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Glasshouse Paris Candle - Violet & Patchouli 350g

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Glasshouse Paris Candle - Violet & Patchouli 350g by Glasshouse Fragrances


Glasshouse Paris Candle - Violet & Patchouli takes you to the secret heart of Paris, rich with passion and excess. A silhouette of gold against the darkened city, Glasshouse Paris Candle evokes a place where anything goes and fantasy comes to life.


Glasshouse Paris Candle - Violet & Patchouli scent notes:

Top notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Apple.
Middle notes: Violet, Black Pepper, Lily of the Valley.
Base notes: Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Amber, Patchouli.


Perfect for a little self indulgence or as a gift for any fragrance lover. A formerly limited edition candle, brought back by popular demand.



Highest quality non-toxic wax.

Natural lead-free cotton wicks.


Handmade in Australia.

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best glasshouse candle yet. - 05-08-2016 by

this glasshouse paris candle is everything i hoped it would be. it has a very luxurious sensual scent which is complemented by a beautiful combination of violet and patchouli. it does not smell too sweet or sugary, neither does it have a strong floral or musky undertone. If this was ever a perfume i would wear it! as with all glasshouse candles,this has terrific scent throw and burns evenly.
this would also make an excellent gift as it is beautifully packaged. hands down my favourite glasshouse candle to date.

Le Cabaret is back, and as enticing as ever! - 23-06-2016 by

I must admit, Glasshouse limited edition candles often have me buying them for the sake of the packaging as much as for the scent. Glasshouse Le Cabaret was different though. I only managed to snap up one and by the time I'd lit it once and realised that it was true love, of course they were sold out... I'd been hoarding my precious ever since then.

But good news! The release of Glasshouse Paris has brightened my whole month, I can't believe my favourite limited edition scent is back! So exciting to re-welcome Le Cabaret back as Paris!

This candle is everything. Glasshouse Paris is a little bit warm, a little bit comforting, a little bit sexy. It manages to be heady in a way that draws you in, without ever once being overwhelming. It's a wonderfully balanced scent that isn't too floral, isn't too strong on the incense/woody notes.

This is absolutely ideal for adding instant cosiness to any room. It is the kind of smell that will have every guest asking what you're burning.

I really hope that Glasshouse release more products with the Paris scent!

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