect amount of scent!


    For someone who suffers from asthma due to instances over powering scents this candle definitely does not over power, super lovely!
  19. Warm sents


    Good to use it in bedroom. Smells happy and warm.
  20. Not overpowering


    I received this for a secret Santa Xmas present after I requested for a new candle( preferably glasshouse)
    This is such a beautiful smelling and looking candle. The scent is so fruity and delicious. I love this as a spring/summer scent. The fragrance makes the whole house smell so good. Also, I love the vibrant orange colour of this candle.
  21. Fragrance is so pleasant


    I don’t feel like going out much when I light this one. Guys trust me it is so lovely smell and it’s all over the house. Though it is bit expensive, it is going to last for months. I am gifting Glasshouse to relatives and friends as gifts too. They all liked it.
  22. Gorgeous


    So yummy! Perfect scent for summer. Really fresh!
  23. You can’t go wrong with any Glasshouse product!


    Beautiful scent, definitely worth every cent as it lasts very long!
  24. love this for summer


    I really like to burn this during summer nights its add a loverly aroma around the apartment and is nice and fun.
  25. Delicious


    I first smelt this beautiful candle at a friend’s house and I knew I just had to purchase. I have not been disappointed. The most beautiful, summery smell permeates my house when I burn this! Will repurchase again and again
  26. LOVE this candle!


    Gorgeous smelling candle that lasts a long time. It has a strong scent that fills the house.
  27. Heavenly scent


    Absolutely stunning and heavenly scented candle. Smells so beautiful, inviting, uplifting and fills up the house. Looks beautiful too. High quality candle. I bought a few different candles from Adorebeauty and this is my favourite. Takes me away to a tropical holiday - sun, surf, sand and cocktails. I would definitely recommend to everyone and anyone. You won’t be disappointed.
  28. Cannot live without


    I love the Rio De Janeiro candle from Glasshouse.
    I love that the smell is strong and sweet.
    So strong that the smells makes it way throughout our 4 bd home.

    Great value for money candle.

    Glasshouse never disappoints.
  29. Bit too Strong on the Nose


    I initially really loved the smell of this candle, but after a while I found that it was a bit too strong.
    However, the scent has good staying power so I ended up burning it close to breeze-ways inside the house (ie. hall-ways etc and not in a confined room) and this made the strength of the scent a bit more bearable.
    Probably wouldn't repurchase as I definitely prefer some of the other scents over this one.

  30. LOVE!!!


    I was first given this candle a present and LOVED it. Its fruity scent fills my entire house, even if it's burning in my room, and the scent lasts for several days afterwards! Once I finished the first candle, I have since repurchased it again, and will likely buy it again when I finish the one I have at the moment.
  31. Very strong tropical smell


    This candle is heavily scented, in fact I would go so far as to say this is Glasshouse’s most heavily scented candle.
    It’s a strong fruity, smell and it easily fills an entire house with its aroma.
    My mother got this candle as a gift and it’s scent fills a room even when it’s not burning.
  32. Refreshing smell


    Really tropical, passion fruit refreshing smell.
  33. Lovely tropical scent


    Smells great! Super tropical and summery - it's like a holiday for your living room. Would definitely buy again.
  34. Delicious!


    So deliciously tropical and warm! You feel like you're actually transported to the bustling Rio De Janeiro and it's heat. Candle burns evenly and is fantastic quality. Can't beat it. Very strong fragrance that wafts throughout the house and lingers for ages too. Love it.
  35. Ok


    It has a strong fruity scent and lasts quite a long time .
  36. Fruity smell


    Really lovely smelling candle. Burns for such a long time too. Really nice fruity/zesty smell to it. I also love it in the mini size for a smaller room OR as a gift.
  37. Great gift


    The RIo candle is smells so fruity and fun. Makes a great gift. The scent is divine and the packaging is stunning! Love the colour of the candle too
  38. Strong and fruity


    I think this is one of the more strongly scented candles. It packs a nice fruity punch and smells lovely when lit and lasts for hours!
  39. Summer in candle form


    Smells like summer in the best and most fruity way. Lasts ages , i find glasshouse candle burn slow which makes them worth the price.
  40. Love this!


    This smells so amazing - one of my favorites from Glasshouse Candles. I do find though that they dont burn for very long - I usually find that with most of the Glasshouse Candles - but its worth it. Great for a gift too.
  41. One of the best gifts


    I was gifted this and it's one of my favs. I love it so so much I've repurchased it.
  42. Best candle ever


    Glasshouse can never do wrong Rio De Janerio literally smells like summer and you can smell it all over the house it is very strong you can even smell it when it’s not on
  43. Divine!


    Nothing beats the quality of Glasshouse candles! The scent just fills your whole home! Rio De Janeiro is like a party in a jar! So fresh, fruity and summery! I also love the fun colour of this candle.
  44. Winner!


    I gave this as a gift for a recent baby shower. The candle smells really fresh and packaging is super cute! Glasshouse candles are amazing!
  45. Gorgeous fruity scent


    This candle has a really nice fruity scent. Love the colour too. Can't go wrong with these gorgeous hand made candles from glasshouse.
  46. Fruity


    Love the colour of this candle and it smells very fruity and makes the whole room smell beautiful!
  47. Fresh & Fruity


    I have gone through 2 of these now & bought for a friend. Such a yummy scent! The candle itself lasts forever and burns beautifully... if you like a fruity smell - this one is for you!
  48. Fresh & yummy scent


    I love this scent so much. Perfect for summer. Also it lasts for ages. And when its finished you have a great container for cotton buds etc.
  49. Amazing


    Great candle, the whole house smells amazing. Definitely buying again
  50. tropical


    such a gorgeous scent, so easy and tropical. this candle lasts forever, and the scent is so nice and fresh.
  51. Beautiful fresh scent


    I had purchased other Glasshouse candles previously and wanted to try new scents. I adore the Tahaa scent but found the scent to conflict with the smell of cooking too much as I have an open plan home. This scent is great for the living room especially in Summer. It smells fresh and fruity, the scent is a hit in my home.
  52. Smells devine


    Adore these candles this is another of my favourites
  53. My go-to birthday present


    This candle burns beautifully & fills the house with a luscious fresh scent. My best friend gets one of these every year for her birthday as its' zingy scent is iconic.
  54. Nice fruity scent


    I adore this Rio De Janeiro candle from Glasshouse. It is lovely and sweet. It makes a nice gift for anyone who like fruity scented candles. It also looks gorgeous displayed in the house.
  55. Super nice!!


