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Glasshouse Oahu Candle - Ilima Milk & Honey 350g 350g

4.8 of 48 reviews


4 instalments of $11.24


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4 instalments of $11.24


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"Don't know a good thing til it's gone"

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Glasshouse Oahu Candle - Ilima Milk & Honey evokes a warm summer's eve among swaying palms and hula skirts, listening to the gentle lap of the ocean. The delicate Violet, White Heliotrope and Narcissus flowers of the Glasshouse Oahu Candle - Ilima Milk & Honey calm and relax with a soft, feminine scent. Create an unforgettable, aromatic Hawaiian welcome that’s renowned the world over with Oahu.

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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4.8 of 48 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Natural light


Subtle smell

Most Helpful Criticism

Clean and fresh.. like a baby.


This fragrance is very clean and fresh. I did have someone comment it smells like baby powder though, which is a bit off putting. It would be nice for a baby nursery though.
  1. Baby smell


    Glasshouse are quality candles. This is really sweet and feminine and smells like baby powder.
  2. Nice


    Very calming and soft scent yet has great longevity and strength. Beautiful
  3. smells divine


    This candle smells so sweet and heavenly. It burns for a really long time too.
  4. Nice


    I like this one but I prefer the Tahaa candle - it's a bit sweeter and warmer
  5. Deep, milky scent


    I was pleasantly surprised when my Mum bought me this, as it's not not the first candle I'd think to get from Glasshouse. So glad she chose it for me and introduced me. It is a fresh, musky milk scent, and I don't usually like musky scents at all, but this is really lovely. It's a bit like baby powder in perfume form, but with added notes of honey. I'm disappointed to hear it's being discontinued ...
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  6. Lovely gentle scent


    I bought this mostly because I love the idea of a Milk & Honey scented candle. It a very gentle scent that isn't overpowering.
  7. Gentle


    The smell isn’t so strong on this one but it is calming
  8. Soft and calming


    This candle has a soft and gentle scent. It’s lovely if you like a hint of a scent in a room. If you want a stronger scent, the diffuser would be a better option.
  9. Soft and beautiful


    Such a beautiful, soft scent. Fills my house with a sweet, breezy scent. I love it for warm sunsets during spring
  10. Love Glasshouse Candles - this scent is sweet!


    I absolutely adore Glasshouse Candles! I have been buying their products for years and love that Adore stock them. This sweet scent is divine, and not too overpowering, even in smaller spaces. It truly takes me back to the North Shore. Could easily burn this all day long! I love the glass jars and when the candle has finished burning, I clean them out and store cosmetics etc. in them.
  11. Obsessed!


    I was gifted this for my birthday, I lived in Oahu for 8 months and now live in New Zealand so it was such a sweet idea and reminder. It smells so divine! I would light the candle every day, it's just so good!
  12. Nice but gentle


    Quite a nice subtle fragrance. It's a bit too bland for me as I prefer the fruitier scents. This would be quite nice is a bathroom or guest room.
  13. Great but not amazing


    I used to buy this candle all the time (changed out for Tahaa) because it has such a nice and soft smell to it and isn't anything to full on. I still love it but sometimes feel it is a bit too expensive for the scent (sounds weird I know) - still love it, just wish it was a bit cheaper!
  14. Soft


    Loved the soft scent of this. Lasted a really long time and it looks beautiful! Would make a really lovely gift.
  15. Perfect, “soft” scent


    I love this candle for my bedroom, it has a lovely “soft” scent which is noticeable without even lighting the candle, but isn’t overpowering at all. So relaxing before bed, I even have the matching hand cream it smells so good!
  16. Gentle scent


    One of my favourite candles. It's very gentle and suitable for enclosed areas as it's quite soft. Great gift idea.
  17. Great, clean scent


    Oahu has a beautiful fresh, clean light smell. Almost like a perfumed soap (but in a good way!). Smells like rose, with a hint of vanilla and musk. Perfect for someone who likes light floral fragrances that aren't too sweet. Would definitely recommend adding to your collection.
  18. Great to freshen up your home


    This is one of my fav glasshouse candles because it's such a clean and universal scent, it's great for freshening up a kitchen or bathroom space quickly if you have unexpected guests. Love it
  19. Holy grain of candles

    Sally S

    I am really sensitive to smells, I often get an instant headache from certain perfumes, candles or incense. I hate anything too heavy or overwhelming. This candle is sent straight from the heavens, its light and fresh with the smallest touch of sweetness. The glass case is heavy and you can tell its good quality, being triple scented you can smell it as soon as you take the lid off. I sometimes on...
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  20. delicate scent


    great long lasting candle, not over powering which is nice.
  21. Pure - Innocent - Baby


    Such a lovely powdery scented candle. Great "flavour" for a living room. Not overpowering. Reminds me of baby and baby powder.
  22. Fills the room


    This is a beautiful candle with a soft scent that quickly fills the room, it’s creamy with a hint of sweet and I love it
  23. Childhood Fresh!


