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Glasshouse Montego Bay Mini Candle - Coconut Lime 60g 60g

4.8 of 33 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.99


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4.8 of 33 reviews

97% recommend this product

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favourite glasshouse scent!


I think I've tried all of the classic glasshouse scents, and this one is by far my favourite! It smells fresh, light and clean and I absolutely love it! It also burns for a long time and the glass jar is so handy to re-use!
  1. favourite glasshouse scent!


    I think I've tried all of the classic glasshouse scents, and this one is by far my favourite! It smells fresh, light and clean and I absolutely love it! It also burns for a long time and the glass jar is so handy to re-use!
  2. Summery Tropical Scent


    This is in my top 3 favourite Glasshouse Scents.
    My go-to is Tahaa so when I feel like a bit more of a fruity smell this one is the next in line. Absolutely love it!
  3. Great gift


    Great gift and this stuff smells amazing. The coconut and lime is a perfect blend and amazing for summer
  4. Smells amazing like a beach holiday


    I really love this scent. It's super tropical and reminds me of going on a beach holiday. Would defintiely recommend if you like coconut! The mini size is great to trial it
  5. Great summer scent


    The lime is super refreshing and bright, love burning this in summer with the windows open during the afternoon, really refreshing!
  6. Tropical and Creamy


    This is absolutely beautiful! I received this as a gift with purchase when buying another Glasshouse candle a while ago and it has become my new favorite.
    The zesty lime combined with the creamy coconut is just perfection. Takes me away to a tropical island and sandy beaches....
    Also smells a bit like a Splice ice cream. So good.
    I'm sensitive to a lot of fragrance but this o...
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  7. Love the citrus


    This candle in particular has the most incredible tropical smell . I am a huge fan of coconut and whilst it isn't that really creamy smell the lime gives it a citrus tang and the two paired together is just insanely amazing.
    Glass house is such a reliable brand for gorgeous smelling candles.
  8. perfect for gifts


    perfect size for gifts or testers to see if you like the scent. smells tropical, a must have for coconut lovers
  9. So strong


    This isn't my favorite scent from the range but it is very strong!
  10. Island Paradise


    This candle reminds me of being on an island in paradise. The 60g candle is the perfect size for a bedroom/ bathroom
  11. Perfect gift size


    I love how strong this scent is.

    The 60g candle is the perfect gift to give for a school teachers gif or stocking filler at xmas.

    The smell fills your home and makes you feel like you are on holidays. sweet and strong which i love from Glasshouse
  12. Makes me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation


    I'm always torn between this scent and Tahaa when it's time for a new scented candle for my room. They're both so beautiful, but Montego Bay is my pick during the summer months because it honestly smells like a holiday. Just makes me think of hammocks and sun and ocean. The scent fills the room and the candle lasts ages. Highly recommend.
  13. too strong

    perfecting skin

    it has a very strong lemon flavored smell, it is fine to burn in the outdoor setting but not inside the house. the strong smell was a turnoff for me
  14. Great gift


    Really great little gift. Comes in cute packaging and quality glass/wick. The scent was a really strong coconut with hint of lime. I personally am not a lover of coconut and lime but the person I got it for as a gift LOVED IT! Only downfall was that this size didnt burn for long unfortunately. Will get the bigger size next!
  15. Vanilla/Lime/Coconut


    Purchased this as a gift for my mum. Really lovely vanilla coconut lime smell. Its a pretty small candle so I dont think it will last long but great for a gift or to test out the smell.
  16. Tropical coconut - fills the room


    Really lovely sweet coconut smell with a hint of lime - isnt too over powering! Fills the room with scent really quickly.
  17. Beachy and delicous.


    Kind of like coconut sunscreen but refined. Love the scent but i find the larger candle has a stronger scent so would recommend upsizing.
  18. Fresh and tropical


    Glasshouse candles are absolutely amazing! This one is so fresh and smells like a tropical holiday. Such a great mini candle.
  19. Best brand of candle


    Glasshouse is definitely my go to candle! Their scents are just amazing. This one is so nice to have burning in any room of the house!
    Did you know if you trim the wick before each time you light it, it’ll last longer?!?
  20. So cute


    This was my first ever glasshouse candle, I got it years ago and I still love it and gift it to others. It smells really lovely and fresh. The mini candle is nice as the larger ones and the packaging is so cute and fun!
  21. Love the scent


    Perfect for an add on for a gift & such a beautiful scent... They burn for a long time and have a strong scent. Montego bay is super fresh
  22. Amazing mini candle


    The mini version has a strong scent that easily fills a room. You can even smell it when the candle isn't burning. Super cute packaging too!
  23. Good as gifts


    Got my partner a bunch of candles as a bday gift. This one was my favourite. Not too sweet
  24. Coconut dream


    Love the coconut scent of this coconut. It's not too sweet but is quite a dreamy scent. Love the jar and packing too!
  25. Great gift


    Bought this for a gf who loves topical smells. She loved it, the glass jar looks really beautiful. Great affordable gift and goes amazing with some chocolates :)
  26. A lovely all rounder scent


    This is a lovely candle and agree with the over the reviews lasts a while. Its up there for me with the caramel tahaa which also smells like heaven. These are also a lovely gift. Make sure to trim the wicks before every use to get maximum out of it. These are a go to candle right up there with the Palm beach range
  27. Great candle


    I really love this candle! It has a unique but lovely smell and lasts for a long time. Glasshouse candles are always good quality so you can't really go wrong. Would definitely recommend and I would be happy to purchase it again.
  28. Fav Glasshouse Scent


    Im a lover of all things coconut smelling and this candle lives up to the hype. It is the epitome of what you think it smells like and it fills the whole up with the yummy smell
  29. Gift for a friend


    I brought this as a small gift for a friend that has been unwell and she loves it. Not too strong and over powering. Can't go wrong with Glasshouse!
  30. Love it


    I have been purchasing Glasshouse Candles for a long time (around 10 years or more). I have always gone back to them even after trying new brands, scents etc.

    The quality of the fragrances never disappoints and they have scents for every mood, and every personality in my opinion.

  31. My favourite


    This is the first glasshouse candle i ever used and i can not recommend it enough. If you are a fan of cocunutty scents then this is perfect. It smells exactly of what i imagine a mix of coconut and lime to smell like. The smell stays for so long and the candle leaves an aroma even when its not lit.
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