    This is a very fruity scent and i love the hints of lime within it as citrusy smells are my favourite. I loved the coconut lime so obviously i had to try this one and it is amazing just like most other glasshouse candles.
  56. Another Go To Candle


    Glasshouse have done it again with the Rio candle! Much like the cult favourite, Tahaa, this candle is a winner and worth buying again and again! It is the perfect summer scent, that brings a coolness on a hot summer day. Again, this candle manages to put off a good smell even when it is not burning.
  57. Love the scent


    Usually candles give me headaches, but this particular scent doesn't. Its so fruity and refreshing!
  58. YUM


    My absolute favorite scent! I am more of a fresh/fruity/citrus scent type rather than the woody smell. This scent is amazing and does not get overpowering or sickly.

    Glasshouse fragrances are fantastic. if you light all the wicks it burns evenly and lasts for hours and hours. The smell will fill up the whole house.
  59. Bought many times


    This reminds me of a relaxing holiday... so I've purchased it a few times. It's one of my candles that I am always alternating between and have gifted to others.
  60. Smells like a holiday


    I love this scent so much! It reminds me of Hawaii and smells like a tropical holiday!!
  61. My room literally smells like a fruit salad.


    If you prefer a fruity scent over a spicy scent, this is a must have. Glasshouse candles are super strong and this is no exception. I got this to complement my tahaa, which is caramel scented, and burn it every other day when I am not feeling an overly sweet scent for my room. Super refreshing
  62. YUM


    This is a sweet fruity scent that is perfect in summer. I love how the scent of Glasshouse Candles last for ages after they have been blown out. I love coming home to this smell.
  63. Mmm


    Rio De Janeiro smells very warm, tropical and fruity. When I burn it, it evokes this "warmthness" that takes me back to when I was travelling overseas in a hot summers day. The candle is high quality and takes forever to finish burning. One large one usually lasts me about 2 months. The scent wafts throughout the entire house. It's just beautiful. Highly recommend as a treat to yourself or a gift to a loved one.
  64. Good Pick Bro!


    After smelling so many candles my nose was sore, my brother chose this tropical-scented candle as a gift for our mum. She absolutely loves it. It is such a strong, unique smell, and she doesn't burn it all the time, but when she does the house smells absolutely wonderful.
  65. Tropical holiday

    Em H

    This is such a strong smelling candle with a sweet, fruity, tropical scent. The scent quickly fills up the house and lingers, meaning you get a large pay off.

    The candle has a very summer time scent and smells like you are on a tropical island. I think this candle would make an excellent gift.
  66. Love this scent!


    First smelt this in a display home and had to buy it immediately. Really lovely fresh smell, would recommend.
  67. Perfect summer scent, stylish decor


    This was my first Glasshouse candle and wow, what a great find! The scent throw is strong yet not overpowering, it really is the perfect balance. I'm so impressed with the stylish, luxurious packaging and reusable glass jar, it fits perfectly with any decor. I've kept the lid off when not in use/burning and it makes my large, open living space beautiful smelling. Highly recommend this brand. This fragrance is perfect for a non typical tropical, sweet but refreshingly different.


    Love love love this scent! It's my partner and my favourite one out of all the glasshouse candles
  69. Love this scent!


    This is my favourite my room smells like a tropical island
  70. Absolute best!


    You can never go wrong with Glasshouse candles and this scent is just amazing. Definitely worth the money!
  71. Great candle!


    Glasshouse make the best candles, hands down! The quality is exceptional - the fragrances are strong, they burn evenly, last a long time and the packaging is beautiful.

    Rio smells (unsurprisingly) like passionfruit and lime. Kinda like a summer holiday somewhere warm. I would eat this candle if I could, it smells SO good!! I honestly can't stop buying Glasshouse candles. They make too many delicious fragrances!

    Glasshouse candles also make lovely presents for people that are tricky to buy for.
  72. Big Fragrance Payoff!


    This scent of Glasshouse Candles was the first one I'd ever used. It was given to me as a gift and I was so impressed I have continued to purchase these candles since.

    First of all, the FRAGRANCE is amazing! Particularly the Rio De Janeiro. After only a couple of minutes of burn time in my large, open living area the fragrance is strong and throughout the whole area. It smells absolutely heavenly, if you're a fan of citrus scents, as I am.

    Secondly, all of the Glasshouse range melt down perfectly, not like other brands of candles. This is really one thing that sets them apart on the market. There is no wax left up the sides of the jar with a big hole gaping in the centre. Evenly melting and strong smelling are the big features of Glasshouse and the Rio De Janeiro is no exception.

    Thirdly, the colour is fantastic and makes this candle my absolute favourite in the range. It looks beautiful and bright sitting on my buffet with a vase of flowers besides it.
    I absolutely recommend dishing out the money for this candle. Yes, it's pricey, but you get hours and hours of a really strong, beautiful fragrance filling the house and you're left with a fantastic looking glass jar to be re-used at the end of it!
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