    Evokes the Denver’s if childhood- fresh, sweet and innocent. Makes the house smell amazing!
  24. Clean and fresh.. like a baby.


    This fragrance is very clean and fresh. I did have someone comment it smells like baby powder though, which is a bit off putting. It would be nice for a baby nursery though.
  25. My favourite candle


    This is my favourite candle. I have a big living space and the scent fills the room perfectly. I find the smell very calming and homely.
  26. Clean


    Such a clean and fresh smelling candle. Such a sweet scent!
  27. I love it


    The glasshouse candles are amazing, the packaging is luxurious, and the burn time is quite long, and even, making them great value for money! Not to mention they smell amazing.. This one has such a warm and homely scent!
  28. fresh scent


    Love the smell - it's a very fresh and soft/ mild scent. Will be repurchasing! This candle lasts for ages too.
  29. Beautiful gentle scent


    I love this candle by glasshouse, it's one of their more gentle sweet scents, I would describe it as almost the smell of fresh laundry and newborn babies. It's so delightful
  30. light and soft smell

    perfecting skin

    very soft milky smell but it spreads around the house very quickly. i have this on my dining table and its smells spreads very quickly all around the house. long lasting candle too.
  31. Favourite Scent!


    This is hands down my favourite Glasshouse Candle scent, so beautiful and fresh! Will definitely be purchasing again.. and again!
  32. Love!


    This is one of my favourite candles from Glasshouse. It's soft and sweet in a really nice way.
  33. Great baby shower gift


    I recently gave this as a gift for a baby shower and the recipient loved it! It was in line with the pink theme and the candle smells so nice and sweet.
  34. Beautiful!


    I absolutely love this scent! It's my favorite glasshouse scent and definitely a bit underrated. Lovely delicate floral and milky sweet notes, perfect when you need a soothing evening.
  35. Soft and milky


    I think this is one of the softer scented candles. It's very comforting and sweet. A really beautiful handmade candle that smells amazing and lasts a long time
  36. Mild and Sweet


    This is one of the lighter scented candles, it smells a bit sweet but in a milky soft way. Very pretty
  37. Anytime anywhere


    This is a perfect all rounder. Many glasshouse candles can get overpowering but this this little number is a subtle punch.
    Probably my fav. An unintrusive creamy powdery scent for any occasion. I burned through this fast and definitely want to rebuy.
  38. My go-to!


    This scent is soooo underrated.. Personally this is the best scent Glasshouse has made. Smells so fresh and fills up the room even when it's not lit. Definitely one to try!
  39. Perfect for gifting!


    I gifted this to a friend and she absolutely LOVED it! it looks so luxurious and beautiful and the packaging is so useful after the candle has been burnt which makes for the perfect gift. Highly Recommend
  40. Smells amazing


    I love how this candle has such a beautiful fragrance, it’s not too strong, delicate and pretty, one of my favourite Glasshouse candles
  41. smells really nice!


    glasshouse make the best quality candles, I love the smell of this one it makes my room smell soft and sweet. lasts forever too.
  42. Very nice


    Beautiful candles as always from glasshouse, They burn for so long and always have such incredible scents. This is very sweet and creamy, It smells beautiful wafting through the house.
  43. Another Beautiful Glasshouse Candle


    I absolutely love Glasshouse Candles. They are a little bit of luxury for me usually getting them for Birthday Presents or Mother's Day.
    This scent is really lovely.
    It is sort of powdery and clean smelling. Really nice next to the bed.
    These candles have amazing scent throw too.
    Highly Recommend.
    They make a beautiful gift.
  44. Nice clean smell


    A nice clean powdery smell I think this smell suits a baby's nursery perfectly. I was a bit excited about burning this candle that I've already finished it lol, but the quality is amazing can't wait to try out glasshouse's other scents. The best thing about this candle is that you can smell it even after you extinguish the flame and it can really add enough fragrance to a room just by keeping the ...
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